86.1percent qilt employer satisfaction, Australias Le drogbo University escorts your workplace

 86.1percent qilt employer satisfaction, Australias Le drogbo University escorts your workplace

work-integrated learning

At Le Trobe University in Australia, we take your future career development into account in the course design. We focus on work integrated learning (wil), which means that our degree programs can provide you with a perfect combination of technology and human skills.

We have the excellent career ready advantage employment support program, a project developed in close collaboration with industry partners to develop students vocational skills and experience, so that graduates have the abilities expected by their employers.

With the support of the above projects, the satisfaction degree of the graduates of Le drogbo University reaches 86.1% * (qilt2019 employee satisfaction survey)

Industry practice

If you are eager to improve your research and professional skills in the context of the industry, and prepare for your future career, industry internship is a good choice both in career development and in the field of research.

The industry internship opportunities provided by Le drogbo University for students are part of the overall curriculum in part of the curriculum. These internship opportunities can not only enhance the career prospects, expand the industry social network, create potential employment opportunities in the future, but also gain research experience in the background of the industry market, which is helpful for graduate students to further enrich the industry or community Influential research.

The most important point is to enhance the application ability of each student to transform the research knowledge into the end use.

Throughout the internship process, all interns are supported by an academic supervisor to ensure that the industry organization obtains high-end professional knowledge. This will also contribute to the future cooperation with Le drogbo University

Career guidance service

This is true both inside and outside the academic community.

Most of the mentors come from different departments with different academic backgrounds, including private enterprises, government departments and non-profit organizations at home and abroad. They are committed to improving the knowledge reserves and professional skills of the trainees, and enthusiastically share their professional knowledge and employment experience.

Before that, every student needs to confirm his / her future development direction in the process of communicating with his / her tutors. This will help the trainees get the first-hand professional information from the industry mentors at the first time, and make them successfully realize the gap between their professional skills and social needs in the professional field.

Only in this way, students can obtain the most effective career guidance information and accurate career path in the 8-month career guidance service.