7000 yuan designer style is sexy underwear in the eyes of local netizens

 7000 yuan designer style is sexy underwear in the eyes of local netizens

The audiences favorite actress Zhao Liying wore a bright blue Princess cake skirt to highlight the gentle and elegant temperament. The big wave shawl hair adds a bit of vivacity and playfulness, fresh and elegant without losing flexibility.

The camera sweeps over. Song Xi, the ghost horse of expression management, can still watch this frightened little expression Yi Jie a hundred times.

Zhou Dongyu wears a long skirt with a hanging neck and a bow ribbon. The lines are smooth and graceful, just like the spirit under the moonlight.

Delicate accessories reflect a little star light, elegant fishtail skirt shows elegant temperament. Tan songyuns expression in front of the camera is flexible and natural, with full score of fashion expression.

Yang Mi showed up at his alma maters school anniversary in a plaid bright leather jacket with a simple white T-shirt. The big wave of boots is the queen herself!

The waist is decorated with light black gauze skirt, with long legs looming, and Yang Zis back to school modeling atmosphere is fully open. Thank you. Im here by A

Tong Yao, who became a hit in the 30s movie, is worthy of the Golden Eagle Award for best actress. The well cut light yarn top and slit skirt show the elegant style of confidence and generosity.

Zhang Xixuans and Chen Nais styles are similar to those of Zhao Xixuan and Lin Naian, who are both mysterious and mysterious.

The whole staff of The9 are very colorful. Dragon patterns, damage, tie dye, hollowed out and other elements make the fashion feel full, which is the level that you can blow up the street when you go out.

One of the most discussed is Yu Shuxins waistcoat.

Because xinxinzis shoulder belt was lost in the dance process, the picture brought by this small accident is pure and lustful. Who can see it without exclamation of good spicy!

However, it was a wonderful stage show, but was Tucao by some netizens: make complaints about underwear and pornography.

Yi Jie is really playing slowly?????

This is a 7000 + designer. In the eyes of rude netizens, it becomes rough?

For this kind of body shape with colored glasses, Yi Jie just wants to say: if you look at everything like a hint, it can only show that you need to be healthier

Source: Netease fashion editor: CHEN Si_ NB12921