Gulous next wine party worth 370 billion yuan

 Gulous next wine party worth 370 billion yuan

JM whiskey angels are knowledgeable and insightful; they work hard and live in the present; they seek a first-class life experience - whisky is no exception, so as to keep pace with the worlds most advanced lifestyle.

In order to thank JM angels for their trust and support and enhance the communication among them, JM whiskey held a whisky tasting meeting called autumn enjoyment in Beijing time Museum.

The amber color of the wine is shaking, and it is self-evident that the confidant touches the glass. This tasting meeting provides a feast for the taste of JM whiskey.

JM whisky angel, gathered elites from all walks of life and enterprise founders, all of whom are whisky fanatics. All of them gather together to give advice and valuable suggestions for the development of JM whisky, so as to jointly create a transformation of whisky supply chain system.

At the beginning of the whisky tasting, a toast song by Yiqing, a baritone singer from the Central Opera House, ignited the passion of all the guests.

Song Kun, a senior whiskey expert, shared with the guests the history, style and production technology of the distillery of these three JM selected whiskies, and opened a lecture on whisky knowledge in detail and comprehensively. Later, Cao Jun, a famous calligrapher, shared the inspiration and thinking of cross-border cooperation with drinking with wine Arran in 24 years.

Every single barrel is precious because it cant be copied! Each bottle of whisky is limited!

Only hunt the best single barrel of whisky and present it to everyone at its best. JM whisky strives to create not only rich taste, but also charming appearance in the romantic years. JM is more likely to be a part of your whisky life. Just like JM once said, the aroma of whisky pushed me to bed, looking forward to a good start.

Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485