Rare! Continuous 21 word board soared nearly 10 times, this new stock fire

 Rare! Continuous 21 word board soared nearly 10 times, this new stock fire

Hot new shares

Today, the focus of the market is that the new stock market is two times more and more cold.

The company also has the risk of high P / E ratio. As of October 19, 2020, the rolling P / E ratio of the company is 153.32 times, and that of the computer, communication and other electronic equipment manufacturing industries of the company is 47.66 times. The rolling P / E ratio of the company is obviously higher than the industry average.

Convertible bond market is extremely hot

On the basis of yesterdays 64% surge, the Blue Shield convertible bonds soared by more than 65% in the morning trading today. The price of Blue Shield convertible bonds also reached an all-time high, rising by more than 174% on the 2nd.

Yokogawas convertible bonds rose 23% yesterday, and todays highest level rose again by 49%. The convertible bonds of radio and television, Kailong, molding and Wanli also rose sharply.

The rise of Blue Shield convertible bonds benefited from the 24th collective study on quantum technology research and application held by the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee a few days ago. Blue Shield once said on the investor interaction platform that the company is promoting the commercialization and industrial application of quantum cryptography laboratory project. In the future, it will launch communication terminal products and network node products of quantum cryptography network step by step to build quantum cryptography application network, and finally provide solutions for the sales of quantum cryptography products and specific application cases in the field of information security.

Blue Shield shares disclosed the above-mentioned new list of dishonest Executees on the evening of 16th. According to the previous announcement of Blue Shield shares, as of September 27, 2020, the company and some subsidiaries accumulated overdue debts were 1565653500 yuan. Some bank accounts and assets of the company have been frozen and sealed up by the court. The net profit loss of Blue Shield shares in 2019 was 937 million yuan, and the loss continued to be 67.53 million yuan in the first half of this year.

If we say that the Blue Shield convertible bond is because the company has benefited from the great good news, the stock price has soared, and then the convertible bond has soared. The stock price of Shenglu communication has fallen by more than 3% today, reaching a new low in two and a half months, which is weaker than the market index. However, the convertible bond has been soaring upward, reaching a record high. The stock prices of such major stocks as radio and television convertible bonds, Kailong convertible bonds, molded convertible bonds and Wanli convertible bonds did not perform well today, and even fell.