Chuang Rong chain (snow wolf team) a high quality team that really understands Finance

 Chuang Rong chain (snow wolf team) a high quality team that really understands Finance

Li Hongru worked in the private banking department of Citibank and Swiss Bank of Hong Kong (UBS), the asset management headquarters of West China Securities. With more than 10 years of rich asset management experience, he is familiar with private placement, industrial integration, merger and reorganization, equity investment, strategic investment, fixed income, overseas asset allocation, product innovation and design, risk control management, etc., and has many strategic partners, such as banks, listed companies, peer institutions, etc., and has a wealth of outstanding in the field of private placement, equity investment and M & A More resources. With its rich experience in the capital market for 10 years.

Wang Sheng has more than 20 years of practical experience in capital market. He has participated in and led a number of equity investment, listing and M & A projects, and has rich experience in project implementation and management. He also has rich investment experience in stocks and futures. He is good at trend judgment and highly sensitive to the market. He can control the withdrawal and give consideration to both absolute and relative returns, thus bringing huge returns to investors.

Lin Junxiong once worked in China International Finance Co., Ltd., mainly serving institutional clients such as public funds, private equity funds, large state-owned enterprises and insurance companies. He has strong contacts and investment ability in capital market. Long term service and investment in Chinas capital market, has participated in ant financial services, Lianying medical, Suzhou Nengxun and other well-known equity project investment, and has rich experience in secondary market investment, committed to helping high net worth customers realize long-term investment value-added.

Snow wolf team is a professional team with global vision and resources. The team members of snow wolf team have the experience of growing up and working in many countries and regions. They are familiar with the domestic business and legal environment, as well as the advanced technology and management concept overseas. With years of experience in investment, entrepreneurship, consulting, enterprise operation and management, the team members have rich local project operation experience and accumulated a wide range of human resources. The team members professional background covers natural science, professional technology, finance, law and other fields.