Fans: Wade scored 9 points

 Fans: Wade scored 9 points

People look at the tattoo and say, Hey, brother, you know, when I see a girl, I do that look, said one fan.

Wade scored a nine. Another fan joked.

Wade scored 9 points, the stem from the all star weekend dunk competition, and Wade is suspected of deliberately playing low points to protect his old host hot players to win the championship. Its also quite funny to use here.

Herro made this expression in G3 of the finals. At that time, the heat finally won the victory through tenacious struggle. In the final stage of locking the victory, Herro made such an expression after winning the attack, which was proud to show off. Soon, this expression spread on the network and became an obstacle.

Although Herro is only a role player in the NBA, the success of the heat this season undoubtedly brings him to more people. Some people regard him as tattoo material, which may be the best proof of his rising fame.