When rice meets with low sugar electric rice cooker, CP is committed to low sugar

 When rice meets with low sugar electric rice cooker, CP is committed to low sugar

Paranoia about a good bowl of rice

As early as 2015, Midea cauldron IH intelligent rice cooker independently developed by Midea first landed in Japan, the birthplace of rice cookers, causing a sensation. This new generation of intelligent rice cooker, which has won two design awards of if Award and red dot award in Germany, has the top technology comparable to similar products in Japan, and is called light made in China by Japan economic news. After pushing the whole domestic rice cooker industry into the IH era, Midea has taken a step forward in product research and development. In 2019, Midea took the lead in launching the first generation of IH low sugar rice cookers in China, opening up a new track for popularizing low sugar rice cookers alone. From delicious eating to delicious and healthy, a new bowl of rice revolution was launched in the hands of the Chinese people.

Midea first generation IH low sugar rice cooker 40lh5

Creating an epoch-making bowl of low sugar rice is based on the joint innovation of hardware and software. Midea team spent 1275 days and nights to create 3 new technologies and 54 core patents in the industry. Relying on a specially made sugar kettle, rice is repeatedly washed 30 times during boiling, reducing reducing sugar by about 50%, and with unique low sugar heating curve, the resistant starch of rice is increased by about 23% in the heating process of one cooking, two leanings and three steaming, while the taste of rice is not lost. Southern Medical University in clinical research found that after eating the rice cooked by Midea low sugar electric rice cooker, subjects blood glucose increased by 20.06% 2 hours after meal, and reflected that the taste was no different from that of ordinary rice cooker.

According to the data statistics of ovey cloud, since the first generation of low sugar rice cookers came into the market in 2019, Midea has become the champion of the industry, with many models occupying the top 1 in the industry sales volume for a long time; as of July 2020, the sales volume of Midea low sugar rice cookers in the whole network has exceeded 1 million, and for every 10 low sugar cookers sold, 6.3 of them are American brands. Mideas breakthrough technological innovation and leading effect have also won praise in the industry. Its IH low sugar rice cookers have successively won the honors of gold list of good low sugar rice cookers in China home appliance network and low rise sugar rice cooker certification by China Household Appliance Research Institute.

The pioneering work of low sugar freedom

In April this year, Midea announced that it would upgrade the original 10273 rice cooking curves to 23285, and at the same time, through online OTA (software online cloud upgrade), the function of low sugar rice will be one key configuration of all smart rice cookers, which means that in the future, low sugar will become the standard configuration of all Midea rice cookers, and 108 IOT software technologies such as rice recognition, intelligent recipe and health detection will be upgraded simultaneously. This move makes Mideas smart rice cooker the only product in the industry that can realize remote OTA upgrade of low sugar function. The breakthrough innovation in hardware + software + content has aroused the high attention of the global home appliance industry and mainstream media. Some even call Mideas low sugar rice cooker Tesla in Rice cookers.

Meiju app low sugar rice function

Not only in the rice industry, the market and users always favor the strong. In the past five years, Midea has invested 40 billion yuan in scientific research. In 2019, the R & D personnel account for more than 10%. Its strong R & D strength has laid a technical foundation for Midea to continuously lead the next industry trend. Since the birth of the brand for decades, based on the in-depth study on the use scenarios of more than 200 million families and tens of millions of new users every year, Midea has been able to continuously dig into the user experience in the massive data and carry out forward-looking technology and market layout.

From delicious to healthy, relying on the hard core strength of consumers, Mideas one bowl of rice revolution is sweeping the table of all Chinese people.