All kinds of platforms are recommending leak detection group, but few see huge discounts

 All kinds of platforms are recommending leak detection group, but few see huge discounts

Yang Wenxi, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

Sports shoes with tens of yuan, microwave oven with a few yuan, snacks and cosmetics with a few cents and even 0 yuan are not counterfeit goods. They are all famous brands! In recent years, a large number of leaky and wool groups have appeared on major social networking sites and apps with ultra-low discount products as their selling points. Are these as magical as they claim?

Attractive discount: a variety of leak detection groups emerging

Recently, many consumers have reflected that there are a large number of leaky and wool groups with ultra-low discount products as their selling points on social networking websites and apps. All the hosts and anchors claim that they can buy brand-name products with huge discounts, such as sports shoes with tens of yuan, microwave oven with a few yuan, snacks and cosmetics with a few cents, and even shopping opportunities of 0 yuan. Sun Peng, a citizen of Yinchuan, Ningxia, said: Ive seen a lot of similar content. Its really moving.

Open a well-known Q & a forum, and under similar questions such as product recommendation, you can see a lot of answers from the leaky and wool groups. These answers tend to be stereotyped. At the beginning of the article, you may say that you dont have a high income, buy high-quality products by picking up leaks, or scold other garbage groups; in the article, we will insert several payment pictures as endorsements, and at the end, we will answer questions such as why there is no speech in the group.

There are similar promotions on the short video platform. If you come in, you can see my payment screenshot. If you take a look, its a flagship store. Its not a fake product. If you want to learn, you can deduct 6. If the number is enough, Ill teach When the number of people who broadcast the video on the platform reaches 5 seconds, it is not uncommon that the number of people who broadcast the video is very slow.

Some people are also drawn into preferential groups by colleagues and friends. A friend we met at work pulled us into a group where we would recommend products from a well-known e-commerce platform every day. Beijing resident Zhou Ding said.

Marketing rebate: its not easy to find a leak

In many ways, reporters have followed up over 10 similar preferential organizations. They found that these groups generally have two categories: one is traditional social software groups, such as QQ group and WeChat group. In the group, official account numbers, business numbers or personal friends are released. Search or interact to find offers.

Several groups of journalists have been lurking for nearly two weeks. They have found that most of the products recommended by these groups are unknown products with high discount and brand products with low discount. They have not yet bought 0 yuan of famous brand products and a large amount of preferential brand products. However, for hard currency such as mobile phone recharge card, the reporters consultation has received no preferential treatment.

I can help you when I buy some small things there is a discount, but its not high. I started to brush every day, but now Im not motivated Dozens of respondents, such as Sun Peng, also said they rarely see huge discounts.

These coupons groups are actually marketing rebates, that is, after customers purchase the products that use the coupons, the coupon sender, the group owner, can get a commission. Zhao Xuebing, the marketing manager of an e-commerce platform, said that this is a new online marketing method in recent years. Businesses mainly focus on word-of-mouth communication and market sinking, and give marketing funds to individuals. However, it does not rule out false discounts such as price increase and then discount.

On the platform of related marketing rebates, everyone can find coupons, and you can also pull in groups like them and create a public official account, in fact, they are taking goods with people. Under the guidance of Zhao Xuebing, the reporter registered a rebate account of a well-known e-commerce platform. After entering the rebate marketing page, there is a search bar at the top to search for products. The promotion amount and rebate number are marked under the recommended products. Click the promote now button on the product picture to generate a promotion link.

The group owner of the coupon group named orange said that they would spend a lot of time every day looking for suitable products on multiple rebate platforms, and at the same time studying the preferential rules of the platform. Many people dont have the time and are not willing to study these, so we make hard money. Youve got to be affordable. We earn commission and well win.

Less routine: can online shopping be more complicated

As for the new things of online shopping, some people in the industry say that this is another development trend of Internet retailing and its existence is reasonable. However, some consumers say that similar things make Internet shopping more and more complicated, expecting less routines and more sincerity.

In recent years, sinking the market and tapping more user resources have become the development trend of Internet retail industry. In fact, these coupon groups are equivalent to short video anchors carrying goods. The quality of the products must be good or bad. Whether customers enjoy convenient discounts or are slaughtered, the key is to identify themselves. Third party software should also be regulated to avoid fraud by some people. Zhao Xuebing and other industry insiders believe that similar coupon groups are only a form of sales, and there is no difference between good and bad.

Some people think that the sales form of all people with goods such as coupons should be moderate. Zhuang Sheng, a staff member of the Internet recruitment platform, said: in recent years, many college students resumes have similar Internet internship and work experience. On the one hand, the low threshold of bringing goods for all does provide employment opportunities, but we should also be alert to the idea that young people can make quick money and stay away from the real industry.

Big data killing, price discrimination, more and more complex playing methods Now the Internet shopping is really full of routines, making online shopping from pleasant to physically and mentally exhausted. Zhou Ding and other consumers are not satisfied with similar coupon groups. They think that this is another manifestation of the increasing routine of Internet retail in recent years. They hope that e-commerce platforms and relevant departments can be more sincere. Theres one thing to say about the discount. Dont make some mysterious lucky draw or go around.

This article source: Xinhuanet editor in charge: Wang Fengzhi_ NT2541