Frost is coming! Shandong cold air storm

 Frost is coming! Shandong cold air storm

According to the temperature forecast updated by the weather station today, Shandong confirmed that it is expected that the temperature in Shandong will turn from 21 to 22, and most of Shandong will have cooling. The most prominent one is the minimum temperature, most of which will drop by 4-6 degrees and the local minimum temperature will drop by 6-8 degrees. The public should keep warm when they go out early and return late. Affected by the weak cold air on the 21st, except for the peninsula area, there was frost at about 3 u2103 in Zhongshan District of Shandong Province, and light frost occurred at about 5 u2103 in other areas. Please pay attention to the near forecast.

In Texas, for example, the minimum temperature is still 10 degrees on the 20th, but by the 22nd, the lowest temperature will drop to 2 degrees.

It is expected that the maximum temperature in Zibo, Binzhou, Dongying, Laiwu and other places will drop to 17 degrees on the 21st, while that in Jinan, Dezhou, Jining, Taian, Heze and Liaocheng will drop to 18-19 degrees. In terms of the minimum temperature, except for Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai, the lowest temperature in other places generally dropped to 3-8 degrees, and the lowest temperature in Dezhou was only 3 degrees.

It is expected that by the 22nd, the highest temperature in Shandong Peninsula and southern Shandong will also drop to 17-18 degrees. The minimum temperature in Shandong Peninsula can still be maintained between 10 and 11 degrees, but the minimum temperature in most parts of Shandong is still low, generally between 2 and 9 degrees, and the lowest temperature in Dezhou is only 2 degrees.

Among them, Qingdao is dominated by sunny to cloudy weather, with local showers on the 21st. The lowest temperature is 8 u2103 ~ 15 u2103 in urban and coastal areas, 2 u2103 ~ 14 u2103 in inland areas, and the highest temperature in the whole city is 15 u2103 ~ 21 u2103; the North-South wind alternates, with the wind force of 4-5, the north wind before and after 22 days, the gust of grade 4-5 in inland area, Grade 8 in coastal area and grade 6-7 in sea.

In the coming week, the lowest temperature in various districts and cities of Qingdao will dive, and the maximum temperature difference between day and night is 15 u2103.

Short term weather forecast:

Today, from day to night, the weather in the whole province is sunny and cloudy. South wind, the peninsula area 3 ~ 4, other areas 2 ~ 3.

The lowest night temperature: about 7 u2103 in the eastern part of central Shandong, southern Shandong and inland areas of the peninsula, 12 u2103 in coastal areas of the peninsula, and 10 u2103 in other areas.

From day to night on the 20th, the weather in the whole province was cloudy. The southerly to northerly winds in northwest, West and southwest of Shandong are 3-4, 4-5, 6 and 3-4 respectively.

The minimum temperature at night is about 8 u2103 in Zhongshan District, 13 u2103 in peninsula area and 11 u2103 in other areas.

The highest temperature: about 21 u2103 in the east of Northwest Shandong, north of central Shandong and peninsula area, and about 19 u2103 in other areas.

From day to night on the 21st, the weather in the peninsula turned cloudy and cloudy in other areas. In the eastern part of central Shandong Province and the peninsula area, the south wind turns to north wind 4 ~ 5, gust 6, the south wind turns to north wind 3 ~ 4 in Southeast Shandong, and the north wind in other areas is 3 ~ 4.

The minimum temperature at night: about 3 u2103 in Lushan District, with frost; about 7 u2103 in inland area of peninsula, about 10 u2103 in coastal area of peninsula; about 5 u2103 in other areas, with light frost.

The highest temperature: about 20 u2103 in southern Shandong and Peninsula, and about 17 u2103 in other areas.