The price of domestic model 3 is reduced to 199000? Tesla: will sue rumor bloggers

 The price of domestic model 3 is reduced to 199000? Tesla: will sue rumor bloggers

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Tesla announces new policy! Car owners can no longer you reduce the price, I will return the car.

Source: Daily Economic News

Editor: Sun Zhicheng, Wang Jiaqi

On October 17, Teslas official website in China showed that Tesla terminated the implementation of the Tesla confidence assurance program on October 16, 2020. The plan will only be available to customers who have outstanding orders before the expiration date, which means that car purchase orders after October 16 will no longer be covered by the program.

Tesla has been implementing the confidence assurance program, which to some extent increases consumers confidence in purchasing Tesla products. Some analysts believe that it is not a good thing for Tesla car owners and potential owners to suddenly take off the confidence guarantee program, which will lose an important protection for their rights.

As soon as the price is reduced, the owner will return the car. It will not work in the future

According to the Shanghai Securities News, Mr. Zhang Jingwei, a Tesla car from Beijing, said he had ordered the model 3 long-range version very early and picked up the car on September 26. I didnt expect Tesla reduced its price just a few days after I picked up the car.

On October 1, the sixth day after picking up the car, Tesla Chinas official website announced once again that the price of the upgraded version of the model 3 made in China after subsidy was 249900 yuan, and the price of the long-range rear wheel drive model 3 made in China was 309900 yuan. Compared with the price after adjustment on May 1, this year, the price decreased by 2165 yuan and 34150 yuan, respectively, by 8% and 10% respectively.

Photo source: Photo by reporter Sun Tongtong

A few days later, he had to bear the price difference of 34000 yuan. Mr. Zhang chose to return the car for 7 days without reason through Tesla confidence guarantee program.

In fact, its a last resort. Mr. Zhang said that before returning the car, he had negotiated with Tesla on whether to directly refund the price difference or increase the free time of super charging service. He chose to return the car after these compensation methods were rejected. Not only did they spend a lot of energy and some economic losses, but also Tesla suffered a lot.

According to the relevant terms and conditions, the buyer can not buy the same Tesla new car for 12 months after returning. Now Mr. Zhang used his relatives ID card to place a new order. But the latest news shows that the model 3 may have to be upgraded soon, so Mr. Zhang is struggling with whether to return the car again.

As for Tesla cancels the 7-day return insurance program, consumers are also mixed, some consumers said they will wait and see before buying.

Industry insiders: or related to Teslas frequent price reduction

It is understood that the previous confidence guarantee program is applicable to orders that will take effect on or after July 22, 2020. If the owner is not satisfied with Teslas new car, he can return the vehicle within 7 days after the vehicle is delivered. At the same time, the refund (after deducting the non refundable RMB 1000) will be returned in about 30 days.

However, the buyer can only return the vehicle to Tesla for a full refund only if the vehicle is undamaged, the odometer reading does not exceed 1600 km, and no applicable incentive policies, incentives, concessions or special treatment have been submitted or applied for. At the same time, if the owner decides to reorder another vehicle after returning the vehicle, he / she may not purchase the same version of the returned vehicle within 12 months, but he / she can still purchase other models. The rights and interests of the returned vehicle can not be transferred to the new order, and the owner can enjoy the new pricing, configuration and policy when re ordering. However, if Tesla discovers and believes that the owner has abused the confidence guarantee program or acted maliciously, the owner will be refused to purchase any vehicle within 12 months.

Photo source: Daily Economic News

For the sudden termination of the confidence guarantee program, although Tesla has not given relevant response, according to, in the view of the industry, the offline of the plan may be related to Teslas frequent price reduction. Tesla chose to go offline. The reason may be that there are many car owners who want to return their cars at reduced prices. Tesla will lose a guarantee for users, especially the risk of difference brought by price reduction. The cancellation of the plan may reduce consumers purchasing desire in a short time.

It is worth noting that the cumulative price reduction of Tesla Model 3 standard extended edition this year alone has exceeded 80000 yuan, a decrease of more than 25%.

On October 13, the official website of Tesla (China) showed that Tesla models also reduced its price. The starting price of the long-range version and the high-performance version were 733900 yuan and 833900 yuan respectively, a decrease of 23000 yuan compared with the previous ones.

According to the data of the passenger Federation, the wholesale sales volume of pure electric passenger cars in China in September was 102000, up 105% year-on-year. SAIC GM Wuling has 24386 vehicles, BYD 19048 vehicles and Tesla China 11329 vehicles, ranking among the top three new energy vehicles.

The update of Model3 is out of sync with the United States

Recently, Tesla officially launched a new model 3 on the U.S. official website. The new model can be regarded as a mid-term model change of model 3. The design details and driving range have been improved, and the acceleration performance has also been upgraded. It is worth noting that the new model 3 has officially opened the sales of new cars in the United States as well as on the official website of the United States.

The new model 3 is available in the United States in three models, namely, standard range rear drive, long range all wheel drive and high performance all wheel drive. In terms of the endurance under EPA conditions, the three models have a certain improvement compared with the current models. Among them, the standard endurance rear drive upgrade version has increased from 250 miles to 263 miles (about 423 kilometers); the long endurance all wheel drive version has been increased from 322 miles to 353 miles (about 568 kilometers); the high-performance all wheel drive version has been upgraded from 299 miles to 315 miles (about 506 kilometers).

Photo source: Tesla US official website

In terms of acceleration performance, the acceleration performance of standard range rear drive upgrade version is consistent with that of current models; the acceleration time of 0-100 km / h of long range all wheel drive version is upgraded from 4.4 seconds to 4.2 seconds; the acceleration time of 0-100 km / h of high-performance all wheel drive version is upgraded from 3.2 seconds to 3.1 seconds.

But Tesla Chinas official website has not yet launched these updated model 3 models.

In the morning of October 18, Tao Lin, vice president of Teslas foreign affairs, posted a microblog saying:

Some netizens asked why the update of Model3 is not synchronized with that of the United States, and domestic and foreign models are not synchronized. It is normal in the automobile production industry, especially for new factories and new products. It usually takes a long time or even more than a year for traditional car factories to realize synchronous production. With the increasing size of Shanghai factories, it is impossible to copy the US supply chain if we want to let Chinese consumers enjoy the most cost-effective products. However, the new local supply chain needs more time for engineering verification and corresponding climbing work.

You asked us how long, but now we really cant answer, because we need to complete the verification of the engineering supply chain, and the products can only be formally put into the market after being fully qualified. Some of these links are not entirely in Teslas hands. Once fully prepared, it will be announced to the market.

We have enough confidence in our products. In terms of product power, we constantly add and subtract in marketing. The main road is simple, and the resources are fully used in the improvement of product strength and service.

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