A piece of news drives the stock price up 20percent! What is the new concept of A-share?

 A piece of news drives the stock price up 20percent! What is the new concept of A-share?

However, the quantum communication plate, which was just born yesterday, had a sharp differentiation in the early trading today. Haofeng technology closed the trading limit, and Blue Shield shares rose and strengthened. The decline of Yaguang technology, GuoDun quantum and dipper technology ranked first.

Three operators compete for esim

Its science popularization time again. What is ESIM that the three operators are competing for?

ESIM is the abbreviation of embedded sim. As the name implies, different from the traditional pluggable SIM card, ESIMs concept is to embed the functions of traditional SIM card directly into the device chip, without the need to insert a physical SIM card.

Photo source: white paper on ESIM industrial cooperation of China Unicom

According to industry insiders, ESIM card has many advantages: first, users do not need to physically plug in and out, which realizes electronic and card free; second, terminal equipment manufacturers do not need to reserve card slots specifically, which improves the degree of freedom of design; third, it greatly improves the seismic and waterproof capacity, which is suitable for small electronic equipment in complex and harsh environment; fourth, ESIM card is not specific Operator binding, users can switch between different operators at any time.

Huatai Securities believes that the development of ESIM is closely related to the miniaturization and functional stability of intelligent terminals, and is also an important starting point for operators to expand new business. From the point of view of the benefit link of the industrial chain, operators are still in a relatively strong position, ESIM will expand its business development in the field of consumer Internet of things and industrial Internet of things.

Dongfang Securities believes that in 5g era, the application of new SIM card products will drive the demand for increment and card replacement. ESIM card is more likely to be deeply integrated with other fields to create greater value.

According to the data of Oriental wealth concept stocks, a detailed count shows that at least 20 new concept themes have been provided since 2020. RCS concept, blind box economy, third generation semiconductor, hit battery, MLCC, sugar substitution concept... Do you remember these concepts?

Take a look at the recent more active new concepts, such as MLCC concept, which also showed some performance in todays session. The third ring group rose by more than 9%. MLCC is called multilayer ceramic capacitor, which is used to store electric charge. It is one of the most used components in communication equipment, computer board and household appliances remote controller.

There is also the concept of blade battery which is more popular in the circle of new energy vehicles. Blade battery is lithium iron phosphate battery, because of its long shape and thin thickness, so it is named. BYD has gained high market attention since its release of blade battery this year, and its share price has also soared, with a rise of more than 177% since the beginning of the year.

In addition, the double 11 has not yet started, but the competition among major e-commerce companies around small and medium-sized merchants has begun, and the concept of c2m has attracted market attention again. C2m mode is user direct connected manufacturing. Through the integration of c2m, the supply and demand side can be effectively matched, thus optimizing the cost, reducing the price and improving the consumer experience.