Wechat friend verification, send once is enough

 Wechat friend verification, send once is enough

The familiar dubbing has changed, BGM has changed, and the plot has changed

Some time ago, Li Jiaqi and his assistant were separated.

They had fought side by side, but in the end they wished each other good and laughed goodbye.

Cant help but sigh, those who look very close, the original will also separate ah.

Adult relationships are fragile.

Intimacy is always rare, leaving is the normal life.

Do you have a person who suddenly loses contact?

Once you chatted all night, chatting to the top;

Every circle of friends you have his likes;

He is involved in every detail of his life.

Your chat interface, he never showed up again.

Small Ss answer, a little sad:

Its when I see her wearing clothes I havent seen, taking pictures where I dont know, commenting on people I dont know.

Adults seem to have strong feelings. They eat together, watch movies, travel together,

Spend countless days and nights, can be called intimate, but it is easy to shoot two scattered.

A girl from the company told a story of her own

Ive known her for 10 years, but now Im barely in touch.

She was too quick-natured and had many cold wars when she was a friend.

But the last time she held the event, she needed to rush a document, and the time was very tight.

I volunteered to help her with most of the content until 2 a.m.

After dinner together after the event, her colleagues praised me for being upright, but she sarcastically said:

I didnt ask her to do it for me.

I suddenly realized that she wasnt impatient.

Its about taking what Ive done as a matter of course arrogance.

Sometimes, we still end a relationship with one word.

Because the harm of speech is never divided into age and role.

You dont become more stingy, you become more acute.

From a sentence, I heard the other partys attitude towards this relationship and lost the courage to insist.

You blame her for making a mountain out of a molehill and being too sensitive.

Back office readers said, I hope I can quickly take off the list, marry, become a mother.

The reason is very simple. All of my good friends are mothers;

She found that she had fewer and fewer common topics with them.

Wechat chat, the other party will disappear, and then reply, it has been three days.

She can understand that her friends are focusing on their children, but she cant help losing.

Everyone is an independent individual, we will eventually follow their own trajectory of life.

When I was a child, my friends were playmates. When I grew up, my friends were mostly partners.

Sometimes when two people are estranged from each other, there is no need for them to be separated,

Everyone has become very busy, with their new identities, they cant communicate as before.

For example, the regret relationship between Wu Mengda and Zhou Xingchi.

In the past, two people could understand each others meaning with a pair of eyes, but now they dont contact each other.

Later, Wu Mengda understood that:

All of a sudden, someone moves to another place, theres another environment, and theres less contact between them.

Who contacts first, to the other side, is already a kind of disturbance.

Every adult, more or less, has experienced this kind of fading away.

Keep in touch seems very simple;

Its actually a very difficult thing.

Everyone you meet can become wechat friends;

But not everyone can understand your circle of friends.

Remember that news?

On the day after graduation, my roommate deleted everyones wechat.

Think of not long ago, I turned around the circle of friends and found that a common friend with many people was missing;

Open his circle of friends, and there is only one line left.

There is a famous 150 law..

Human intelligence will allow us to have a stable social network of about 150 people.

Among them, only four people can be trusted in the face of danger.

We meet a person who can communicate with each other for a lifetime and understand each stage of your life;

Just like buying lottery tickets, not winning is the norm.

It is normal that love is broken up, hacked by wechat friends, and the circle of friends is blocked.

Life may be just a pocket, which can only hold so many things.

Sometimes when a person walks around, the people around him will change.

But you must cherish everyone who has come to your side and accompany you.

Every feeling should not be slack.

Intimate people allow you to indulge, but not to indulge.

Get along well when you are together, and be gentle when you are apart.

I dont often chat on wechat, but I hope each has a good future.

When you have strong feelings, you like to promise. You expect love, friendship and kinship to last forever. But in fact, compared with the agreement for the rest of your life, you should insist on mutual respect and mutual blessing.