Jingdong releases hongxiaomeng store baby: private traffic becomes the focus of e-commerce new game

 Jingdong releases hongxiaomeng store baby: private traffic becomes the focus of e-commerce new game

The birth of red small league is to solve the operation pain point in live delivery with goods - to create a dedicated supply chain for Hongren, and to reconstruct and split the people and goods yard. At the same time, the platform also solves a series of problems, such as the lack of high-quality brand resources, the difficulty of supply chain management, the lack of High Commission goods, and the heavy operating costs. It can be said that hongxiaomeng is a product built by Jingdong and can maximize the advantages of Jingdongs supply chain.

Nowadays, goods are no longer in short supply, so almost all products will face the problem of unsalable. So, how to sell the products has become the most worrying problem for businesses.

Since 2018, the growth of Internet traffic has reached the bottleneck period. Now it is more and more difficult to obtain customers and the traffic is becoming more and more expensive. At the same time, there are more and more traffic cheating and traffic traps on major platforms. Faced with such a situation, many enterprises growth has been powerless, the rate of return on investment is getting lower and lower, and the profit space is also becoming smaller and smaller.

It has become a basic fact that the growth trend of new users is becoming slower and slower. How to make a user buy again is an urgent problem to be discussed. The core of this problem is how to hoard and repeatedly stimulate and transform these users.

As a result, private domain traffic takes advantage of the wind.

What is private domain traffic? It refers to the fact that an individual has complete control over the fans and customers deposited on his account. These groups are the traffic that can be directly reached and can be used repeatedly. For example, QQ numbers, wechat, fans or customers in the community belong to private domain traffic. When you publish a product in the private domain, you are free to communicate and collect suggestions with any member of the product.

The opposite is the so-called public domain traffic. For example, Taobao, jitter, Baidu, tiktok and so on are all a complete ecosystem. A huge flow pool can be used to get traffic through some advertisements, but most of the traffic can not be used for you, not only uncontrollable, but also hard to reach freely.

This is why well-known e-commerce platforms such as pinduoduo, Taobao and even Jingdong have begun to make efforts in private traffic.

What are the benefits of private domain traffic?

High cost performance

It is expensive to obtain exposure from public domain traffic, and the cost is rising at present. For example, bidding ranking, from a few yuan a hot word to now dozens of yuan a keyword. However, although the cost is increasing, the effect is decreasing. The private domain traffic does not need to spend expensive exposure costs, but also facilitates timely communication and feedback with customer groups, which is not achieved by public domain traffic.

Convenient for brand maintenance