Ping An Life creates Health Protection Alliance with multiple brands to provide fancy cherish life Guide

 Ping An Life creates Health Protection Alliance with multiple brands to provide fancy cherish life Guide

Focus on the topic of cherishing life and join hands with multiple brands to establish Health Protection Alliance

The activity will last for nearly a month. A series of creative materials focusing on the theme of cherish life will be released online, and the theme H5 of cherish life behavior research institute will be launched. Users can participate in the activity to receive free treasure life and blood tonic gift bag including SKG massage instrument, golden dragon fish suit, Shenzhen Airlines Longteng lounge exchange coupon and other gifts, as well as risk free insurance for serious illness. The activity aims to help the public to establish a correct attitude towards health and further arouse peoples attention to potential health problems by analyzing vividly various pseudo health phenomena such as death campaign, workplace social animals and punk health preservation.

In addition, Ping An Life has also established a health Guardian alliance with famous brands such as new oxygen, Shenzhen Airlines, pulse, golden dragon fish, etc. from the perspective of different professional fields, it has explored multi-dimensional healthy life scenes, provided life saving 36 strategies covering family health, safe travel, scientific beauty improvement and workplace struggle, so as to help the public build a solid health defense line. During the activity, netizens who participated in the interaction of the theme of cherishing life and enriching blood had more opportunities to obtain the treasure life and blood enriching gift bag worth 1000 yuan and the risk free insurance for serious diseases, so as to get practical health protection while participating in the topic discussion.

Correct cherish life is an effective way to avoid health risks

In recent years, the cherish life of young people is no longer limited to the traditional way of health preservation. Instead, they pay attention to how to avoid health risks more effectively and timely, and establish a new concept of healthy consumption while learning epidemic prevention knowledge and forming good living habits.

The topic of cherishing ones life arouses the resonance of contemporary young people, reflecting the general improvement of the health consciousness of the younger generation. The data show that, affected by the epidemic situation and other factors this year, peoples health awareness and attention to risk protection have increased significantly. According to the consumption report of Chinese youth in 2019-2020 released by CCTV financial new media and survey of Chinas economic life, health care and insurance consumption ranked top six in the list of young peoples spending in 2020. In addition, according to the national investment and financial management sentiment index in the first quarter of 2020, the attention of insurance hot words increased by 53.5%, among which the attention of serious illness insurance and serious illness insurance increased to varying degrees. It can be seen that insurance has become a more and more important means of cherishing life in health consumption and health investment.

Strengthen the function of insurance to protect family health and wealth

As a kind of risk management tool, insurance is not only closely related to the national health life, but also more and more attention and support from the state. This years government work report once again stressed the need to strengthen the insurance protection function.

With the upgrading of Chinas insurance concept, Ping An Life adheres to the insurance surname insurance, and is based on the national health needs of the post epidemic era. It hopes to help the public obtain a more scientific, effective and rational way of cherishing life on the one hand, and establish the health protection concept of buying insurance is buying safety; at the same time, it is hoped that with the help of this series of activities of cherish life behavior research institute, on the one hand, help the public obtain a more scientific, effective and rational way of cherishing life; at the, Ping An life will also launch the fortune Jinrui 21 insurance product plan in the near future to help more families attach importance to and configure insurance products more suitable for the new era, so that every family can calmly cope with health risks and establish a stable wealth management pyramid.