Jia Zhangke quit Pingyao Film Festival Pingyao official: he announced it with self righteousness

 Jia Zhangke quit Pingyao Film Festival Pingyao official: he announced it with self righteousness

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Jia Zhangke: the team will withdraw from Pingyao International Film Festival next year. This year, it will not cost the government a cent

On October 18, Jia Zhangke said in a group interview at the fourth Pingyao International Film Exhibition that this year may be the last Pingyao International Film Exhibition that his team has done. Weve built this brand. We dont spend a cent of the government. Its all social capital.

He recalled that at the opening ceremony last year, director Zhang Yimou encouraged Pingyao International Film Festival to continue and become an influential film exhibition. The film exhibition is going on from generation to generation. This mechanism should not be that we cant do it without one person. Therefore, I think we should leave early, train a new team early, let the new team take over, let Pingyao International Film Festival get rid of Jia Zhangkes shadow, and let it gain independent vitality. So we choose to leave when it is strong.

Jia Zhangke expressed the hope that he would attend Pingyao International Film Exhibition as an audience in the future. I really want to see a movie. I hardly ever saw a movie at the four-year Film Festival. I want to go back to being an audience.

In response to the medias suggestion that the screening was saturated, Jia Zhangke said that at the end of the third film festival, he realized that the number of Pingyaos audience and media was growing geometrically. At that time, he hoped to expand three halls this year to further expand the screening space and meet the needs of Film Festival audiences. However, due to the epidemic situation this year, the expansion plan was not carried out. At the same time, more than 500 media have signed up backstage this year. At present, the largest number of spectators is the 1500 seat open-air theater, and there must be some spectators in the foyer to listen to the live broadcast. There is no way. There will always be some regrets. I hope that the venues will be further enriched after the epidemic in the future.

Jia Zhangke revealed that due to the epidemic prevention this year, the holding of the film exhibition has to go through more complete steps of epidemic prevention, and there are many places to prepare in a hurry. He also explained why it was difficult to rob tickets. The difficulty is that if we want to show the latest films first, then we need to wait patiently for the procedures of these films to be completed, and we have to wait for the response from the film owners, so almost every time we reach a critical point to decide.

He said that Pingyao International Film Festival has guaranteed 100% domestic premiere rate, nearly 90% Asian premiere and nearly 50% global premiere rate, thus ensuring the freshness of the film festival, but the weakness is that there is no time to go to the ticketing platform. Because if we go to the ticketing platforms such as cats eye and ticket shopping, we need a long time in advance, and the period of our film selection and discussion with the film makers will be shortened.

At this years Pingyao International Film Festival, there were doubts about the quality of several shortlisted films. For example, it is very difficult for the audience to respond to the new film festival because of its new attitude You cant judge it. But its a new situation. The International Film Festival is a new observation station for film situation, so we will select different films to let people know the whole picture and the latest situation of contemporary films.

On the topic of Shanxi film, Jia Zhangke said that the progress of Shanxi film is obvious to all, and Pingyao International Film Exhibition has played a role in boosting the flames. He revealed that from the beginning, he hoped to help Shanxi film in several aspects, because it was a local film exhibition in Shanxi Province and a film exhibition established with the help of Shanxi people. Therefore, it has the responsibility to promote the development of Shanxi film.

First of all, in terms of education, we have always had a unit called Pingyao corner in the first three years. We invited film majors from Shanxi University, Shanxi Media College, Shanxi Taiyuan Normal University and other provincial schools to send quota students to communicate with students from other famous colleges in China, such as Beijing Film Academy and Central Academy of drama, so that students in Shanxi can follow the film education Children in developed areas of the film industry have the opportunity to interact closely and feel that they are also part of the overall large film environment. Second, in each unit, we are trying our best to find the voice of Shanxi people. In addition to the unit of starting from Shanxi, we adhere to the principle of encouraging local films. As long as the film quality pleases me, we will select each unit, so that Shanxi filmmakers can fully participate in Pingyao International Film Festival.

Jia Zhangke revealed that this years starting from Shanxi unit of the film response is particularly good. That day, teacher Xie Fei went to see the work directed by Liu Ze. After watching it, he felt very amazing. He liked the film very much. He thought that Shanxi was really a place for directors. Jia Zhangke said that Liu Zes film coming from is the way back is a local production in Shanxi cultivated by the industry sector of Pingyao International Film Exhibition. He also expressed his expectation for the new Pingyao International Film Festival team in the future, if there is a spirit that can be passed on, I hope they can continue to support local films, because after all, it is a film exhibition in Shanxi, so we cant forget this land.

We didnt think much about vision. I think its about feelings. If you have sincere feelings, other people can enter your world. That world is open. If you dont have sincere feelings, the world is closed. In his final reply to the reporters question on how to tell the Chinese story to the world, Jia Zhangke said.

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How far can Pingyao go?

Jia Zhangke suddenly announced his withdrawal from Pingyao International Film Festival -- if you dont know Jia Zhangke, have never heard of Pingyao, and do not pay attention to Pingyao International Film Festival, you will not feel the shock brought by this news.

On October 19, the 9th Pingyao International Film Exhibition ended in Pingyao County, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province. On the evening of the 18th, Jia Zhangke announced publicly that this year may be the last Pingyao International Film Exhibition made by his team.

Explaining his reasons for leaving, he said: I think we should leave early, train a new team early, let the new team take over, let Pingyao International Film Exhibition get rid of Jia Zhangkes shadow, and let it gain independent vitality. This is very urgent, so we choose to leave when it is strong.

Soul character

It is not enough to use founder of Pingyao International Film Festival to explain the relationship between Jia Zhangke and Pingyao International Film Festival.

In 2017, the first year of Pingyao International Film Festival.

Photo source: Official Website of Pingyao International Film Festival

At that time, Fan Bingbing served as the image ambassador. The red carpet necessary for the film festival is laid on the stone road of this small county town. Fan Bingbing walks by in a green skirt. With the tracking of the magnesium lamp and the click of the camera, on the first day of the opening, Pingyao International Film Exhibition, which has just emerged, has gained a lot of attention.

Uncle Cheng, a media friend, has been to the first film exhibition. In eight days, she met a number of movie stars and celebrities, immersed in more than 40 domestic and foreign film exhibitions, and witnessed the chaotic and immature management order.

For example, sometimes the activities of the film exhibition will be held late into the night, but at 12:00 p.m. in Pingyao ancient city, the streetlights are all off. The sightseeing bus in the scenic spot has already left work. Taxis are not allowed in the ancient city, and the organizers have not prepared ferry buses for ordinary audiences. A girl walked back to the back street lane of the hotel. It was dark all the way, illuminated by her mobile phone and emboldened by singing.

Temporary disorder can not quench peoples enthusiasm for movies. Whats more, what youre going to is the film festival that really belongs to filmmakers created by Jia Zhangke.

In the past four years, Pingyao entered the cold winter every year, and the film exhibition came as scheduled. The number of visitors and media registered for the exhibition increased in a geometric way. During this years epidemic, we registered more than 500 media backstage. Jia Zhangke said at a press conference on the evening of the 18th.

Venice Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival were founded to extend the tourism season. At the beginning, the organizers were all companies from the tourism and hotel industries, but later the focus shifted from tourism to film.

Shanghai became one of the earliest film festivals in China because it gathered the most abundant film resources in China and precipitated the most profound film culture in China.

Before 2017, there is no deeper relationship between Pingyao and film capital and film industry. From 0 to 1, it is difficult to establish a film festival.

In 2015, Jia Zhangke approached mark Mueller, who had 40 years of experience in organizing film festivals such as Rotterdam and Venice, and once recommended the films of Chen Kaige, Zhang Yimou and Tian Zhuangzhuang to the International Film Festival. Jia Zhangke and mark Muller have fully exerted their respective appeal in the film industry, inviting art stars, screening films, and more importantly, finding money and government support.

Photo source: Official Website of Pingyao International Film Festival

From the beginning, Jia Zhangke made a long-term plan. The preparation and implementation of the film exhibition project is a team set up by Jia Zhangke himself. He once disclosed to Shanxi Evening News that:

I asked for all the people in this team. There are many colleagues from Guangdong and Beijing who have experience in organizing large-scale events. But why do people leave Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to work and live in Pingyao? I have indeed done a lot of ideological mobilization work. They now spend almost half of their time in Pingyao.

As for the fund operation of the film exhibition, Jia Zhangke also formed a plan with the local government. In the first three years, the sponsor was sponsored by Jinzhong municipal Party committee and Pingyao County Government. Three years later, it was totally dependent on market operation.

We are under the guidance of the government and sponsored by the company. We have set up a company for this purpose. Jia Zhangke and the state-owned assets of Pingyao County jointly established Pingyao Film Exhibition Co., Ltd. This year is the fourth and the first year for Pingyao International Film Festival to realize market-oriented operation. Jia Zhangke said at a press conference on the evening of 18th that we didnt spend any money from the government. Its all social capital. We have built this brand well.

Among many film festivals (exhibitions) at home and abroad, Pingyao International Film Festival is young and its fame is relatively small. But artistic quality, government support, sponsor cooperation, star platform and audience support have all been realized.

During each film exhibition, Jia Zhangke would welcome the leading team to appear before the film was shown. He personally presided over many post show exchange activities. Some fans joked: Jia Zhangke is almost everywhere.

Jia Zhangke photo source: Official Website of Pingyao International Film Festival

Pingyao International Film Exhibition cant do anything, but only Jia Zhangke. Duanshaofeng, the independent curator of the first Pingyao International Film Exhibition, said.

Festival making plan

According to media reports, the right to hold the film festival will be handed over to the Pingyao government since the fifth session. Many people worry about how far can the film exhibition after getting rid of Jia Zhangkes shadow? Will it become the history of Pingyao?

When the film exhibition was held in Pingyao, Jia Zhangke visited many places. To make a film exhibition, we should consider many comprehensive factors, such as the population of the city, the number of universities, whether there is a film industry, whether it is a film Town, and so on. In an interview with Shanxi Evening News, Jia Zhangke said, Jinzhong municipal Party committee came to me and said, why dont you consider going back to Shanxi? They told me about Shanxis process of seeking transformation, hoping to let the villagers go back to build their hometown.

Photo source: Shanxi daily

Pingyao ancient city is one of the four best existing ancient cities in China, and it is also the tourism card of Shanxi Province. From the perspective of the development at that time, on the one hand, Shanxi needs new cultural projects to promote the transformation of the whole province, bringing about all-round new concept promotion; on the other hand, the cultural tradition and history of Shanxi province need to be activated and transformed in the contemporary era.

During the previous Pingyao International Film Festivals, not only the scenic spots, accommodation and catering, but also the local live performances took a ride.

Data source: Pingyao government work reports over the years

For Pingyao, the greater value of this film exhibition may lie in: even if you dont know the 2700 year history of Pingyao and the local conditions and customs, having heard the name of Pingyao ancient city has paved the way for the construction of local cultural brand.

After checking the information, we know that Pingyao and Lijiang are the same ancient cities in the world cultural heritage list. As a county with a shortage of water and coal resources, the only diesel engine factory, match factory and knitting factory are also facing transformation. Pingyao will bet its future development on tourism.

In terms of tourism, Pingyao ancient city has developed more than 400 tourist vehicles, 375 folk inns and more than 200 tourist shops. The number of employees in Pingyao Tourism and related industries has reached 160000, of which a considerable number are laid-off employees of state-owned enterprises.

In 2017, the first Pingyao International Film Exhibition officially landed. Photo source: Ding Zhouyang (photo)

Guo Hengqi, a local director of Pingyao, recalled that the most brilliant moment of the festival was in the third and fourth sessions, the two-year photography exhibition made Pingyao City overcrowded. However, the driving effect of this activity on the economy and brand of the ancient city is not lasting. For the people of the ancient city, there is no big difference between the Photography Festival and a trade fair in recent years..

The biggest reason for the decline of the Photography Festival is that it has been unable to produce masterpieces and gradually failed to attract masters. Now the photos hanging out on the exhibition are all taken by college students. In the past, when we got them, we couldnt hang the works of masters. A local photographer said.

After the photo exhibition, Pingyaos festival making plan has not stopped: 2006 Pingyao China year, 2017 Pingyao International Film Exhibition, 2018 Pingyao International Sculpture Festival It is understood that the photo exhibition and the year of China have not been weaned, and the government has been funding for 19 and 14 years.

Today, the fourth Pingyao International Film Exhibition, which has just realized market-oriented operation, has officially ended. Who will come next year after the show is over?

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