Shanghai celebrity event! Exposure of industrial chain: 100 photos can be bought at 6 yuan

 Shanghai celebrity event! Exposure of industrial chain: 100 photos can be bought at 6 yuan

The person who initiated the order making even made such a prompt:

Lets have a sister of high quality. Lets line up and shoot. Dont get dirty.

And behind this seemingly bright and beautiful, there is a series of assembly line fufu industrial chain.

The display pages of the circle of friends sold on the Internet platform range from 3 sets of pictures and copywriting of dazzle rich, to 98 yuan of software for modifying the positioning of friends circle and taking you around the world, and then to 1800 yuan / person image reconstruction appointment page. As long as you want to pretend rich, you can always find a way to meet your psychological price.

Intimate sellers take into account the clothing, food, housing and transportation of celebrity rich less, these packaged pictures basically meet the pretend to be rich demand of daily exquisite life.

Take apart the limited watches in the villa and sun the steering wheel of the top luxury cars on the road. These are just basic models. The exquisite life also highlights the opening of a vintage wine in the winery cellar, taking the first-class cabin, taking the luxury cruise, and watching art exhibitions and concerts.

There are even some people who make up their names for single celebrities. Their scientific and keeping pace with the times concept of sharing consumption has not brought too much economic burden to themselves while pursuing glory and wealth.

However, after the event, there were some famous women who were engaged in single shopping: spending their own money, not stealing or robbing. Whats wrong with a hotel bag?

Therefore, whether it is true, or the authors self-directed marketing hype, all the authenticity remains to be investigated.

But this does not hinder the network Carnival of anxiety and relief. After all, in this society, will this phenomenon be less?

Before that, pan Weibais wife was involved in the Tianwang sister-in-law training camp incident, and was picked out by netizens to share photos with good sisters.

Later, more photos of celebrities on the Internet were exposed. It can be seen that this is a group of organized and disciplined people who fly to the branches to become Phoenix. Ordinary girls can be trained to become celebrities, catch golden turtles and enter the upper class.

Not only is the entertainment circle so tiktok, but do you have many people in the little red book and friends circle?

But when people set up on a false basis for a long time and try to get into the celebrities, they may fall into the temptation of vanity fair and be hard to escape.

When everyone is obsessed with money, fame and wealth, who else will like the real you?

Behind the event, not only the image label of womens vanity is reflected, but also the social factors of multiple cuts and confusion.

After a grand network carnival, what we are left to reflect on is not only desire and vanity.

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