Xiong Ling: how to face the cruel truth?

 Xiong Ling: how to face the cruel truth?

Maybe you would say, if I didnt know Maybe better. However, such an assumption will never hold. What kind of mentality should we have in the face of the truth? How to make the most rational and objective choice?

The meaning of human life may be the pursuit of truth. Otherwise, how could there be life questions like who am I, where am I from, where should I go that can never find the ideal answer? How can there be such persistence as the South China tiger incident? Truth, perhaps, is the driving force of human behavior.

Indeed, people always find one truth after another and feel the splendor and beauty of life at the moment again and again, or by the chance of accidents again and again. It is true that the truth is not always good, some even we can not face and accept. This itself shows that the essence of truth is paradox.

People are eager for the truth and fear the truth, which is the specificity of the truth. Human nature is good, naturally like the true, good and beautiful, refuse hypocrisy and cruelty. If there is cruel truth in life, it must be that too many hypocrisies cover up the true, good and beautiful things, and be hurt by cruel attacks. Does this mean that the existence of human nature is evil?

We see such cruel truths as this:

When a mother forced her son to marry, she learned that her son, whom she regarded as the lifeblood, was homosexual

A young girl who has just given birth suddenly sees that her baby is disabled;

When two lovers fall in love, they suddenly learn that they are brothers and sisters Or, a girl who has been faithful to each other for five years, suddenly discovers that the man is an emotional swindler with marriage and children;

The classic case of cruel truth is Sophocles Oedipus king. Oedipus became the king of Thebes because he solved the Sphinx mystery and saved the suffering people of Thebes. He married the widow of the former king, eocast. Only a few years later did Oedipus realize that he was abandoned by the kings biological parents. The man he killed unintentionally was his biological father. The kings widow he married was his biological mother. His four children were not only his children, but also his brothers and sisters. After learning the cruel truth, Oedipus blinded his eyes and led a life of exile. Although this is an ancient Greek myth, life is full of similar cruelty, and even more cruel truth.

It seems that only cruel truth can hurt people. Only the cruelty of the truth can make people understand what is the ruthlessness of reality, and why some people prefer to live in the illusion and why there are so many lies? Why do people swear to keep secrets? Ignorance (cruel truth) fearless!

If you ask, what kind of mentality should we have in the face of the cruel truth? How to make a rational and objective choice? This is a more difficult question. Because the cruel truth itself is truth and existence, how can we let the existence not exist? Its like facing a child and asking his mother, can you not be the mother who gave birth to me? The same problem. When the earthquake comes, you cant order the earthquake to stop. When your family member suddenly becomes worldly, you cant expect her to survive in an instant

Since the reality is merciless, the truth is cruel, and misfortune is encountered by us, we should say that we have no choice, or we have to choose to accept. However, whether they can be forced to accept depends on people. Some people may collapse when they encounter the cruel reality and can no longer face any reality. Therefore, in the face of the cruel truth, we need to have a rational and receptive attitude. Even though we think its easy to talk about it and hard to do it, we still have to do it (its realistic and cruel to do it in itself)

u00b7 reasonable defense. It is humans instinct to protect ourselves from being hurt. When we suddenly face the cruel reality, we will have defensive reactions, such as denial, reverse identification, depression, escape, hysteria, physiological symptoms and so on, so as to protect ourselves from being knocked down by cruelty. These are natural and normal defensive responses, as well as reasonable responses of people in emergency situations. But the reasonable emergency defense time will not exceed a few days to three months. If the degree of defense reaction is heavy and lasts too long, you may fall into chronic depression, which requires professional psychological counseling. Whats important is that we need to allow ourselves to have an unusual defensive response in the face of cruelty.

They have a mentality of being forced to accept. None of us want to see the cruel facts, but when the cruelty comes, we have no way back. In addition to defensive reaction, we also think about welcoming it in our hearts. In the face of cruelty, thinking that it hit me, we need to have the attitude of being forced to accept, that is, not to deny it, not to hate it, not to resist it. Then, the inevitable negative emotions of cruelty will soon pass away.

When we encounter cruelty, we will certainly suffer, but we will not be defeated by cruelty. We can choose to deal with the cruel facts and wipe the painful scars with tears.

In fact, the best defense against cruel facts is to welcome. As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense - respond.

Reason is king. Reason is respect for objective truth. In the face of cruelty, whether we can achieve a reasonable defense or a beautiful attack, and whether we can accept the cruel facts with sadness is absolutely the ability of rationality. In the face of the cruel facts, although people rationally think that they should face and accept it, they cant. We understand that human feelings (sensibility) cant accept cruelty, and the reason why sensibility doesnt accept cruelty doesnt need a reason. The power of sensibility is stronger than tiger, and reason often loses to sensibility. If people always have the puzzle of why I know what to do but I cant do it, its just imaginary rationality, not real rationality. Real rationality refers to a persons tolerance, compliance and grasp of the objective truth, without distortion, denial and concealment.

The fundamental difference between man and animal is rationality. Only rational ability can control the power of emotion and deal with complicated and cruel things in human beings. Ancient Greek philosopher Parmenides believed that reason is king, after all, the verification of feeling must be judged by reason. Which one should we stick to, sense or reason? Any method that claims to be superior to reason must be adopted and applied by reason. This gives reason an arbitrary dominion over almost all methods of inquiry. Therefore, it can be said that rationality is the highest means to overcome cruelty.

The so-called rational ability includes objective analysis ability, judgment ability, decision-making ability, and the ability to control emotion and behavior rationally. If people lack of rationality or always use things sensibly, they are easy to be hurt by setbacks.

Therefore, if you have a good attitude to face the cruel truth, it is necessary to cultivate your rational ability, which requires long-term cultivation of personality and mind.

If we can deal with the cruel facts calmly, we must have psychological energy to resist setbacks. As far as people are concerned, we always have contradictions and some things that do not transfer our subjective will; for the truth of life, there are always cruel human beings that we dont like. We can see the animal world. If we can realize these and choose to face and accept these existence from behavior, we will not be hurt by setbacks (or become patients), which is a reflection of rational and psychological ability.

Rationality enables us to understand the truth and interpret the meaning of the truth; psychological energy enables us to deal with the cruel truth and bear the cruel fact.

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