When you start to get used to relying on someone, remember to tell yourself these words

 When you start to get used to relying on someone, remember to tell yourself these words

However, such a relationship makes her a little afraid, because she will start to unconsciously wait for the other partys information, every time the screen will be very happy, but can see the information is not the other party will be very sad, she began to fear losing, afraid of the other party suddenly leave.

In such tangled contradictions, she did not dare to enter, but did not want to retreat, she did not know what to do.

After listening to her words, I suddenly feel a little sad. I dont know when I get used to and depend on a person, which has become a thing that makes people feel afraid.

Therefore, when we meet such a person again, we will begin to wonder: is he right or not? Will he be as warm and sweet at the beginning and cruel as he used to be at the end?

In such a worry about gain and loss, we may leave ourselves with regret, or we may never be able to embrace love.

Maybe its like that saying, the saddest thing in the world is that when we meet the right person, we find that we have lost the ability to love.

Well, today I want to give you a few words to this friend. If you have the same confusion, I hope it can help you.

No matter what you have experienced, you should firmly believe that love itself is not wrong

First of all, I want to tell all the girls one thing, maybe you have met a scum man, they cheated your feelings, let you doubt life, doubt yourself, but you must know that the wrong thing is not love itself, nor you, but this scum man.

What bad men are good at is playing emotional warfare with you. They are good at using sweet words and meticulous measures to let you fall quickly in the beginning. They are also used to pulling away from you when you begin to rely on him.

Some people say, isnt this the most real feeling? I want to say, its not that you have such an experience, just because you met the wrong person.

The person who really loves you may not be magnificent with you at the beginning, but he must want to have a long time with you. He is sincere to you. He has no routine, and will not let your mood fluctuate like a roller coaster. He is reluctant to hurt you, let alone make you sad.

So, you must believe that there is nothing wrong with love itself, and you will meet the right person. Although it sounds like a little chicken soup, when you really meet it, you will suddenly realize: Oh, the true love is like this.

I have a lot of friends around me. After experiencing a lot of bad feelings, I met the right person. They all have similar feelings, that is: God always keeps the best in the last place. As long as you wait, the right person will come. He may be late, but he will not be absent.

Try to be rational when dealing with someone

Maybe the above words, many people will think that it is too chicken soup. Indeed, if you cheer up, everyone will say it. Besides encouragement, it may not have any other effect on you.

So, lets talk about some practical things.

Love this matter, need fate, but also need methods, many feelings at the beginning of no problem, can slowly become bad, not meet the right person may be one aspect, but also has a great possibility is that you did not use the right method.

I have seen a lot of girls, at the beginning of the face of love are reserved and high cold, but slowly, began to give regardless of everything, lost all reason.

Ive always said that if women want to be happier, they have to learn male thinking, because most men are just the opposite. They may be enthusiastic at first, but slowly, they will return to their senses.

If we want to be in a good mood, we cant keep a high level of enthusiasm. We must be able to accept that the feelings become flat, because it is the way we live.

Therefore, when a woman chooses the other half from the beginning, she should be more rational. Dont listen to love, and dont feel the heartbeat from the other party. You will ignore all the shortcomings of the other party. Learn from men, and you can fall in love with beautiful women. But in the end, those who get married must be suitable for living. Women should also be like this. Dont be cheated by sweet words. The other party is really paying for you Its not too late to be moved.

Of course, not only do you need to be rational when you choose, but also when you are together. Many girls lose in the word habit. That man may not be good to you, but you are used to his solicitude and company, because he is far away from your social circle.

So, when he starts to be busy with his own affairs and no longer puts you in the most important position in his life, you will feel empty and even start to fear.

Men dont like sensitive women, they need their own space, so as women, we must have our own space, he is busy and you are busy, you will not wait for his news all day, so that this man can not leave you.

Of course, we let ourselves become rational and independent, not to please this man, but for ourselves. Only when a woman becomes rational, her heart will be really strong, because you dont need anyone to help you in a timely manner. At this time, someone will come to make the best of you.

Most of the lucky women I have met are like this. They know what they want, and their life is always full of arrangements. Men and love are only one part of their life, and they can never be all of them. Such women are especially easy to have a stable and mature relationship.

So dear girl, you must know that if you want to be happy, you should first become rational. We cant get used to and rely on one person, but the precondition is that your heart is strong enough. You can be good without him. Only in this way can you enjoy love, not fear and harm.

Try to make yourself better and believe that security is what you give

Having said so much, the core is actually one, that is, the sense of security that girls want must be given by themselves. You can love someone, but you cant lose yourself. You can do a lot of things for each other, but the premise is that you should love yourself enough to make yourself better and better.

How to make yourself better? In fact, there are many ways to learn, read, travel, exercise, and dress yourself up... In a word, you can become more and more excellent and more substantial within the reach.

When you have the ability to make money and become beautiful, you will find that all the good things in the world have arrived on schedule.

There is a wonderful law of attraction between people. The better you become, the easier it will be to attract good people. The more bereaved you are, the easier it will be to meet a scum man.

So, from now on, dont think about looking for security from others, and dont worry about whether you need to rely on someone, put all your energy on yourself and make yourself the most beautiful. Dont say you cant do it. You just dont work hard enough.

These three words, want to send to all the girls who are trapped in love. Love is very important in our life, but it must not be the most important. Only when you begin to realize that it is not important, can you meet the happiness that really belongs to you.

Come on together, lets start from now on, try to meet the best of ourselves, bless you and myself.

Im Xiyan, a columnist. Im a young girl who is neither old nor old. I like to write warm words and do emotional programs. I have published the rest of your life, which is related to me. If you have a story, please come to me.