How to price the new crown vaccine? Response from National Health Commission

 How to price the new crown vaccine? Response from National Health Commission

Sinopharma group: China biology is ready to produce new crown vaccine

When can the general public be vaccinated with the new crown inactivated vaccine? According to the chairman of sinopharma group, the emergency use of new crown inactivated vaccine has been started in China. At present, China biology has made preparations for large-scale production to ensure sufficient and safe vaccine supply.

When will the new coronal vaccine developed by China come into market? Wang Tao, chief reviewer of the drug examination center of the State Food and drug administration, said that the phase III clinical trial must be carried out in the epidemic area, in which the sample size, the data of the subjects and the final results are positive or negative are all factors affecting the progress of research and development. Once the clinical trial can obtain enough clinical research data and has an acceptable safety basis, if its quality meets the requirements, the applicant can submit the marketing application of the vaccine.

The FDA will complete the examination and approval of the vaccine as soon as possible and ensure the supply of the vaccine.

Is it rash to use unlisted new crown vaccine in emergency? Official response

Priority should be given to high-risk and high-risk groups after the new crown vaccine is launched

After the launch of the new coronal vaccine, what kind of population can be given priority? Zheng Zhongwei, director of the medical and health science and technology development research center of the National Health Commission, said that in terms of some characteristics of the new coronavirus that we have studied before or have mastered now, we roughly divide the population vaccinated with the new coronavirus into three categories, namely high-risk population, high-risk population and general population.

High risk groups mainly refer to front-line medical and epidemic prevention personnel, personnel at border ports, personnel who have to go to high pollution areas or countries due to work reasons, and some staff who need to ensure the basic operation of the city. High risk groups mainly refer to the elderly, children, pregnant women and people with basic diseases. Once these people are infected with the new crown, the proportion of severe or critical diseases is far greater than that of other groups. The others are the third group. No matter what area he is in, as long as he meets the characteristics of such a population, he will be included in our priority vaccination consideration.

Ministry of science and technology: new coronavirus has variation, but it belongs to the normal range of variation accumulation

Did the new coronavirus mutate? Tian Baoguo, deputy director of the Department of social development and science and technology of the Ministry of science and technology, said that nearly 15 genome sequences of new coronavirus have been collected in the global database, covering 113 countries in six continents. Through comparative study of more than 80000 high-quality viral gene sequences, the results show that the virus has mutation. However, this variation is not large, and the accumulation of variation within the normal range has not caused substantial impact on vaccine development.