Guangdong reverses the seasons first win Zhao Rui 25 + 5, Shen Zijie cuts 35 + 7

 Guangdong reverses the seasons first win Zhao Rui 25 + 5, Shen Zijie cuts 35 + 7

Guangdong Derby: a total of 109 penalties for 84 offenders and 4 offenders for leaving

Qingdao wins Guangzhou 24 points, Wang Ruize 26 points, Chen Yingjun 17 + 6

Technical statistics:

Shenzhen: Shen Zijie 35 points 7 rebounds 5 blocks, Lu Yiwen 24 points 7 rebounds, Yang Linyi 17 points 7 assists, Gu Quan 20 points, he Xining 17 points.

Event review:

In the first quarter of the game, Ren Junfei forced a foul and scored 2 penalties. Shenzhen was quick to respond, Lu Yiwen shot at the bottom three points. Gu Quan singles Zhou Peng and continues to hit three points after the trial step. Zhao Rui and he Xining each other a record of three points, the two teams began to rain three points. Lu Yiwen broke through the singles by force and hit 2 + 1 successfully. Shen Zijie attacks Su Wei to rebuild fouls, and Guangdongs interior line falls into foul trouble. All of a sudden, even shot with sudden cut 7 points, the difference opened. Xu Jie cut the ball to counterattack a dragon, Shen Zijie hit Zhang Hao to create a 2 + 1. After the first battle, Guangdong was 30-31 behind.

Foreign aid from Guangdong will be on the stage in the next Festival. Williams hit the free throw line as soon as he came up. Shen Zijie continued to give full play to the advantage of the inside line and forced Zeng fanri to commit fouls, and Zeng fanri had already committed four fouls. Lu Yiwen gets rid of the defense and stops to hit the middle shot. Zhou Peng stood up and hit the top three. Shen Zijie flies up against Su Wei, who has fouled five times. Lu Yiwen hit a backward jumper and Guangdong was forced to call out a pause. Zhou Peng passes the ball behind his head, but it goes out of bounds directly. Ma Shang breaks through the bag, straight kills the inside line to lay up successfully. Shenzhen launched another wave of attack, Lu Yiwen chased and hit three points, and the difference came to double digits. After half-time, Guangdong was 53-63 behind.

Back in the second half, Shenzhen continued to control the situation. Su Wei was fouled again, only six to graduate. Zhao Yiming, the center of Shenzhen team, was rampant on the inside line, continuously standing on the free throw line. At the critical moment, Zhao Rui stood up. His three-point hit in a row, let Guangdong see a glimmer of hope. With Zhou Pengs turn to jump shot, the difference narrowed to 5 points. Hu Mingxuan suddenly broke out and cut 6 points to help Guangdong level the score. Later, Guangdong fought more bravely and scored 2 points after three quarters.

At the end of the match, Zhou Peng made a foul and hit all three penalties. Shen Zijie ignores Zhou Peng and directly completes the flying body smash. Du runwang followed up and made up the basket successfully, and Williams stopped to hit the middle shot. Du runwang made fouls and sent Gu Quan to graduate. Williams scored five points with a straight throw and a penalty. Guangdong gradually occupied the advantage, with Hu Mingxuan three-point hit, the lead came to 10 points. In the last 49 seconds, Yang Linyi made a mistake. Ren Junfei layup makes Shen Zijie 6 criminals leave the court. Guangdong finally beat Shenzhen by 134-126.

The two sides launched:

Shenzhen: Yang Linyi, he Xining, Gu Quan, Lu Yiwen, Shen Zijie