Foreign ministry denounces clean network as it really is

 Foreign ministry denounces clean network as it really is

In response, foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that I applaud the just voice of the relevant European industry associations, which once again shows that the so-called clean network of the United States is discriminatory, exclusive and political. It is a dirty network and is unpopular.

Why is it a dirty network?

First, the dirty network is a eavesdropping network, and the United States has been heavily monitoring it for a long time. Recently, it is the leader of the five eye alliance to publicly require enterprises to set up backdoor in encryption applications. Huawei has made clear many times that it is willing to sign a backdoor free agreement with all countries. The reason why the United States has beaten Huawei is that if other countries use Huawei, the United States will no longer be able to go back door and engage in eavesdropping.

Second, this dirty network is a monopoly network. In order to realize its monopoly private interests and scientific and technological hegemony, the United States has used national machinery and unreasonable to suppress non-U. In 1987, Toshiba, Alston and other companies in France were precedents. The so-called clean network is just a synonym for digital bullying.

Third, this dirty network is also an ideological network. The so-called clean network is false, and it is true to promote the cold war of science and technology and implement national discrimination. In the era of globalization, using ideology to draw lines for technological development is to draw a line between the land and the land, and harm others and themselves. Many countries are not interested in, or even disgusted with, the so-called clean network in the United States.

Zhao Lijian said that we believe that most countries will adhere to independence, make independent judgments, say no to the dirty network of the United States, and provide a fair, just, open and non discriminatory 5g business environment for enterprises of all countries.

Source: c114 communication network editor in charge: Liu Fei_ NBJS10390

The foreign ministry says the US clean network is a dirty network