God of songs, cross dressing, literature and art goddess, pepper live battle of the peak has become the focus of the live broadcast industry

 God of songs, cross dressing, literature and art goddess, pepper live battle of the peak has become the focus of the live broadcast industry

On June 21, this year, dance anchor @ Scorpio Qi dance, which only entered the live broadcast industry on June 21, has been learning dance for ten years. Once the second runner up of the rings group in the national air dance competition, she brought her professional ring dance performance to the studio.

In just two months, she made a strong start in the second season of shining star project live broadcast in Zanthoxylum. Every time she performed professional dance and beautiful modeling, she was amazed by star teachers such as Guo Jing and Li Siyi. In the end, she won the top four and will officially make her debut on the annual flower house night. In this peak battle and Wuwang track, the sometimes antique and sometimes enthusiastic @ Scorpio seven dance has entered the top 12 with flexible and changeable dance style, becoming one of the strong candidates to win the race.

In the battle of the top, the rules of unlimited registration for multiple tracks break the restrictions of their own channels and give more possibilities for the anchors to tap their talents.

When it comes to @ sweet princess, you may think of the hot dance anchor on the pepper live broadcast platform. However, in this peak battle, in addition to Wuwang track, @ sweet princess also took part in eloquence and unique track, and held the position of the owner of Tianlai track. At present, she has won the top 12 tickets of double track, and won the championship of multiple tracks this year One of the dark horses.

Can we win the coronation award again?

In last years peak battle, the performance of the anchor @ favorite yinyuetais love fate is still impressive. With the magnetic voice and excellent performance of the male radio anchor, he has achieved the top three results in the peerless, eloquence and Tianlai tracks. At the same time, he has won the top traffic exposure opportunities and high discussion enthusiasm for himself. After the peak, love, the most popular channel, launched the program the most popular every night, which became the most stable one among the excellent anchors last year.

This years peak battle @ the most popular music Yuetai love has set foot on the journey again. This is also his fourth year to participate in the peak battle, and has signed up for the sounds of nature and unique track, which is expected by many fans.

When the offline competition is coming, what does the peak of the live broadcast event look like?

From November 2, the top 12 players of each track will usher in off-line PK. Out of the narrow living room, the anchors are no longer sitting in front of the computer in front of the camera. Instead, they stand on their own stage like stars, winning more attention and recognition in this talent show for ordinary people with more rich performance forms, so as to let their dreams come into reality.

This years peak battle, pepper live continues to provide the corresponding coronation Award for the first few anchors. Not only the top three and the ultimate talent king of each track will receive the corresponding awards, such as glory cup, glory palace display, customized open screen, flower room night stage award and star performance, but also the top 12 players of each track will receive channel resources such as banner recommendation and activity priority.

As the annual top event of Zanthoxylum bungeanum live broadcast, peak battle will continue to provide high-quality traffic exposure and opportunities for talent anchors of the platform, and will improve the high-quality content output of platform anchors, which is of great significance to promote the construction of the live broadcasting industry ecosystem. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485