Singles day to nunchaku! Tmall announced that there were more than three days of double 11 this year

 Singles day to nunchaku! Tmall announced that there were more than three days of double 11 this year

This years tmall double 11 is the most special year. Jiang Fan, President of Taobao tmall, said that as the worlds largest consumption season after the epidemic, many businesses have stronger expectations and higher expectations for double 11. Tmall double 11 chose to launch two waves of innovation in the sales period this year, hoping to create a longer business time window for businesses and bring them the biggest growth opportunity this year. At the same time, consumers have more sufficient time to make full choices, and they will not miss the rush because of the tight time, and have a better consumption experience.

This year, consumers dont need to receive subsidies, and cross store shopping can be reduced to full. The price of the official flagship store of beauty will be cheaper than that of duty-free shops. 3000 real estate projects will participate in the double 11 concession for the first time. A total of 800000 special price rooms will be offered, and the discount for a single set can reach 1 million yuan. There are also 120 hot-selling models with a discount of 50%.

Idle away in seeking pleasure, it is understood that this year, 2000 industrial belts and 300 thousand foreign trade factories participated in Tmalls double 11 for the first time. Alipay held the first Carnival of city life. In addition, this years tmall double 11 also set up a special overseas performance.

Jiang Fan said that since the pre-sale period, tmalls double 11 carnival season has spanned three weekends, which is also conducive to promoting offline businesses and consumers to better participate in and accelerating the online and offline integration resonance. (Peng Lihui)

Jingdong announced a 22 day double 11 promotion, saying it would push 10 billion subsidies + 10 billion coupons

It was reported on October 19 that Han Rui, vice president of Jingdong group and head of platform business center of Jingdong retail group, announced at the launching press conference of 2020 Jingdong 11.11 global love season, that 2020 Jingdong 11.11 global love season will officially open from October 21, with a period of 22 days as of November 11, with more than 200 million 50% off products and over 300 million new products.

From October 21 to 31, 2020 Jingdong 11.11 global love season will start the pre-sale period. During the 10-day period, you can pay a deposit in advance to enjoy the additional benefits of tax reduction and new product bonus. From November 1 to November 11, Jingdong will launch the No.1 JINGTIE across stores and all categories.

Jingdong said the double 10 billion plan composed of Super 10 billion subsidies and 10 billion provincial consumption vouchers will also launch more than 500000 imported good products from more than 100 countries and regions during this period.