Hundreds of people were killed in floods in Vietnam, including two generals

 Hundreds of people were killed in floods in Vietnam, including two generals

According to the Vietnam News Agency reported on the 19th, the landslide occurred at 1:00 a.m. on the 18th in Xiangfeng Township, Xianghua County, Guangzhi Province, Vietnam. As a result of the disaster, soldiers of the economic regiment of the Fourth Military Region of the Vietnamese peoples army were buried. Although the search started immediately, it encountered various difficulties. Hundreds of cadres and soldiers were mobilized in Guangzhi province to clean up the landslide area in the heavy rain. As of 14:30 p.m. on the 19th, the remains of all the personnel had been found. We have never lost so many soldiers in a natural disaster, including two generals and senior officials, said the official social media account of the Vietnamese government

Since the beginning of October, the rainstorm in the central part of Vietnam, where Guangzhi province is located, has been continuously rainstormd. The local river water level has risen to the highest level in more than 20 years, resulting in the most serious flood disaster in many years, and the following disasters such as debris flow and landslide. There have been four or five landslides since 2 am on the 18th, which exploded like a bomb. It felt like the whole mountain would collapse, the Vietnamese express quoted local officials as saying

The general office of the Vietnamese government held a donation activity on the morning of the 19th for the victims of central China who suffered losses due to the historic rainstorm and flood. Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Chun Fuk and other senior officials attended the event. So far, many water conservancy facilities in Vietnam have been damaged and many people have been reported to have collapsed or lost water conservancy facilities.

It is reported that Vietnams disaster management department has raised the risk warning to the second highest level on the 18th and warned of further floods and landslides. Vietnam is vulnerable to natural disasters, with nearly a dozen storms a year, causing floods and landslides, AFP said on the 19th. Official figures show that more than 130 people died or disappeared in natural disasters in Vietnam last year.

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