Evaluation on N8 of kevos sterilization Dibao: 1599 yuan to liberate hands

 Evaluation on N8 of kevos sterilization Dibao: 1599 yuan to liberate hands

In the package list, the list of covos Dibao N8 is equipped with the main machine (including water tank), instruction manual, ground filling, a pair of side brushes, a water washable mop that can be used repeatedly, and a disposable sterilization wet mop jointly developed with Unilever. Among them, the dust box capacity is 420ml, and the water tank capacity is 240ml, so as to realize the integrated function of sweeping and dragging.

Dibao N8 is a new product of covos which has a very cost-effective performance this year. As a household appliance, white is a versatile color tone. No matter what decoration style you put in the room, it seems to have temperament and style.

There is only a single power button and protruding modeling sensor on the top. Combined with smartnavi2.0 system, it can quickly scan room layout, build room map, and quickly and accurately create map to restore home environment.

The side is equipped with wall inspection infrared sensor, anti-collision mechanical sensor, ground inspection sensor and other precision sensors, which can capture the information of home environment 360 u00b0 and assist the sweeper to avoid obstacles sensitively. Moreover, the side anti-collision frame also has a large buffer space.

It should be noted that the two split side brushes of the N8 of kovos Dibao need to be installed by the user for the first time. The side brushes are divided into green and red, and can be used by inserting the groove of the same color corresponding to the bottom of the body. The double side brush can realize the dust collection function, gather the garbage on the ground to the middle, and then sweep the garbage into the dust box through the large suction force.

Lift off the outer protective cover of the N8, you can see the dust box and the small accessories of the cleaning machine. The dust box is detachable, and a small handle is designed above the dust box. When you need to dump garbage, you just need to lift it up. The dust box can be washed. After cleaning the dust box, put it back in place.

According to the information on the official website, the materials used for the dust box filter screen of covos Dibao N8 are very solid. The triple filtration system including filter screen, filter cotton and filter element can intercept dust as small as 1 u03bc m, and the interception rate is as high as 99%. There is no need to worry about secondary pollution.

In the outer groove of the dust box, the kovos Dibao N8 is equipped with a small accessory for cleaning the machine. One end with bristles can be used to clean the dust box and the body, and the blade at the other end can be used to cut various kinds of hair and thread entangled in the roller brush.

The drive of the N8 sweeper is mainly supported by the front universal wheel and the main wheels on both sides. The universal wheel can rotate freely to control the walking direction of the sweeper; the main wheel can be lifted flexibly to drive the sweeper to walk, and it also has the ability of crossing obstacles of 2cm. The V-shaped floating roller brush used in the main brush design can easily fit the ground for cleaning, and it is easy to disassemble.

The water tank and mop bracket of kevos Dibao N8 adopt the design of clasp, and the mop adopts the design of Velcro, which is very convenient to use. In addition, the disposable sterilization wet mop jointly developed by kovos and Unilever can be used here, so that users can choose flexibly according to their needs.

There is not much to say about the multiple washing mop. I will focus on the disposable sterilization wet mop jointly developed by kovos and Unilever. There are only 10 pieces of this mop in a package. Basically, one can be replaced at a time after cleaning. Dont underestimate this sterilized wet mop. It uses a mysterious special formula, and the sterilization rate is as high as 99.9%. Mild ingredients, and the use of seafloor Vetiver fragrance, to remove the floor odor at the same time will not damage the floor.

Cleaning capacity

Kevos Dibao N8 adopts a new generation of high-performance silent brushless motor, the maximum power reaches 2300pa, and the suction force is very large. At the same time, it also makes kovos N8 have a strong cleaning ability. Here, I use rice, flour and milk stains to simulate the test.

Kevos Dibao N8 sweeps rice with two side brushes, which makes it very fast. That is to say, when cleaning small particles, the robot has no problem.

The N8 sweeper in kovos is very clean, which means it can clean the dust without any pressure. Whats more, it is a disposable sterilizing wet mop jointly developed by kovos and Unilever. After dragging, the floor does not look very wet. After a short period of volatilization, there is no trace at all.

u00b7Obstacle surmounting ability

The fuselage height of the kovos N8 is 9.3cm, which can freely shuttle under the bed and the bottom of the cabinet, so that it is no longer necessary to bend down to clean the bottom of the bed. The 2cm obstacle crossing ability can easily cross the common obstacles in the home, such as sliding door track, door strip, carpet, etc.

The feeling of actual use is that the curtain is light and thin. Kovos N8 is more willing to go in and clean it; secondly, the carpet is very smooth, and for the slightly higher door strip, kovos N8 can easily climb over, but there is a risk of water tank falling off; however, the overall performance is very good.

App experience

Almost all functions of the kovos N8 are concentrated on the mobile app, which can be remotely controlled and controlled regularly. For the first time, it is easy to use the Internet according to the app prompt. After the mobile phone is online, the coworth N8 will start cleaning along the side from the charging seat, and the sensor will scan the layout of the home environment and display it in the app drawing area in real time.

Even when the furniture is placed in the process of cleaning, the furniture placement position has been moved, and the N8, the sterilization site of kovos, can be adjusted in time, and the use is more careful.

The N8 can also set up a variety of cleaning modes according to different areas to cope with different family environments.

In addition, there are rich operation functions in the main interface. On the left, you can click to edit the forbidden area, so that the sweeper will not break into your restricted area to clean; if the home is duplex, you can choose to change the map for multi-layer cleaning.

After cleaning, the N8 can return to charge automatically, which is very intelligent and convenient.

Evaluation summary: keworth N8 appearance atmosphere beautiful and high grade! It is really wonderful to sweep and drag together. The corner falls and sweeps out a lot of dust and garbage hair. The best thing is that you dont have to bend down with a mop under the bed! It is not only sound, acceptable, but also positioned as a super cost-effective integrated robot for household floor sweeping and dragging. It only takes 1599 yuan to enjoy the fun brought by the big brand. It can be said that this robot has all the functions, and the daily cleaning can be very clean and fast, not only can wash the ground, mop the ground, but also remove bacteria. It is recommended to buy it sincerely. Source: responsible editor of Netease science and technology report: Mao Xinsi_ NBJS11624

Evaluation summary:

Kevos Dibao N8 appearance atmosphere, beautiful on the grade! Its really great to sweep and drag together. There are a lot of dust and rubbish hair swept out from the corner. The best thing is that you dont have to bend down to drag under the bed any more! The sound is not very loud and can be accepted. Moreover, its positioning is a super cost-effective household level sweeping and mopping integrated robot. It only costs 1599 yuan to enjoy the fun brought by big brands. It can be said that this kind of sweeping and sterilization robot has all the functions it should have, and the daily cleaning can be very clean and fast. It can not only wash the floor, mop the floor, but also remove bacteria. It is recommended to buy.