Through Ott cycle, how does quasi Unicorn Thunderbird technology reverse the trend?

 Through Ott cycle, how does quasi Unicorn Thunderbird technology reverse the trend?

Thunderbird technology is the platform responsible for the development and operation of intelligent TV terminal system under TCL electronics, which was established in 2017. To explain its work in a more well-known terminology, it can be summed up in the three letters Ott.

Ott comes from the acronym of basketball term over the top, which means over the top pass. Users can browse a large amount of TV program content with the help of Internet.

This new model has stimulated peoples enthusiasm for watching. According to a report released by gouzheng data, the number of smart TV activated users has increased from 23 million in 2013 to 219 million in 2019.

Li Hongwei found that this years epidemic has made the whole Ott industry gain more viewing time. According to Thunderbird technology cloud big data platform, TCL TV users spent an average of 7.9 hours watching during the Spring Festival. Although the whole Ott track is making great progress, compared with other similar platforms, the data of Thunderbird technology is still at the leading level in the industry.

People familiar with him know that this is not a word of self-respect. In the rapidly rising but changing Ott industry, every contestant must be as sharp as a cheetah, otherwise a little carelessness will strike out.

Dealing with the industrys drastic changes with data

To this day, Li still keeps a letter to CEO Li Hongwei. He admitted that this way is not only an efficient means to unify the enterprise concept, but also can urge him to constantly think about the cutting-edge problems in the industry.

To some extent, these letters have also contributed to the growth of Thunderbird. According to the performance announcement, Thunderbird technology not only has a significant growth in revenue, stock members, ARPU value and other indicators, but also has a very bright data of most of the sub indicators.

For example, its video payment share and membership card revenue increased by 76.6% year-on-year, and the value-added business income increased by 136.5%. These two businesses are important sources of revenue for Thunderbird technology. They maintain an ultra-high growth rate, which is of great significance to Thunderbird technology in its growing period.

Compared with the conventional revenue side data, the data from the user behavior side may better explain the future development prospects of Thunderbird technology. According to the report released by the third-party organization, before the Spring Festival in 2020, the average daily operating time of smart TV in China was 5.2 hours, which increased by 20% to 6.33 hours during the Spring Festival in 2020. However, the use time of TCL TV users operated by Thunderbird during the Spring Festival was 7.9 hours, which not only led the industry, but also exceeded the average mobile Internet 6.8 hours during the Spring Festival The duration of use.

In his latest letter to all staff, Li Hongwei attributed the companys faster than expected growth to a methodology consisting of lean entrepreneurship, user insight and data driven growth.

First, it is a new business in the industry or a mature business in the industry; second, whether the playing method is relatively clear; third, whether it is aimed at a wide range of people or specific groups. If you think about these three issues clearly, you can find an appropriate way to play. For example, when it comes to mature businesses in the industry that are oriented to a wide range of people, you can directly adopt the data-driven growth approach. Li Hongwei mentioned that Thunderbird team always thinks about these three issues before launching business.

In the process of promoting the business, Li Hongwei actually did the same. In his view, television is an interactive medium for the audience, and its better not to put too much emphasis on it. In the past, people holding remote control to jump back and forth between different TV channels may also be regarded as a kind of entertainment; but now, if the audience still makes such behavior, it means that smart TV is not intelligent enough in content recommendation, so people need to pay more efforts to make up for this defect. Obviously, this is not a good experience.

He uses byte skipping analogy, which is supported by big data algorithm distribution mode, not only improves the user experience, but also completely opens up the imagination space of commercialization. Thunderbird technology hopes the first mock exam will be replicated to the big screen, and to support this model, a strong team must be built.

At present, the team size of Thunderbird technology is about 350 people, including 150 to 160 technical teams. Li Hongwei told 36 krypton that Thunderbird technology is also stepping up to build its own talent team in Beijing, because the technical personnel here are more intensive, which is more attractive to talents than the need to spend a lot of time moving to Shenzhen.

Seeking certainty in uncertainty

If the data-driven growth method can be directly adopted for the relatively mature business in the industry and facing a wide range of people, then the three methodologies need to be linked together for the relatively innovative business in the industry and facing a specific range of people.

First of all, starting from user insight, the product acceptance, usage and willingness to pay of various users are investigated, and product design is carried out through the collected information. After the completion of the product, we need to carry out the verification of lean entrepreneurship, and constantly cycle trial and error iteration to find the posture of efficient running on the right road. Finally, the method of data-driven growth is superimposed to optimize the products continuously.

The reason why Li Hongwei has taken the trouble to explain in detail how to apply the methodology to business is that he knows that under the seemingly calm lake of the industry, there is actually a turbulent undercurrent.

At the wise new economy King conference held last year in 36krypton, Li Hongwei proposed the concept of Scene Internet. This concept is relative to the general Internet rooted by big companies such as bat, which refers to the Internet serving certain specific scenarios. For TV and smart screen, the positioning of scene Internet means that it needs to develop different solutions for different user needs. There may be a huge difference between these solutions - for example, long video and ksong scenes need intelligent screen to support the sound and painting experience, while fitness and game scenes need to be provided with a more smooth and rich interaction mode.

The whole industry is inevitably exposed to a certain degree of certainty. How to deal with this high degree of uncertainty? Nature needs to find a method with certainty, and Thunderbirds three methodologies bear such responsibility.

From the latest business development, it is not difficult to find that innovative business is becoming the key pillar to support the rapid development of Thunderbird technology in the future. Taking cloud games as an example, Thunderbird technology has combined five cloud game platforms, including Tianyi cloud game, Netease cloud game, Migu express tour, cloud squid game hall and grid cloud game, and launched more than 800 popular cloud games on TCL TV, becoming the Ott terminal platform with the most abundant cloud game resources.

With the gradual popularization of 5g technology, cloud games will win the favor of users because of their installation free, cross terminal and low delay characteristics. Li Hongwei believes that the iteration of the underlying communication technology will ultimately have a profound and irreversible impact on the surface application form.

In addition to cloud games, scenes such as fitness and education also have a closer relationship with Ott industry under the catalysis of the epidemic in the first half of the year. Tiktok technology, for example, is working with the short video head platform such as fast hand and jitter, to explore how to connect short videos with the big screen. A spin Kwai screen developed by TCL Electronics Center, TCL Industrial Research Institute and Thunderbird technology has realized the wonderful experience of allowing users to use large screen to brush short videos at home. According to publicly disclosed data, the growth rate of Thunderbirds technological innovation business has also exceeded 100%.

When asked what kind of talent he would like to recruit, Li Hongwei blurted out that the response was adult. Then he further explained the definition of adult -- correct values, ability to cope with job challenges, delay gratification and continuous learning. In fact, the industry environment of continuous evolution has been uncertain. It seems that only a group of adults can better find certainty in it, and finally become an important guarantee for the overall business endurance. Wait patiently for value to be realized

As far as possible, he sticks to the long-term doctrine at the strategic level, rather than sticking to the local war at the tactical level. This view of the problem is more due to the fact that his working process has gone through multiple cycles of Ott industry development.

Li Hongwei mentioned that the OTT industry has already gone through the painful stage of the bubble burst: before and after 2014, the capital had high expectations for this track, and the number and scale of investment and financing were not small. But Ott track has experienced a long cultivation period, and the singularity of the industry development comes later than expected.

But now, through the cycle, he vaguely feels the advent of a new round of market opportunities. It used to be TV, but now its upgraded to smart screen. Although Li Hongwei still defines the current industry development as the stage of smart screen 1.0, more and more signs show that it will usher in a bright future.

If we look further, we will be more optimistic about the development prospects of the whole industry. In Li Hongweis view, Pan smart screen will inevitably appear in the future. Smart screen is not necessarily attached to the single media of TV. With the support of Internet of things and other technologies, media such as mirrors and refrigerators can also become active fields of smart screens. In fact, at present, Thunderbird technology is also actively layout for the era of Pan smart screen, further opening the imagination space of the industry. Through the peak and trough of the industry, this special experience makes Li Hongwei not slow in judging the trend, neither too optimistic nor too suspicious. With the determination of users payment habits, the attack of innovative business and the gradual landing of long-term vision, Ott, as a simple abbreviation, has become more and more rich in connotation and extension, which gives him calm confidence. Time is the friend of wonderful business, but it is the enemy of mediocre cause. As a benchmark figure of global value investment, the old-fashioned Warren Buffett once hit the mark. In fact, it is not the case for the Ott track where Li Hongwei and his team are located. They are also friends of time, quietly waiting for the opportunity to repair and realize the value. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485

Through the peak and trough of the industry, this special experience makes Li Hongwei not slow in judging the trend, neither too optimistic nor too suspicious. With the determination of users payment habits, the attack of innovative business and the gradual landing of long-term vision, Ott, as a simple abbreviation, has become more and more rich in connotation and extension, which gives him calm confidence.