No one claims 78 villas in Changsha

 No one claims 78 villas in Changsha

The well-known crosstalk actor soldier is also the owner of the community, he called for a comprehensive investigation, our voice is broken, whose house is this? No one came , Why are so many houses unclaimed? This is a question , who is the owner who hides behind and doesnt want to see people? Why does he not want to see people? .

According to the report of Sanxiang City daily, recently, it was reported on the Internet that 78 villas in Tongshenghu villa community of Yuhua District, Changsha City were not claimed. In order to verify this statement, the reporter came to the community and confirmed from the property management company that 78 villas in the community were unclaimed, and 60 foreign-style houses were in the same situation.

Our company entered the site in May this year. Although we have made a handover with the former property management company, the information of some owners is incomplete, which makes it impossible for us to collect the property fee in full and transfer the work efficiently. Wu, manager of Vanke property company, said that after sorting out, there are still 78 villas in Tongshenghu villa and baizhushui village, and 60 foreign-style houses have no owner information or the information is inaccurate.

Of the 78 unclaimed villas, 25 of them have no information about the owners at all. The rest of the villas have only the name or telephone number of the owners, but most of them have wrong or empty numbers. If you can make a phone call, the other party has also indicated that it is not his own property. Wu said the property company has submitted the relevant materials to the local government level by level, hoping to find out the information of relevant industries as soon as possible.

Photo source: Sanxiang City daily

Those unclaimed villas are not concentrated in one piece, but scattered in various areas of the community. Ms. Huang, the owner of Tongshenghu villa, told reporters that the idle houses had not been taken care of all the time. The property cant contact the owner. We feel a bit gloomy and terrifying after passing these unmanned Villas at night.

The reporter saw from the outside that most of the vacant houses are blank houses. The owners around said that these villas have been in this state for more than 10 years, and no one has claimed them since they were built.

A garden of weeds. Source: Red Star News

Once known as the best villa in Hunan

The boss behind the scenes was arrested for involvement in the underworld

Tongshenghu villa community is located in Dongjing Town, Yuhua District, Changsha City. It was opened in 2000 and covers an area of 2300 mu. The villa is built on 600 mu Tongsheng lake with a plot ratio of 0.279. The developer is Changsha Yaxing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., and the boss behind it is Wang Zhonghe, a former top 50 billionaire in Hunan Province.

Tongshenghu villa was once called the best villa in Changsha and even Hunan. In 2004, 10 projects including Tongshenghu villa, Shanghai World Trade Binjiang and Shenzhen Guanlan Golf won the gold award of International Garden community. The event is hosted by the International Park Association and has attracted much attention due to the accreditation of the United Nations Environment Programme.

Photo source: Red Star News

According to Changsha Evening News and other reports, as early as more than 10 years ago, Wang Zhonghe, as the person in charge of the developer, successively developed Tongshenghu villa and Tongshenghu school. He used to be both a real estate developer and a private educator. However, Wang Zhonghe used these identities to carry out illegal activities. He not only implicated the illegal construction of Tongshenghu villa, but also threatened the soldiers with paint, and defrauded many teachers of Tongshenghu school.

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On September 25, 2019, Hunan Provincial Public Security Department organized 18 informers in 12 criminal cases of black evil forces to pay a reward of 260000 yuan. On the same day, eight informers, such as the soldiers, received the prize on the spot.

According to the companys information, Changsha Yaxing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 with a registered capital of 83 million yuan. It is mainly engaged in class III real estate development, operation and efficient agricultural development. According to the China executive information disclosure network, the company has become a dishonest person executed in April this year, with a target of 950000 yuan.

In addition to Changsha Yaxing real estate, there are three companies under Wang Zhonghes name, namely Hunan Tongshenghu Education Development Co., Ltd., Changsha Renxing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., and the second branch of Changsha construction group company. The registered capital of the former two companies is 2 million yuan. However, at present, these companies have been in the state of revocation or cancellation.

No one claims 78 villas in Changsha