Three things should be done to prevent osteoporosis

 Three things should be done to prevent osteoporosis

Guo Yawei said that there are two main causes of osteoporosis in the elderly. One is controllable factors, including low weight, low gonadal function, smoking, excessive drinking, excessive coffee intake, lack of physical activity, high sodium diet, calcium and vitamin D deficiency, diseases affecting bone metabolism and application of drugs affecting bone metabolism. The other is uncontrollable factors, including race, aging, female menopause, maternal family history and so on.

Once osteoporosis occurs in the elderly, it may cause problems such as low back bending, short height, low back pain and so on. In addition, once the elderly with osteoporosis fall, they are prone to fracture. Guo added.

Dont wait for old to prevent

The upper treatment of disease, Chinese medicine treatment of desire disease, the lower treatment of the disease. In the face of osteoporosis, prevention is particularly important. It is not too early to start at any time, and it is not too late to start at any time. Guo Yawei pointed out that osteoporosis is a chronic disease that can be prevented and treated. People at all ages should pay attention to the prevention of osteoporosis, infants and young peoples lifestyle is closely related to the occurrence of osteoporosis in adulthood; a balanced diet rich in calcium, low salt and appropriate amount of protein is beneficial to prevent osteoporosis.

You can eat more foods rich in calcium, such as seafood, bean products, dairy products, vegetables, nuts and other calcium added foods; meat intake should be controlled; excessive protein intake will increase calcium loss. It is recommended that the daily recommended amount of meat intake should be controlled at 200-300 g according to the dietary guidelines of the nutrition society; eat less pickles; avoid long-term use of diuresis They are tetracycline, isoniazid, anticancer drugs, prednisone, etc Guo Yawei reminded that both men and women, smoking will increase the risk of fracture, in addition, should pay attention to not excessive drinking, moderate exercise, maintain sunshine time and prevent falls.

Guo Yawei told reporters that the osteoporosis prevention program recommended by the American Sports Medicine Association is strength training, fitness running and walking. Patients should be trained at least twice a week for one hour each time. The details are as follows: 20 minutes of walking, running or aerobic exercise, 5 minutes of rope skipping, and 40 minutes of strength training (fist clenching, lifting, etc.) so as to exercise all muscle groups.

Adequate light plays a key role in vitamin D production and calcium absorption. The best time to bask in the sun is 20-30 minutes from 3 p.m. to evening. Guo added.

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