Mobile finance report 2020 released by adjust and apptopia

 Mobile finance report 2020 released by adjust and apptopia

For the investment and financing applications that can directly trade stocks on mobile phones, the user activity has increased significantly. From January to June 2020, the daily conversation volume increased by 88%. The applications provided by acorns and stash trading platforms reduce the threshold and difficulty of investment, so as to encourage more people to use the application for investment and financial management activities. According to the data, investment and financing applications are the second fastest growing mobile application category in the world in 2020. The growth rate is much higher than that of leisure and super leisure game applications.

According to the report, the global conversation volume of payment applications increased by 49% on average. Growth rates were highest in Turkey (39%) and the United Kingdom (33%), with the highest growth rates in the United Kingdom (33%). In order to maintain a safe social distance, more and more users use mobile terminals for financial transactions.

Globally, the total number of conversations between banks and payment applications has increased by 26%. Among them, the growth rate of conversation volume in Japan (142%), Germany (40%), Turkey (31%) and the United States (27%) is significantly higher than that of other countries / regions.

In the mobile industry, super apps is still one of the most popular trends. Represented by wechat and kakaotalk, super applications have set off a hot trend of global application development in Asia. But other regions are not willing to fall behind. For example, revolut, an online payment service provider in the UK, is seeking to become a super app.

The new crown epidemic has a great impact on the banking industry and plays a role in promoting the development of mobile digital services. Paul H.M u00fc ller, co-founder and chief technology officer of adjust, said, in recent years, the banking industry has been adjusting to adapt to the digital changes brought about by the mobile application industry. This years new epidemic has further accelerated the transformation of the financial and banking industries, and has brought new ways and opportunities to users without bank accounts and consumers who rely less on banking services

Emerging markets promote the development of banking services

It is found that there are regional differences in the installation and use of banking applications. Among countries / regions, Japan leads the list of banking app downloads - but this is an anomaly against the overall trend. Apptopia data shows that installation in other developed economies has shrunk to varying degrees in the past 12 months.

The overall economic trend shows that popular banking applications will encounter setbacks in developed economies, but have great potential in emerging markets. International financial applications can seize the opportunities of emerging markets to achieve growth. Adam blacker, deputy director of data insight at apptopia, analyzes that banking applications in countries such as Turkey, Ukraine and Brazil have shown strong growth.

Users spend more time in the app

In addition to the increase in the number of sessions and installations, users around the world will spend more and more time in financial applications in 2020. In the first half of 2019, the average duration of each session in banking and payment applications was 7.7 minutes, but by 2020, this number has increased by 8.9% to 8.35 minutes.

In addition, the data of adjust also confirmed that the growth rate of the usage duration of financial applications reached its peak in the second quarter of 2020, which is the period when all parts of the world entered the epidemic prevention and blockade period. Of all the countries / regions analyzed, Argentinas usage time in 2020 increased by 72% compared with last year, ranking first. Ukraine followed, with a 62% increase, followed by Russia and Brazil, both about 50%. Japans growth was 21%.

The cost of user acquisition is reduced, which can seize the opportunity to build user loyalty

At the time when the new epidemic situation brings changes to financial economy and society, the acquisition cost of bank and payment application users has also decreased significantly. Statistics show that, from February to May this year, the ECPI of applications decreased by 77.49%.

New crown epidemic makes more and more people choose to use mobile applications to deal with financial, investment, trading and other services. Mobile maker analysis points out that with the alleviation of the epidemic situation, users who are used to using financial applications are likely to continue this behavior, thus providing opportunities for the expansion of these application services.

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research method

The global mobile finance report 2020 uses the internal data of adjust and apptopia from January 1 to June 30, 2020, and compares with the data of the same period in 2019. The report analyzes the data of more than 270 financial applications from the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Brazil, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan and Argentina, covering banking, payment, investment and financing applications. The report focuses on the increase of application installation and conversation rate, the time spent in the application, and user retention rate.

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