Induce your child to open a yellow cavity? What are these parents thinking

 Induce your child to open a yellow cavity? What are these parents thinking

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Such a sentence, Im afraid it is difficult to make people not to associate with sex. And the fact is, looking at the video in the original release platform under the various want to skew comments, also put forward the fact that is the case.

Why is there such a video?

I believe you can see clearly, this is a kind of operation for blog click volume.

Adult jokes themselves are easy to catch fire on the Internet. If you let such words come out of childrens mouth, they will attract more attention.

Many parents and adults are afraid to think that their children dont know what is going on anyway. Just let TA talk about it, and it will not affect it.

But Im afraid everything is not so simple. Children always learn through observation and imitation in the interaction with adults. Although she doesnt know what this sentence really means now, what will she feel when she knows it one day?

Another point worth thinking about is that in the video, the childs conclusion about the game of smashing eggs is that the hammer is harder, so it can break the eggs.

This is in line with the characteristics of childrens thinking, and when we break this way of thinking, instill a conclusion with the meaning of adult ridicule to the children, it is likely to affect the childrens thinking and judgment mode of things in the future.

Adults find it interesting because adults know what the matter itself is, so the interpretation of another way will make us feel fun. But for children, Ta really takes what we say as knowledge in learning, especially for young children, joking does not exist for them.

Pilgers stage theory of childrens thinking development

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There are 10000 ways for parents to have sex education for their children, but the vulgar joke that adults understand is definitely not the right one.

Sex education cannot be taught by children

Two days ago, I chatted with a teacher who had worked in the field of sex education for many years. He mentioned that at a seminar, an old teacher with many years of education experience gave a classic answer to whether sex education should be done or not: we did not have sex education when we were children, did not we live well?

I am no stranger to this sentence. When I carry out sex education workshops and lectures for parents and teachers, I often hear similar words. At this time, I will ask the other party: do you know what kind of times children are experiencing now?

I often joke with friends like this: when we were young, we did not receive sex education, the biggest impact is that we become a person who is ignorant of sex, because there is no place to learn;

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But for children today, if we dont carry out sex education, Ta people may develop into self-learning talents in the sex education field. They search for a lot of information on the Internet to understand and learn, and then teach them by word of mouth to those children who dont watch on the Internet, because the curiosity about sex is unavoidable in every childs growth.

But unfortunately, what these self-taught talents learn is often full of fallacies and even negative information.

When you buy a set of fashionable dress changing dolls for your child, looking at the lovely face and beautiful clothes of the doll, will you think that there is still a colored egg hidden in the body of the doll when changing clothes?

This egg is, when you put the doll in the ice water, her body will appear sexy underwear.


Sexy underwear is absolutely not the needs of children, and why do such things, which obviously carry adult sexual needs, appear on childrens toys?

Obviously, businesses are not targeting children as the only sales target group. They are targeting potential sales groups, which may also include adults who have sexual needs for children.

This is not the only sex toy for children. Not long ago, a mother who bought her daughter the popular magic elves trolls toy also discovered the strange design on the new toy.

On the surface of the bright and lovely fairy, there is a hidden push device under the skirt and between the legs. After pressing, the doll will automatically give out panting and giggling.

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What is the purpose of this design? We dare not think about it.

How to carry out sex education for children?

In the face of these situations mentioned above, we can try to avoid similar things through more requirements and monitoring for enterprises and platforms. We can also see that the society, schools and families pay more attention to sex education.

And these days we have another good news

On the afternoon of October 17, 2020, after three deliberation, the 22nd Meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National Peoples Congress voted to adopt the revised law on the protection of minors, which was increased from 72 articles to 132 articles.

Among them, Article 14 clearly states that schools and kindergartens shall carry out sex education suitable for their age to improve minors self-protection awareness and ability to prevent sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

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This proves that the whole society is concerned about the human development and sexual health of minors, and also means that sexual injuries will be paid more attention and prevented.

But the environment is always uncontrollable, and we also understand that there is no way to completely eliminate all risks.

So in education, what we need to do is to teach children the ability to deal with risks.

For example, we can cultivate an atmosphere where we can talk about sex with our children since we were young. Any puzzles and problems of children about sex can be accepted and responded by parents in the family. Naturally, children will regard family as the main way to solve their puzzles. We can ensure that what children learn and trust are scientific and reliable information.

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Of course, the premise is that parents first learn to master science, not vulgar, eye-catching adult jokes (and dont assume that all the sex related information you store in your head is scientific).

For example, we should let our children know from an early age that the society we live in has its complexity. We will be exposed to a lot of complex information, good and bad. It is important that we slowly learn how to judge the information.

And when you are confused or confused, discussing with your parents is always the way you can choose, no matter what the topic is.

For another example, when encountering such events as dolls mentioned above, timely communicate with children, tell children what happened, pay attention to childrens emotions, give children the opportunity to ask questions, and solve TAs confusion. Most of the time, children are far more intelligent and powerful than we imagined. As long as Ta is no longer confused, this matter will only become an episode in the growth of TA.

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We can understand that any parent can not be perfect, there will be helpless, there will be negligence, but if they are not aware of the harm they have caused to their children or intentionally ignore it, it is unforgivable.

Accompanying childrens growth and doing a good job in family education are actually challenging parents instinctive anxiety to protect their children. What we need to do is to stay by the childrens side, give them love, trust, support and help, and be the best companion and the best 100000 whys for children.

Its not easy, but it works best.

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