The final of the kings glory national competition in Northwest China was successfully held in Yanan, the holy land

 The final of the kings glory national competition in Northwest China was successfully held in Yanan, the holy land

Figure 2: all the leaders and guests put together to announce the official opening of the competition

The competition is divided into two days, the first day of the competition for the champion and runner up of bo5 and the performance competition brought by the we team of Shaanxi local professional team, and the group points competition of northwest region on the next day.

On the first day, two teams of Xian WD and Jiang Yue competed for the place to be promoted to the national finals. The two teams fought back and forth, and did not give in to each other. Finally, Xian WD team got a better strength and won the hard won admission ticket for the finals. The performance competition was held between the local professional team of Shaanxi Province we team and the civilian Corps Yanan ice, can lie never C, and Northern Shaanxi guerrillas. Although it is a civilian team, it is after all a strong one who has experienced numerous selection and breakthrough, and the strength can not be underestimated. The wonderful operation of both sides let the audience on the scene shout for joy. Finally, we team won the game. As the new force of Yanan e-sports, the three non-governmental teams are still proud to participate in the competition. They all said that the opportunity to compete with professional players is very rare. They also see the gap between themselves and professional players. In the future, they will strive to improve themselves and continue to pursue their professional dreams. In the next day, the teams from the provinces in the north west region were divided into three groups to compete for the qualification places. Finally, the three teams of Gansu GOC and Shaanxi huluwa were rescued by their grandfather and Gansu Evo successfully broke through the encirclement and got the tickets to advance to the next stage of the regional League.

Figure 3 gathering of players of each team

After two days of wonderful competition, the final of the second kings glory national competition in Northwest China ended successfully in Yanan gymnasium. Yang Guangyuan, vice mayor of Yanan Municipal Peoples government, and he Gaoyuan, director of public affairs of Tencent group, presented the champion trophy of northwest region inspired by Yanan Pagoda to the champion Xian WD team.

Feng Mei, deputy director of Publicity Department of Yanan municipal Party committee, and he Gaoyuan, director of public affairs of Tencent group, presented Yanan ice team with the award of the strongest King team in Yanan.

Su Feng, deputy secretary and chief of Baota District Committee of Yanan City, Zhang Qiang, deputy director of the network information office of the municipal Party committee, Chang Yanli, member of the Standing Committee of the Baota District Committee and director of the publicity department, Li Yanwu, deputy director of the Baota District, Yang Yongsheng, head of the competition training section of Yanan Sports Bureau, and other leaders were the champion teams of Xian WD team, Gansu GOC, Shaanxi huluwa rescued by grandfather and Gansu Evo, Five teams including ice, the local champion team of Yanan, have issued the adoption certificate of I have an apple tree in Yanan. These apple trees growing in the mountainous area of the old revolutionary base area will be named after the team name, which is an innovative honor awarding method combining with the regional characteristics of the competition.

Figure 4 Xian WD team raises the championship trophy of northwest region finals

Figure 5 Yanan ice team won the best King team award in Yanan

Fig. 6 issuing ceremony of adoption certificate of I have an apple tree in Yanan

The landing of the national championship of Kings glory is an important practice of Yanan e-sports industry development strategy. In the notice on measures to further stimulate social consumption potential issued by Yanan Municipal Peoples Government Office on December 16, 2019, it is clearly pointed out that E-sports will be developed as a key industry. The government work report 2020 of Yanan City points out that we should vigorously develop holiday economy, night economy and cultural creativity, digital entertainment, online training, e-sports, health care and other new formats. These policy plans and guidelines fully demonstrate Yanans determination to continuously develop the e-sports industry.

In addition to the fierce competition, the event also deeply integrated the cultural elements of Kings glory with the local characteristics of Yanan. Whether it is the enthusiastic interpretation of Northern Shaanxi folk songs at the opening ceremony, the new cultural and creative combination of intangible cultural heritage paper cutting and King glory IP elements, or the public welfare and agricultural activities of Yanan have an apple tree introduced to young users through the king glory platform are the new integration and new interpretation of Yanan culture and King glory culture. Through the new platform of King glory competition, young people feel different revolutionary Holy Land Yanan and Chinese culture, and realize the new inheritance of Yanan Spirit in the new era.

Under the background of huge epidemic prevention and control, the surrounding cities are paying attention to the development of new normal and cultural industries. At this time, Yanan municipal Party committee and government, Baota District Party committee and district government and relevant units showed their courage and responsibility, grasped the tide of the times, followed the social trend, and actively introduced influential E-sports events, which created favorable conditions for enriching the spiritual and cultural life of Yanan local people and developing the local e-sports industry. I believe that with this event as an introduction, in the near future, there will be more and more E-sports events landing in Yanan, and more IP culture can be integrated with Yanan culture.

The landing of this national championship of Kings glory is not the end of a single point event, but the flame of the future development of Yanan e-sports industry. I hope that in the near future, Yanan can join hands with more industrial partners to ignite the fierce fire of E-sports and light up the spirit of the brave in Yanan culture and spirit!

Source of this article: Cao Liqiao, responsible editor of Netease Sports_ NS1806