High quality image + stable quality, Hisense ultrasound hd60 Taishan series released

 High quality image + stable quality, Hisense ultrasound hd60 Taishan series released

In terms of image quality, combined with the ultra-clear display technology accumulated by Hisense for many years, Hisense ultrasound hd60 can provide clearer images for the clinical needs of different scenarios such as high-frequency superficial mode, abdominal mode, cardiac mode, obstetrics and Gynecology mode, volume imaging mode, etc., so as to facilitate doctors to make accurate diagnosis.

Intelligent image is the future development trend of the industry. Hisense ultrasound hd60 supports intelligent one key optimization and one button recovery of the best image in two-dimensional, color and Doppler modes; at the same time, the product adds artificial intelligence learning technology, which can deeply learn and improve the common operation behavior of doctors. Taking the obstetric automatic measurement technology based on AI technology as an example, Hisense hd60 can automatically locate six standard sections for automatic measurement. Compared with the traditional manual measurement which requires several steps of operation, AI automatic measurement only needs one button, that is, pressing. In addition, the Doppler technology breaks through the principle of traditional blood flow imaging technology, and through the analysis of artificial intelligence technology, it can realize more accurate automatic measurement of blood flow and more objective clinical evaluation.

Hisense ultrasound hd60 can be better in terms of image and intelligence. The key lies in the adoption of the worlds leading architecture platform based on GPU ultra high speed parallel processing. Compared with the traditional scheme, the computing power is doubled, the response speed is increased by 20%, and the signal-to-noise ratio is increased by 6dB. Based on this platform, Hisense ultrasound has carried out 5 technological innovations and 12 technological breakthroughs, which are not only suitable for the current development, but also can lay a good foundation for future development.

In particular, based on the accumulation and insight of user experience, Hisense can focus on user value and clinical pain points from the appearance of ultrasonic products to the technical core, so as to create the ultimate user experience. We are committed to making the best use of ultrasound. How to improve work efficiency and reduce the complexity of doctors operation has always been our goal, that is, the users simple operation experience. Wang Guicheng said, for example, in the interaction design, Hisense ultrasound hd60 adopts a convenient display style to meet the customers custom setting function, which can memorize the user-defined parameter configuration and save doctors time. In addition, relying on the groups accumulated display technology for many years, the display adopts the stroboscopic DC backlight control technology, which can ensure that doctors will not be tired for a long time.

At present, Hisense ultrasound hd60 has been applied in 301 Hospital of PLA General Hospital, Shandong Provincial Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Qingda University, Qingdao womens and childrens Hospital, Qingdao municipal hospital and other hospitals, accumulating more than 30000 clinical trials and more than 100000 AI training images, which is highly recognized by ultrasound experts. As the first ultrasonic product with independent intellectual property rights in Shandong Province, Hisense ultrasonic hd60 has filled the blank in Shandong Province and has been included in the list of first set equipment procurement in Shandong Province. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485