As the debate approaches, the team advises Trump: dont cut in and please

 As the debate approaches, the team advises Trump: dont cut in and please

Trump cut in wildly in the first debate

Although the two presidential candidates interrupted each other in the debate, Trumps interposition was more serious and was generally considered as the main person in charge of the worst debate in the history of the US presidential campaign. How he will behave in the final debate has always been the focus of attention of the outside world.

According to a report on October 18 of the American short news media platform Axios, on the final presidential debate, trump team is giving him some suggestions: dont interrupt Joe Biden, try to make yourself more likable. Trump will tell more jokes and try to speak in a softer tone in the final presidential debate, the report said.

Screenshot of Axios

In addition, White House adviser Jason Miller said in an interview with Fox News Sunday on Sunday that trump would give Biden more space to defend himself in the final presidential debate on October 22.

I think the president will want to hear Joe Bidens answers on some of these questions, and we will certainly give Biden the time he wants, Miller added.

In the first U.S. presidential debate last month, trump repeatedly interrupted Biden and host Wallace for criticism. Trump has interrupted Biden or Wallace more than 70 times in nearly 95 minutes of debate, according to CBS and the Washington Post. Byden, by contrast, only interrupted 22 times.

Screenshot of Washington Post

Another poll conducted by politico / morningconsult after the debate found that 86% of voters thought the two candidates interrupted the debate, but 71% thought trump interrupted the debate more often than Biden.

In response, the Washington Post criticized trump in a report: this debate cant be watched, because trump usually loses coherence and substantive content through a series of interference.

Embarrassed the nation, Biden said of Trumps performance in the first debate. In addition, Biden also made it clear in an interview that he hoped that the debate committee would change the rules before the last debate, I just hope that the debate committee can find a way so that we can answer questions without interference..

However, with the announcement of the final debate on October 17, the statement any change of rules was not found in the statement issued by the US presidential debate Committee. Although earlier, the agency said on the first day after the first debate that it would study rule changes to ensure a more orderly discussion..

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The U.S. senator said bad things about the president for nearly 10 minutes, and trump was angry after the audio was leaked

Betraying allies, ignoring the new crown epidemic, agreeing with white supremacy U.S. Republican Senator Ben sass spewed trump for nearly 10 minutes in a leaked audio. Trump, who is busy running for office, seems to be infuriated when he learns that he has been scolded in secret by people he once trusted. It is worth mentioning that last year, trump praised sass for his excellent work.

On October 17, trump sent two push backs to Texas. Of our 53 Republican senators, the least effective is little Ben Sasse of Nebraska, who doesnt have the quality to be great, he said

Trump went on to say, before Ben suss won the Republican nomination and started running for reelection, he did a good job as a Rino. But then he went back to his rather stupid and obnoxious way Ben is a drag on the Republican Party and a shame for the great Nebraska. Besides, hes a great man!

About two hours later, trump seemed to be getting more and more angry. He repeatedly criticized him and compared him with the former Waterloo senators.

Former senator Liddell Bob corks approval rating in Tennessee fell from 55 percent to 4 percent, and Jeff frecks approval rating in Arizona fell from 56 percent to almost no support, trump said. The two senators were unable to win the primary election, so they decided to quit politics and retire gracefully. Maybe Ben suss is the next one. Maybe the Republican Party should find a new and more suitable candidate?

According to the Capitol Hill reported on the 17th, sass has won the Republican nomination for the Senate. He defeated his main rival earlier this year and will run for reelection in his second term this year. This is due to trumps credit. The report points out that sass won easily with Trumps support.

In November last year, trump tweeted his support for him and praised him for his excellent work.

Trump tweet: Ben sass got his complete identity

However, on October 15, the Washington observer exclusively obtained an audio clip from a recent telephone conference call with voters. In the audio, he spent nearly 10 minutes criticizing trump.

The United States now often betrays its allies under his leadership, sass said in a series. The way he treats women, and he spends like a drunken sailor. I can also criticize president trump by criticizing the way President Obama spends money. He closed the door and laughed at the evangelicals.

For the United States this years new epidemic crisis, sass is also dissatisfied with trump. First of all, he ignored the new outbreak. Then he chose a completely closed economy. He said a 10 to 14 day shutdown could solve the problem. But it has always been wrong. I mean, I dont think his leaderships response to the new outbreak is unreasonable, irresponsible and incorrect.

What worries him most is that trump may let the U.S. Senate fall into the hands of Democrats, causing permanent damage to the Republican Party.

Video capture of Ben sass

In addition, according to CNN, his office revealed that he made these remarks to about 17000 Nebraska people in a conference call. CNN commented that the ambitious republican thought trump would lose the election.

In fact, the conflict between sass and trump broke out once in August this year. Capitol Hill pointed out that from time to time, Sasser publicly criticized President trump, including in August this year, he criticized trump for implementing inappropriate executive orders.

At that time, trump angrily tweeted, the nominal Republican Ben sass, used to need my approval and support to win the nomination of the great Nebraska Republican senator. Now that he has been nominated (thanks to President trump), he has become a rogue again. This stupid approach is in the hands of the radical left-wing Democratic Party!

However, the report pointed out that, given Nebraskas crimson tone, it is not expected that sasss vote this year will not be punished for his remarks.