Another idea? American senior officials: hire more Mandarin talents to deal with China

 Another idea? American senior officials: hire more Mandarin talents to deal with China

Adam Schiff, chairman of the intelligence committee of the U.

South China Morning Post: US congressman Adam Schiff calls for the employment of Putonghua talents to meet Chinas challenges

According to the report, the Democratic congressman who often criticizes president trump made the above appeal at an event at the Brookings Institution that day.

It is now more obvious than ever that we have to challenge ourselves to ensure that our national security institutions are of the right size to focus on the areas of competition that will determine the 1920s and beyond. According to Adam Schiff, for intelligence agencies, this means a serious examination of how they carry out their mission to China..

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To this end, Adam Schiffs method is to hire more Chinese experts and people with technical background.

Obviously, we need to hire more Chinese experts and people with technical background. You need people who can solve challenging functional and technical issues and at the same time connect them to Chinas unique political environment.

Thats why we need to do better to ensure that all intelligence staff, especially those who are not working full-time in China, have a basic understanding of China.

According to the report, Adam Schiffs remarks reflected the views of some people within the trump administration. These people believe that the United States needs to do more to reposition the intelligence agencies that used to focus on counter-terrorism to better understand the way the Chinese government operates.

As a matter of fact, it is nothing new for US intelligence agencies to steal foreign state confidential information. Previously, foreign media reported that the U.S. intelligence agency had controlled the Swiss encryption company cryptoag from the cold war to the early 2000s, selling encryption machines to foreign governments and enterprises, earning millions of dollars while collecting important intelligence. U.S. intelligence agencies have a way to decode the companys encryption equipment related technology, thus stealing confidential information from up to 120 countries.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }In this regard, Geng Shuang, then spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry, said in February that for a long time, the US government and relevant departments have violated international law and the basic norms of international relations by carrying out large-scale, organized and undifferentiated network eavesdropping, monitoring and monitoring on foreign governments, enterprises and individuals, which has long been a well-known fact. Geng Shuang said that a country that collects nearly 5 billion mobile phone records from all over the world every day, spies on German Chancellor Angela Merkels mobile phones for more than 10 years, controls more than 3 million computer hosts in China every year, and implants Trojans into more than 3600 websites in China. However, it disguises itself as a victim of cyber attacks and repeatedly performs a clumsy trick of thieves shouting and catching thieves. The hypocrisy of this country on the issue of network security has long been exposed. What credibility can we say? What is the face to show? Geng Shuang further said that facts have repeatedly proved that the United States is the worlds largest national wiretap in cyberspace, a veritable hacker empire, and its monitoring operations have reached the point of wanton and lawlessness. Source: global network editor: Yao Wenguang_ NN1682