A big sisters marriage experience: no pattern of men, more terrible than no money!

 A big sisters marriage experience: no pattern of men, more terrible than no money!

Frankly speaking, he was very kind to me at that time, and I especially enjoyed the vanity and happiness. He will buy me everything I want. Some things, as long as he finds that I am not happy, he will immediately change his mind and do as I want.

I was the first bride in the history of the village to be picked up in 18 luxury cars. There were 60 tables for the wedding banquet, 4 tables for the band and staff. Relatives and friends ate and drank in the sea for three days. Even my cousins son got a red envelope of 200 yuan (at that time, many peoples monthly salary was less than 800 yuan).

After so many years of marriage, he has been consistent. He has never been vague about everything related to me. My emotions and attitudes are a barometer of him and the whole family. As long as its something I want to eat, wear, and buy, even if its not available locally, he will try to find a way for someone to buy it for me from abroad. Including a few of my colleagues who play well, he is very generous to others.

However, in recent years, I have found more and more wrong. Although he is really good to me, good enough to his complete temper, no self, has become the oxygen around me everywhere, but I am more and more tired of him.

The three days of his business trip every month are the happiest and most free day for me. There is no sweet burden. There is no need to think about him waiting for me, nor need to explain to him, let alone worry that he will be disappointed. I can live a leisurely life as I like.

However, as long as I come home from work and have him around, I feel like I have no self. He would ask me about everything in the company, what I ate, whether I had enough eight glasses of water a day, what I had to talk with my colleagues today, and how the new leader treated me Back home, he will be like a piece of dog skin plaster, and I will not leave. I go shopping, go shopping, go for a walk, even if I go downstairs to get an express, he will always follow me.

Countless times, I want to turn him down and drive him out of the house. I hope that he can find a few partners to play ball games, chat, drink, even play games, just like other men Or just for business. However, he cant hold on for a few days each time, and then he will continue to stay by my side.

There is one thing that many people wont believe. In 2016, his great uncle finally helped him to take a big project in Malaysia. The other party asked him to go there for an inspection. His uncle also repeatedly stressed that he should be allowed to study there for a period of time, but he was delayed for two or three months.

The reason is that he has to wait for me to go with him, and I cant go because my mother is in hospital. In the end, he couldnt wait any longer, so he forced himself to go there alone.

Originally, he was supposed to stay there for about half a month, but as a result, he only stayed for five days, and he came back on his own initiative. The reason was that he didnt have any fun staying there and couldnt sleep well at night. Then I asked him, dont you worry that this will affect your cooperation?

Unexpectedly, he didnt even think about it, and then he replied: no cooperation, no cooperation. Where can you make the money? In this life, its less than 30000 days. Nothing is more important than staying with family!

Later, of course, his sudden return home eventually affected their cooperation. His cousin and he calculated an account, and the direct loss of the book alone reached 7 figures.

In recent years, many of his friends in the same industry have found that the industry is not so prosperous, and they have started other businesses to make money. Among them, several friends have invited him to cooperate for many times, and two post-90s generation under his hand have been advising him to set up a company. He only needs to make use of the existing customer resources on hand, adjust the business scope and supporting facilities, and re register a company. Moreover, they are all business without loss.

If he thought about it, it would be a great loss to others, but it would not affect peoples opinions. Then if he goes to another line of work, it will certainly affect his cousin, because there is a lot of overlap in the customer base Anyway, it sounds very reasonable, but I dont know that several of his friends have made a lot of money, and his cousin is making a lot of money. Even his wife has opened a party.

In addition, there has been family investment over the years. Many people are rich, so they go directly to buy a house, or go outside to find some profitable projects to buy shares. However, he only knows how to eat, drink and play when he has a little money. If he buys this today, when he buys tomorrow, and where he opens a new delicious shop the day after tomorrow, he must take the whole family to have a taste of it. Before and after, five or six cars have been replaced, and some of them have been sold to others at a low price after less than half a years operation. There are also stocks, he has been listening to a classmates swindle, before and after the investment of 700000, so many years did not make a penny, but lost more than 100000.

Therefore, over the past ten years, the assets have shrunk completely, and there is almost no left except for two more valuable facades.

When I went back to my mothers home on national day, I chatted with my sister-in-law. I complained about the current economic situation in our family. She didnt believe it. She said: your old Yao was at least one of the heavyweights in our side more than ten years ago. With his strength and assets at that time, let alone continue to develop and increase in value, as long as he keeps a little value, your family will not be as it is now.

To be honest, at that moment, I really didnt know what to say. In my own brothers words, its made by Lao Yao himself. He has no pattern. He knows to go around his wife and daughter all day, eat, drink and have fun. No matter how much money he has, he will soon be wasted.

Now think about it, what my brother said is really reasonable. Although my husband is a very good man and has done many good deeds, he has not been sober and doesnt know how to protect himself. What he sees in his eyes is only three steps away. How can such a man, no matter how good and rich he is? What kind of society are we now? Its not too much to describe with a thousand miles a day. There is no money to earn, but there is no pattern. You can only get trapped.

And I seem to understand more and more why I am getting tired of him these years? Isnt it because he only has a childs love, only his daughter and I, no man should have the kind of courage to enter the world?

Before, I only knew that it was very hard, I just wanted to escape, and I couldnt say why. But now I know that its not just about money, nor about living space and freedom, but about a mans spiritual temperament.

So, I dont think my life has anything to envy. Although he used to be rich, and he has always been very nice to me, but after more than ten years of getting along, I feel more and more that a man without pattern is more terrible than having no money!

If time goes back and I can choose again, I would rather choose a man who has ambition and ambition and is not as good to me as he is.

Why? Because, love has a variety of forms, the pursuit of life is not the same, if I married a man with a pattern and ambition (at that time, many men with good conditions pursued me), maybe I would suffer more, but he can let me see farther, making my life more meaningful and valuable! Moreover, I also deeply believe that such a marriage is really healthy, benign and beautiful!