Not a limit? Within the year, another new stock that was listed on the stock market came

 Not a limit? Within the year, another new stock that was listed on the stock market came

Today, Beiyuan group successfully landed on A-share market. However, it was more embarrassing that the stock broke the board on the first day of listing. Compared with the recent strong performance of new Jieneng and Liang micro, the stock was somewhat lonely.

According to public information, the issuance price of Beiyuan group is 10.17 yuan, and the highest price in the day is 14.64 yuan, which means that the investment income of winning investors is less than 4500 yuan.

The poor performance of the stock also triggered a heated discussion among shareholders. Some stock friends said that they sold all the 13.87 shares, but they didnt close the board for the first time. They left after earning 3600 yuan.

There are also shareholders who point out that the registration system is coming, and the first day of IPO will become normal.

Some market analysts pointed out that the stocks poor performance on the first day of listing was that, on the one hand, the weak atmosphere of long trading in the current market, coupled with the steady progress of the registration system, made it difficult for some stocks with ordinary subject matter imagination to obtain a higher premium rate. In addition, although the listing price of the stock was relatively low, there were relatively more shares to be issued, resulting in the inhibition of the rising momentum and the suppression of new earnings.

In fact, Beiyuan group is not the first new stock to be listed on the first day of the year, and the Beijing Shanghai high speed railway, which was listed on January 16, this year, was also out of the trading limit. At the end of the day, the stock ended up 39.13%. In addition, the recent first day of Zhonggu logistics listing also appeared to break the board, but the stock was finally closed on the same day.

Trend of Zhonggu logistics on September 25

It is worth noting that, compared with Beiyuan group, the investors of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway won more miserable returns. The issue price of the shares was 4.88 yuan, and the highest price on that day was 6.99 yuan. The investors who signed the first lot only earned more than 2000 yuan by selling on the same day.