Liu Xiaoqings amazing assets exposed: jadeite 10.2 billion, 4000 square meters luxury house worth 600 million

 Liu Xiaoqings amazing assets exposed: jadeite 10.2 billion, 4000 square meters luxury house worth 600 million

Liu Xiaoqing was born in 1955. At the age of 18, she played the heroine in the film the great wall of the South China Sea. As a result, she entered the entertainment circle and participated in many films.

Liu Xiaoqing, 18

In 1995, Liu Xiaoqing appeared in the TV series Wu Zetian. At 40, she still looks very young, and she plays Wu Meiniang, 20.

Liu Xiaoqing, 40

And this year, 65 years old, she is not old at all, slim figure, delicate skin white.

Liu Xiaoqing, 63

Some people say that Liu Xiaoqing has a body that is not old, but in fact it is not so divine. Liu Xiaoqing confesses that she spends 2 million yuan on maintenance and beauty every year.

This is surprising, although stars make money, but such a high cost is not the average star can afford.

It turns out that Liu Xiaoqing is really not an ordinary star. She has more assets than many enterprise bosses.

Beijing can be described as an inch of land, an inch of gold, ordinary people even buy a 100 square meter house will spend decades of savings, but Liu Xiaoqing has a 4000 square meter villa in Beijings most prosperous Xidan area, which looks like a castle.

The decoration of the living room can be said to be resplendent. The walls built of marble and high-grade furniture make it very rich.

The front hall is also entirely made of marble, with valuable antique candlesticks everywhere.

There are more than ten kinds of dishes in a simple meal, which is more abundant than a high-level banquet. Its really heroic!

Liu Xiaoqing on the high-grade customized sofa shows the ladys temperament.

There is a private swimming pool on the other side of the house, which is big enough to be a fish pond.

At any time, you can swim in your own swimming pool for a while, leisure and exercise. Its hard to be young.

But such a luxurious mansion can only be said to be a small part of Liu Xiaoqings numerous assets.

Because her collection of precious jade jewelry, enough to open a few jewelry stores.

Liu Xiaoqing is very fond of jadeite, which is well known in the entertainment circle. Every time she goes out, Liu Xiaoqing will wear a variety of jadeite decorations.

Their necks and hands are all wearing precious jadeite products, and they dont look alike when they go out almost every day.

Even when she comes out for sports and running, she has to wear such a large jade pendant. She is afraid that others will not know how rich she is?

So many jadeite ornaments are worth hundreds of millions. However, these are just the tip of the iceberg. More precious jadeite products are always kept in her mansion.

Among them, the most expensive is the following jadeite products.

Empress Dowager Cixis most precious jadeite ornament in the Qing Dynasty is composed of 108 jadeite beads, worth 120 million.

The rare pink brick ring, weighing about 19 carats, is worth $10 million, or 72 million yuan.

The emerald crown, with 22 emeralds in the upper half and a white gold base inlaid with numerous small bricks and stones, is worth 100 million yuan.

Inspired by the Great Wall, the emerald stage is decorated with the top imperial jadeite, which is full of Chinese characteristics.

In 2014, Liu Xiaoqing captured it with 215 million yuan, the highest price of jewelry exhibition.

There are many other jadeite jewelry, all of which add up to 10.2 billion.

Even Liu Xiaoqing himself said that even if one day he really collapsed, he could rely on emerald to make a comeback.

With so many precious jewels, its a real confidence to say that.

A female star has more money than a boss of a big enterprise. How can this be done?

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The trend of live broadcasting is so hot that Liu Xiaoqing, who loves live broadcasting, is naturally unwilling to lag behind.

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First of all, Liu Xiaoqing showed that he did not make mistakes.

At the same time, she said: after going to prison, it was good for me.

We have seen more of Liu Xiaoqings scenery and all kinds of priceless jewelry. I guess Ive forgotten that this woman was able to climb out of the abyss and trough and return to the top again

The most popular actress

Liu Xiaoqing is an indisputable goddess in the early years.

From the beginning of the blooming of little flower, she has enjoyed a lot of scenery throughout the 1980s.

Liu Xiaoqing is not only the first actress to win the third consecutive film queen, but also the first female host of the Spring Festival Gala and the first actress to give her autobiography. Her popularity, award-winning records, film history status, etc., are enough to lift the current top class!

Liu Xiaoqing, who became famous at a young age, said in her words: it was very arrogant at that time.

In an interview, she even admitted that she was the most beautiful actress in China.

Liu Xiaoqing has been criticized by public opinion for such an unpretentious approach. However, it also brought her more heat.

Therefore, Liu Xiaoqing began to accept the invitation of the party and participate in commercial performances all over the country. Since then, she has become the first person to go to the cave in China:

At that time, the motto of Liu Xiaoli was to earn every minute

Soon, Liu Xiaoqing, who had a lot of money and was ambitious, was not satisfied with being a vase of singing and dancing. She decided to go into business in the 1990s and turn to be her own boss.

In just three years, Liu Xiaoqing has financed 5 billion yuan with loans and expanded the companys operation scope to many industries.

Including real estate, food, clothing, cosmetics, design, electrical appliances, import and export, etc., it seems to be a huge Lius business empire.

At that time, Liu Xiaoqing was worthy of the name of the rich girl of hundreds of millions. She was very energetic and even ranked 45th on the Forbes China rich list!

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Unfortunately, it didnt last long. In April 2002, Liu Xiaoqings dream of becoming a powerful family fell to the bottom. Some people reported that Xiaoqing Industrial Company had evaded taxes.

This was a serious problem at that time. After her sister and brother-in-law were jailed one after another, Liu Xiaoqing did not escape legal sanctions.

Life in prison is hard

From June 20, 2002 to August 16, 2003, Liu Xiaoqing spent 422 days in prison.

Liu Xiaoqings prison life is full of topics, and all kinds of rumors also follow.

In prison, naked examination, black hair boiled to white head, mental instability often hit the wall with his head... Bad media said to themselves, splashing dirty water on Liu Xiaoqing.

Even Legal Daily and procuratorial daily came forward to clarify for her.

In fact, it was also very miserable. She never wanted to mention the suffering in prison. She only said faintly: the memory is very painful, which almost cost me half my life.

The food inside is not good. Every time a lawyer goes to see her, she will bring a 10 yuan box lunch, while Liu Xiaoqing will eat all the food, just like eating delicacies.

However, compared with the physical pain, sister Bao feels that spiritual torture is more terrible. This kind of life gap and hesitation about the future are not what ordinary people can bear.

Now Liu Xiaoqing is fluent in English

In addition, she would bathe in cold water every day, regardless of the heat or cold. I also keep doing sports every day, running 8000 steps back and forth in a room of 5 square meters.

In addition to reading English books, Liu Xiaoqing will also study a series of novels by Jin Yong, Gu Long, Qiong Yao and Wesley, and find out why these people are popular.

Maybe at that time, she had already started to prepare for her comeback.

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The lawyer said that Liu Xiaoqing was the strongest person he had ever seen. She even said with a smile: even if I served in prison and was sent to pick cotton, I would have picked the most!

Sister Bao is really curious. Why is she so calm?

Maybe its because of her own personality, or maybe its because of more things she has experienced, which makes her suddenly realize that everything is small except life and death.

However, only people like her who have withstood the storms, fallen from the clouds to the bottom, and returned to the peak, are qualified to say the words life is not afraid to start over again.

In 2003, Liu Xiaoqings tax evasion case encountered a turning point.

Her sentence came down - no criminal responsibility, but administrative responsibility. Before that, Liu Xiaoqing has to pay the overdue tax.

Liu Xiaoqing, who has survived his imprisonment, will face tens of millions of yuan in debt as soon as he comes out! But she did not escape, nor did she choose to rely on others. Instead, she picked up her old line of acting to earn money and pay off debts!

13 plays a year to pay off debts

Start the second spring of legendary life

One day in Dongzhong, there have been thousands of years in the world. Liu Xiaoqing spent a year in prison, and the world has changed since he was out of prison.

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No way, everything has to start over again, even more painful than starting from scratch. After all, there are a lot of people and the media are waiting for the former movie queen to make a fool of himself

Liu Xiaoqing has never been a mass actor with two or three lines. As long as she gives money, she will take on any role!

Sometimes, waiting for a few hours, more than ten hours, or even a day did not shoot. But Liu Xiaoqing didnt complain. She needed the 50 yuan salary.

In the critical period after her release from prison, fortunately, Zhang Jizhong helped her to take part in the shooting of the TV series Yongle heroes and daughters.

Liu Xiaoqing plays Jin Niang in the drama

Liu Xiaoqing cherishes the opportunity to be reborn. Since the beginning of the play, more and more people have invited her to film.

There are 13 plays a year, including 10 TV dramas, 2 films and 1 drama. Liu Xiaoqing runs around Hengdian film and television city every day, hardly having a day off.

Still photos of drama

Although Liu xiaonen was scolded by the audience for her age, she was even more criticized by the audience.

But behind this madness, her debt is getting smaller and smaller every year

In 2011, when Liu Xiaoqing became the empress again in the secret history of Wu Zetian, she finally paid off her debts of nearly ten years.

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After the disaster of prison, she seems to be completely transformed, no longer pursuing vanity, but began to love life and invest in herself! Whether it is life or career, everything is the same:

Liu Xiaoqing has performed more than 100 performances, breaking the Guinness record

Investment in jewelry can not only beautify yourself, but also make a comeback

Even when her ex husband Chen Guojun once wrote a book to slander her, Liu Xiaoqing still could smile with him and die of gratitude and hatred: did that book make money in those years?

The story Liu Xiaoqing and I have to tell

In ones life, one is not afraid of making mistakes, but the difficulty is the courage to start again. In this regard, Liu Xiaoqing did it, even better than men.

With her wisdom, accumulated contacts and personality charm, she gradually returned to the peak from the low point. With her unique softness and tenacity, she interpreted the best posture of women.

And this big woman is as confident as ever, and still calls herself a great womanu2014u2014

What is a great woman? Its a woman like water. When you are high, I will retreat and let you shine alone; when you are at a low point, I will come and surround you gently and embrace you

But it is often such difficulties, large and small, that determine your attitude, upward goals, and future choices. Most of the people who have not made it through return to mediocrity. If they have survived, maybe there will be another world?

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