Sogou Science Encyclopedia is newly launched: Doctor team building, vertical focus on professional fields

 Sogou Science Encyclopedia is newly launched: Doctor team building, vertical focus on professional fields

(picture: Sogou Science Encyclopedia product interface)

(Figure: WAP terminal, APP terminal and applet entrance of Sogou Science Encyclopedia)

In order to enable users to obtain professional knowledge content, Sogou Science Encyclopedia can be described as the ultimate. In terms of audit mechanism, it took the lead to break the existing domestic model. The product adopts a decentralized mechanism, which is reviewed by experts and users in various fields through peer review mechanism. In addition, it has reached the industry benchmark status in terms of editors knowledge level and content source.

The editors of Sogou Science Encyclopedia are masters degree, doctors degree, scientific research staff and scientific research enthusiasts from 985 and 211 schools. Nearly 60% of them have doctors degree. Before joining the Science Encyclopedia, some compilers were science popularization authors, and their professional ability should not be underestimated. However, the high academic status of editors does not mean that they adopt the mode of YiYanTang when editing entries. On the contrary, the contents of entries are generated by the discussion of various professional users. In the process of using, the user can also choose the entry to edit. The platform only provides references such as recommendation and subject tree, so as to ensure the accuracy, objectivity and impartiality of the content, and create an open knowledge construction environment.

At present, users can query 41 subjects including computer, physics, chemistry and biology in Sogou Science Encyclopedia. Most of the online entries come from reliable channels such as textbooks, national standards or official documents, academic papers, publications of authoritative institutions, official websites, professional websites, authoritative media, monographs, periodicals or collections of theses. For controversial content or statements like a law has many applications in a certain field, the platform requires at least five different reliable documents to be cited before it can be submitted for review, so as to ensure that the content source is professional and the coverage is comprehensive.

(picture: Sogou Science Encyclopedia product interface). For users, acquiring knowledge is only the first step of their own progress in the field of knowledge. In the future, Sogou also hopes that users can participate in the process of creating and sharing knowledge, so as to create a pure academic exchange platform for users in the scientific vertical field. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485