Another hard technology gets top support: Huawei releases disruptive products (with shares)

 Another hard technology gets top support: Huawei releases disruptive products (with shares)

Huawei has released a new 6DOF game suite that users have been looking forward to for a long time. It can let consumers interact freely, freely and fluently in VR games.

Apple is also active in VR. It has been reported that Apple will release Apple glass, the rumored VR glasses, in March or June 2021. Guo Mingmin, an analyst at Tianfeng international, also predicts that Apple glasses will be released as early as 2022.

Open source Securities believes that the development of VR content will go through three stages: quantity is king, quality is king and experience is king, and it will drive investment opportunities in hardware, content and network side.

VR related concept stocks sorted out by CFA are as follows:

Hengtai April: 2019 annual report revealed that cloud companies, based on the Internet plus industry technology, combined with big data and cloud computing, have been actively developing and building VR/AR technology, namely, VR and AR.

Lianchuang optoelectronics: eye tracking is one of the key natural interaction technologies of virtual reality, and infrared technology is the premise of eye tracking. The company completed the refinancing in December 2013, and the fund-raising investment is the industrialization project of infrared LED devices, which is used for active infrared camera technology in night vision system, which is consistent with the infrared imaging principle of somatosensory interaction equipment.

Jinke culture: the company holds 17.03% of the equity of Beijing Tianji micro motion Technology Co., Ltd., and the desperate battlefield VR developed by the companys independent game studio is a multiplayer online tactical survival competitive game combining the classic rules of chicken eating game and the super immersion of VR game.

Aerospace Development: the company acquired 90% equity of Aerospace Science and engineering system simulation technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and realized the holding of simulation company. The main business of simulation company is virtual reality, military simulation and information system development in Zhenduo aerospace field.