Ant group A + H listed countdown, or in early November

 Ant group A + H listed countdown, or in early November

On October 20, some media reported that the IPO of ant group in Hong Kong was approved by the Hong Kong stock exchange.

On the same day, the CSRC also issued an official reply notice on the examination and approval of overseas initial public offering shares (including common shares, preferred shares and other stocks and stock derivative forms) of ant Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Since ant group announced on July 20 that it would launch the plan of simultaneous issuance and listing of a + H shares, the IPO progress of ant groups science and technology innovation board was significantly faster than that of Hong Kong stock market. As early as September 18, ant groups scientific innovation board IPO was held and submitted for registration on September 22.

However, nearly one month after filing for registration, ant groups IPO on the science and technology innovation board has not made any new progress. Therefore, some market participants have analyzed that the delay should be to coordinate the listing time between the two places.

According to an analysis, referring to the case of Alibaba (09988), after the IPO hearing was passed on November 12, 2019 (Tuesday), the company began to offer shares on November 15 (Friday). After the end of the offering, it was convenient to list on November 26. However, Alibaba subscribes in an all electronic way, and the price is only four trading days (T + 4) from the time of listing, which is one day faster than that of ordinary new shares. The analysis indicates that ant group hopes that a + H will be listed simultaneously, and the process is expected to take t + 6, and the listing can be carried out as soon as late in the first week of November.

Some investment banks predict that ant group will be listed on November 6 or 9, and cross US stock election will be held before the double 11.

(author: Zhang Sainan, editor: Zhu Yimin)