Cai Jianbo, former executive vice president of China UnionPay

 Cai Jianbo, former executive vice president of China UnionPay

In addition, according to the announcement of the cross border interbank payment and Clearing Co., Ltd., the third board meeting (interim meeting) in 2020 was held on August 28. The meeting elected Shi Wenchao, the former president of China UnionPay, to take over the post of chairman of the board of directors of the company, and Shi Wenchao officially left China UnionPay for seven years.

According to public information, Cai Jianbo, 57, graduated from the Department of economics of Hangzhou University in 1983 and Kyushu University of Japan in 1993 with a doctorate in economics. He was a visiting scholar at Harvard University in the United States and a professor at Kumamoto University in Japan. He returned to China in 2002. He has served successively as director and deputy director of the International Department of the peoples Bank of China. Since then, he has been transferred to the business department of UnionPay international, becoming the chief executive officer of UnionPay international in 2012 and the chairman of UnionPay international in 2019.

On August 31 this year, Cai Jianbo said at the press conference of UnionPay unlimited card, the first digital bank card of China UnionPay, that it was necessary to conform to the trend of social economy towards the digital era. He said that in response to the policy and guidance of the peoples Bank of China, China UnionPay adheres to the concept of payment for the people, and cooperates with commercial banks and other industrial parties to vigorously promote the construction of mobile payment convenience project, and take the initiative to launch barcode payment, mobile phone flash payment, face payment and other products, providing safe and high-quality payment services for the public.

Since 2019, China UnionPays senior management group has been expanding according to the new market demand.

At present, in addition to Shao Fujun, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee, as well as new president Cai Jianbo, executive vice president Hao Zhe and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Li Hua, the top management team of China UnionPay also includes several vice presidents who are publicly recruited in 2019, namely, Hu haozhong, Tu Xiaojun, Chen Lei, Hu Wenbin and Xie qunshong. In addition, China UnionPay has newly appointed chief operating officer Lu Zhijun, chief technical officer Chen Yu and chief product officer Wei Ding linrun according to the new needs of marketization.

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