Quasi cold wave Southward encounter typhoon, Guangdong temperature will fall

 Quasi cold wave Southward encounter typhoon, Guangdong temperature will fall

There are short sleeves, long sleeves

Shorts, trousers, coats

The first thing I do when I get up every day is what to wear

Its going to be colder

From today on

Cold air will enter Xinjiang

Then it took four days to sweep the country

This weeks cold air

Its definitely worth your attention

First of all, the temperature in the north is very severe

Secondly, it snows heavily in the high mountains of Sichuan and Tibet

Third, although there is not much cooling in the south

But under the typhoon attraction, the wind will be very strong

The wind will make you feel like a typhoon is coming

According to @ Guangdong weather forecast

From 19 to 22, it was controlled by the ridge of weak cold high pressure

Most of Guangdong province maintains cloudy and sunny days

The temperature difference between day and night increases, and the weather is cool in the morning and evening

Tropical disturbance to the east of the Philippines

It has developed into a tropical depression

If it develops smoothly

It may be from the late 19th to the 20th

It became No.17 typhoon Sadr

According to the weather in Guangdong, the typhoon probably passed through Hainan and went to Vietnam

The easterly airstream on the periphery may

Impact on western Guangdong (Leizhou Peninsula)

Impact on Guangdong

From 20 to 21, most cities and counties in our province are cloudy in sunny days. The lowest temperature: 15 u2103uff5e 19 u2103 in northern Guangdong, 21 u2103uff5e 23 u2103 in southern counties, and 19 u2103uff5e 21 u2103 in other cities and counties. On the 22nd, the coastal cities and counties in Meizhou, eastern Guangdong and the southeast of the Pearl River Delta were mainly cloudy, while most of the other cities and counties were mainly cloudy in sunny days. Minimum temperature: 15 u2103uff5e 18 u2103 in northern Guangdong, 21 u2103uff5e 24 u2103 in southern counties and 19 u2103uff5e 22 u2103 in other cities and counties