Fusing tide appears again! The turnover rate of convertible bonds is over 10000percent

 Fusing tide appears again! The turnover rate of convertible bonds is over 10000percent

In the early trading, a large number of convertible bonds surged higher, leading to a sharp rebound in the CSI convertible bond index, once out of the market trend.

It is worth noting that the turnover rate of 16 convertible bonds, including Landun convertible bonds, Shenglu convertible bonds, Kailong convertible bonds, Henghe convertible bonds and Wanli convertible bonds, all exceeded 1000%. Among them, the turnover rate of Shenglu convertible bonds and Blue Shield convertible bonds is more than 10000%.

Beware of the risk of speculation

Recently, the performance of A-share market is flat, and the convertible bond market is also weak.

On October 16, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held its 24th collective study on the prospect of quantum technology research and application, Xinhua reported. The news triggered a collective rise in quantum communications concept stocks.

Among them, Blue Shield shares rose 13.70% on the 16th to 5.81 yuan / share on the same day, and the trading limit on the 19th was 6.97 yuan / share. The Blue Shield convertible bonds issued by the company rose twice on the 19th, rising 64.1% to 283 yuan, a record closing high.

Although the stock price and convertible bond price soared, it is a happy event for some investors, but Blue Shield shares seem to be covered in the face. On the evening of the 19th, Blue Shield issued an announcement, earnestly carrying out risk warning education for investors and persuading people to invest rationally.

And failed to get on board Blue Shield shares of funds, then turned to its convertible bonds.

For the stock price and convertible bonds, I am afraid that Blue Shield shares themselves are not happy. On the evening of the 19th, Blue Shield shares issued an announcement of abnormal fluctuations in stock trading and risk tips, imploring investors to invest rationally and pay attention to risks.

1.56 billion debt is overdue, and the actual controller becomes Laolai

According to the public information, Blue Shield Information Security Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Blue Shield) is a professional network security enterprise engaged in the research and development, production and sales of information security products, with independent intellectual property rights.

On the evening of the 19th, Blue Shield announced that the company, some subsidiaries and the controlling shareholders of the company, Ke Zongqing and Ke Zonggui, had been listed in the list of persons to be executed for breach of trust due to the failure to fulfill the obligation to determine the effective legal documents. Investors are requested to invest rationally and pay attention to risks.

Some of the shares pledged by the controlling shareholder of the company have the risk of breach of contract and involved in litigation. All the shares of the company held by the controlling shareholder and the persons acting in concert have been frozen, and they have been listed as dishonest Executees. The matter has no substantial impact on the companys production and operation, but has a certain impact on the stability of the companys control right. If the shares pledged and frozen by the controlling shareholders and their persons acting in concert fail to take effective measures to deal with them, it may lead to the change of the companys control right.

The company said that novel coronavirus pneumonia affected the government in 2020, and the government and customer units postponed resumption of work and resumed production. The pace of purchase slowed down, the companys original orders were pushed back, the entry of the project personnel was restricted, and the implementation of the order and the delay in acceptance were delayed, resulting in a decrease in the companys network information security business income than the same period last year. At the same time, the companys wholly-owned subsidiary Zhongjing Huitong e-commerce Co., Ltd. suffered a lot of performance losses due to limited business development, which led to the decline of the companys overall profitability. In the half year of 2020, the companys operating income reached 498.8151 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 48.92%, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was - 67.5281 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 146.50%.

To sum up, if the above matters can not be properly handled, it may further lead to the freezing or enforcement of the companys assets, aggravate the companys financial situation, and adversely affect the companys daily production and operation. Blue Shield shares said, please invest rationally and pay attention to risks.

(statement: the contents of this article are for reference only and do not constitute investment suggestions. Investors operate on this basis at their own risk.)

(source: from CCTV finance and economics, China Securities Journal, wind, etc.)