Billionaire scandal exposed: imprisoned wife for 8 years, gave birth to six children, why is it still sought after?

 Billionaire scandal exposed: imprisoned wife for 8 years, gave birth to six children, why is it still sought after?

In 2002, Musks company was acquired, making a net profit of $180 million. He then used the money to build rockets and create the company SpaceX. Just for one ridiculous reason - wanting to die on Mars.

Musk believes that Rockets are expensive and slow to develop because airlines have no competitors. At that time, airlines were all state monopolies, and no one had the ability to start in this field. As he said at the beginning, everyone thought his money was going to be burned. Even those space heroes openly opposed him and prevented the government from supporting him - the private space program was impossible to achieve. Musk was very sad about the negation of the heroes.

But it didnt affect his success in the end. In 2012, the SpaceX capsule successfully returned to earth after docking with the international space station. Musk ushered in the era of private space.. Since then, there are four countries that have mastered the technology of spacecraft recycling: China, Russia, the United States and Elon Musk. No one can stop him, no one knows where he will go. However, it is such a man with steel will that has been defeated by women many times. He compared every breakup to hell.. In the face of a reporters interview, he can suddenly feel sad and speechless. Suffering from love seeking, often hurt. As far as he is concerned, he is as successful in his career as he is in love.

Its very important to develop the character of musk. My father is an intelligent engineer. In his early years, he invested in a gem mine in South Africa and became a rich merchant. So the musks grew up in South Africa. And mother Mayer is a very brave and avant-garde independent woman. He has been a nutritionist, model and scholar. At the age of 63, he has been naked on the cover of a magazine.

His father made him lay a solid foundation in science and engineering, while his mother gave him a free soul. In 1988, musk lobbied his divorced mother to return to Canada for development. Meyer is Canadian.

But its not that musk sympathizes with his mother, but because Canada is close to the United States. The United States is the forefront of Internet technology. As a programming genius, musk is hard to resist the temptation of the Internet. Mayer also gives a lot of support in this regard. Even if you dont have money to eat meat, you have to buy musk a computer. Fearing that musk would be hurt, she said, Im ready to go out and fight. Musk did not become submissive and timid because of his mothers protection. On the contrary, she gets self-confidence, resolute temperament and strong character. In 1995, musk entered Stanford University. Two days later, he dropped out of school and started working on Internet Yellow Pages, similar to Taobao.

At that time, the Internet was just beginning to develop, and no one believed that the Internet would affect the real economy. In 1999, the company was acquired and musk made $22 million. A month later, musk invested his earnings in Internet banking, similar to Alipay.

At that time, everyone thought it was a unreliable company. Three years later, the company was acquired. Musk took the money and Soha and then SpaceX.. Musks willingness to take risks has reached the point of madness, says partner he Aidi

In order to succeed, he can risk everything, like a madman. Mask first found Internet business opportunities, in a white eye to start an Internet business. Later, when everyone came to work on the Internet, he got tired of it and wanted to go to heaven. At first, when musk came up with this crazy idea, his friends stopped him. They showed him the video of the rockets failure to launch, so that he could stop thinking. Musk insisted on going to Russia to buy rockets.

There, musk was ridiculed by the Russians. Just when a friend thought he was going to give up, he said, Ive learned the general framework. If you hire some engineers, you can almost make it yourself. Before carrying people, the mice should be sent to the sky. I heard that musk was raising mice, and a friend brought him a big piece of cheese. To ridicule. In 2010, the cheese was launched into space by a falcon rocket.

Yes, he always remembers it. Musk has done a lot of this kind of slapping on the face of opponents. To solve the energy problem, musk began to develop electric vehicles. In 2012, Tesla released models that astonished the world and became the founder of the electric vehicle era. Then came the cheaper model 3, and orders poured in.

But the problem is that Teslas production is far from meeting these orders. If the car doesnt go into mass production, it will undoubtedly push Tesla to the edge of the cliff. As president, musk is on the cusp of the storm.

Wall Streets short sellers stare at him with weird smiles. Short is a gamble, and short seller in short is the one who takes money to beat musk. The game between the two sides entered the day

It was not until 2018 that Teslas super factory in Shanghai was completed and shipped that war ended. Short sellers lost $18 billion this year. Musk, on the other hand, fought back by selling short underwear.

Musk was a billionaire at 31. Last month, his value soared by $11.7 billion a day. Then he became the third richest person in the world with 115.4 billion. Rich people like beautiful women who can be controlled. Musk also likes beautiful women, but has to have personality and talent. In love, he is still arrogant, tame the horse, especially superior. A strong overlord, in an attempt to conquer another cutting edge of the queen. Because of his character, he is doomed to be hurt.

Musks first wife was Justin. She is a science fiction writer, taekwondo black belt, the two met on campus.

At first, musk started to approach Justin. He said to Justin, you are beautiful. We met at the party last time. The routine is old-fashioned, but its also a familiar one. Once, Justin pointed to the bookshelf in the bookstore and said, one day, my books will also appear on the bookshelf. Its been said by Justin and other friends. The feedback is no exception to ridicule. Musk said to her, there is a fire in your soul. I see myself in you. This is not a routine, but a sudden recognition of two souls.

At that moment, musk was smiling at the girl. Justin also believes that the boy in front of her knows her pursuit and love, and can conquer the future together. Its a pity that these beautiful things were destroyed on the wedding day. Faced with the coming ban, musk showed his ambition carelessly. As he danced, he whispered in Justins ear, Im going to be the master of this relationship. In the future, Musks desire to control makes Justin difficult. Because of an accident, my son died. Next, in order to dominate the genes of his offspring, musk chose to be a test tube baby.. The second is twins, and the third is triplets, both sons.

He liked blondes and forced Justin to dye his hair blonde. Musk not only does not care about her family, but also makes trouble for Justin and dominates her life. Once upon a time, Justin was in high spirits, looking out at the stars.

Now it has become a fertility machine and an accessory of marriage. In a dispute, Justin broke out: Im your wife, not your employee! And musk is not willing to be outdone, if you are my employee, I will directly dismiss you! The outcome can be imagined, divorce is a predictable result. As for the five children? Musk certainly wont let go. The marriage lasted eight years and was the longest relationship musk had ever had. Many years later, Justin said, Im just Musks appetizer. Musks second wife, Riley, is a famous actor and guest star in many films.

This is nothing. The point is that she is also a researcher - a member of the large hadron collider experiment. In Riley, musk saw the rationality and restraint of scholars, and the sex appeal and romance of actors.

It is said that musk made some comments on the rocket and then took her down. This marriage lasted for a short time, and experienced the bloody plot of marriage, divorce, remarriage and divorce. Musk is a kind of love. I have to be happy in love. Im afraid to sleep alone in bed, he said Soon, he hooked up with Depps ex-wife, amebo. Imeber stands in Hollywood with sex appeal and goes around among men, making Depp a mess with high risk.

Love is not a necessity of Musks life. Being loved is. Musk always reminds himself never to be alone when his parents divorce. Falling in love makes him happy and feels loved. This is the reason why he is fragile and eager for love. Although he hurt each other a lot of times, but every time he was lovelorn, he was heartbroken. It also creates a wonderful scene: the man who has changed the world many times is in despair because of lovelorn.

This is a substantial improvement over the last two relationships. In August, Grimes gave birth to Musks sixth son (strictly the seventh). For Grimes, its not good or bad.

Musk needs to be in love all the time. The paradox is that he cant love as much as he wants. Justin once described musk as:

Musk has the ultimate personality, so his career also reaped great achievements. For him, changing the world is far ahead of love. Musk and Justin first went on their honeymoon when they just flew to Australia. On a phone call, he immediately bought a return ticket. Musk indulges in the pleasure of conquering prey, enjoying the sweetness wrapped in love, but does not want to fulfill the obligation of marriage. He was a tyrannical president before marriage, and only tyrannical was left after marriage. And tirelessly tell each lover a truth - marriage is the grave of love..

Im selling almost all of my tangible property and will no longer own property! Grimes was anxious and cried to the reporter: I can not spend Musks money, but the babys food, clothing and future reading will cost money. Besides, musk seldom goes home. Musk spends at least 100 hours a week at work. But very tangled: I squeeze out 10 hours a week to accompany my wife, enough? Ten hours a week, one and a half hours a day. This is the experience of falling in love with a workaholic. But musk is destined to be remembered by the times. Many of the things he did were epoch-making - whether it was building electric cars or rockets, or launching sports cars into the sky with rockets.

On the sports car was David Bowies space geeks, which said, made by earthlings.. Many people believe that this sports car is bound to reach Mars. So, for musk, love is not worth it, the universe is sexy, so continue to change the world and send a date invitation to Mars: Hello, this is musk. Do you have time tonight?