The most tormenting thing about marriage is not cheating, but housework

 The most tormenting thing about marriage is not cheating, but housework

How unreasonable is the quarrel between husband and wife

Nearly 80 percent of couples have had a quarrel experience, according to a survey of 1255 samples in Fujian Province, with the highest percentage of quarrels once a few months, accounting for 48.1 percent. In contrast, couples who never quarrel account for only 20.1% [1].

If you search Zhihu for the causes of a couples quarrel, the results are varied.

Sometimes, throwing garbage into the garbage can without putting on the garbage bag can lead to a fierce battle.

When you throw rubbish, should you set up a garbage bag or not? It may also be the cause of the quarrel between the two people

Some people answered that her husband would close the knife without washing it after using it, which she couldnt stand most.

These trivial housework is an important reason to ignite the war between husband and wife. According to a study by Beijing Normal University, housework ranked first among the top three conflict areas reported by couples [2].

A Japanese housewife took photos of her husbands confused behaviors and uploaded them to instagram. She gained 775000 fans.

The kitchen cabinet, open, forget to close.

The kitchen is definitely a place where couples quarrel

Glasses used up to throw to the floor, this is to be trampled on purpose?

Ill take care of the mess you left behind. The increase in household chores caused by the details of life is really unpleasant.

More often, arguments may be caused by the distribution of housework.

Dual worker family is a typical family structure in Chinese towns - husband and wife both work outside and support a family together. But it also means that housework needs to be shared by two people.

But joint commitment is not equal to equal commitment. There is no significant change in the family concept of women in charge of the interior and men in charge of the outside world. Even in the case of two people working together to support the family, the wifes housework intensity is still greater than that of her husband.

Although many girls in China also work to support their families, their housework intensity is still greater than that of men

According to the data of the third China Womens status survey in 2010, women spend 61.9 minutes more daily housework than men. Although it has been greatly reduced compared with 2000, women still do most of the housework [3].

In this way, there will be differences in the distribution of housework: the husband thinks that most of the housework should be done by the wife; the wife thinks that the husband should also take the initiative to share some housework.

Its like cooking at the weekend, cooking together and washing dishes together.

Cooking together is a great joy, but the consequence of washing dishes together is that no one does the dishes. After dinner, both of them took out their mobile phones and spread them on the sofa. They didnt want to move at all.

After a few days, a large amount of kitchen waste did not fall out, and the smell of the air; the dishes piled on the table also became moldy. This scene also indicates that a quarrel will be inevitable.

Its OK to cook together, but dont do the dishes

Youll be particularly sorry that you didnt spend more than 10000 yuan on a dishwasher.

Trivial housework can also break feelings

It is said that husband and wife quarrel, quarrel at the head of the bed and at the end of the bed. Whats more, trivial matters?

But the fact is that the consequences of quarrels caused by trivial domestic affairs can be very serious.

Scholars have conducted a survey on 1057 couples in Sweden and found that women who take on too much housework not only have lower satisfaction with intimate relationships, but also are more likely to consider ending relationships [4].

If there is no reasonable arrangement of housework, the room will become like this. Living in a place like this, why dont you want a divorce

Some studies believe that the decline in marital satisfaction or the occurrence of divorce means that the couple failed to solve the crisis successfully; couples who have experienced more stress events are more likely to have negative marriage outcomes [2].

In other words, the reason why two people divorce is because the number or difficulty of the pressure events they face exceeds their ability, that is, they have not crossed the hurdle in life.

There are many kinds of stress events, including economic conditions and childrens education, but housework is obviously one of the most fatal stress events.

American scholars studied 3846 married people. They found that for both husbands and wives, the increase in the length of housework significantly increased their depressive symptoms [5].

Cleaning the floor like this after work makes everyone depressed

u00b7Naughty you may have heard your mothers complaint when you were a child: I did evil in my last life to give birth to you. Its not that she doesnt love you anymore. Its sweeping the floor, cooking and taking care of children. Its really devastating.

Housework not only increases personal pressure, but also blocks the gap of releasing pressure leisure time.

According to the national time use survey Bulletin of the National Bureau of statistics, the average daily unpaid working time of Chinese residents in 2018 was 2 hours and 42 minutes. Housework is a kind of unpaid work.

Its just an average. If men are divided by sex, the unpaid time for men is 1 hour and 32 minutes, while for women, it can be as high as 3 hours and 48 minutes.

Like work, housework is labor, but not paid

Working 8 hours a day, sleeping 8 hours, plus commuting time, personal disposable time is less than 8 hours a day. If you subtract nearly three hours of unpaid work time, there is really little spare time left.

Leisure time itself is an important way to relieve daily pressure.

Studies have shown that people with more leisure time are less likely to have negative emotions after experiencing daily stressful events (such as work task deadlines, etc.).

But one day of energy has been exhausted in the company, who would like to bend down to sweep the floor? If I listened to my husband, I would like to buy a better robot.

Smart home, the artifact to save the relationship between husband and wife

In fact, the best way to reduce housework and improve the relationship between husband and wife is to give the housework to others. The things that money can solve are not things.

A survey of 6271 people from the United States, Canada, Denmark and the Netherlands by Harvard Business School shows that people who are willing to spend money on time-saving services such as housekeeping will have higher life happiness [8].

Give a part of the housework to the home service. Its not good to save time to go to the movies together

The researchers believe that the reason why housekeeping service can improve life happiness may be related to the relief of peoples stress caused by lack of leisure time. Time pressure itself will not only reduce peoples happiness, but also lead to obesity and sleep problems, and increase anxiety.

In addition to housekeeping services, machines can also help you do housework, saving a lot of time.

The researchers compared the housework time of American rural women from 1920s to the early 21st century, and found that the time they spent on housework was much less than 80 years ago [9].

And the downward trend of their housework time coincides with the promotion of home automation technology.

For example, the decline in cleaning time coincides with the promotion of vacuum cleaners, easier to clean heating equipment, and easier to take care of furniture materials.

The reduction curve of cooking time can reflect the promotion process of more efficient gas stove and refrigerator.

The decrease of washing time is also related to the household use of washing machines and quick drying materials.

Machines do save a lot of housework time. Some scholars have conducted a survey on the dishwashing behavior of British consumers and found that it takes an average of 60 minutes to wash a set of tableware by hand; however, if the dishwasher is used, it only takes 9 minutes to put and remove dishes [10].

Dishwasher is time-saving and easy to use. It is really a great invention to liberate mankind

Today, smart home, like vacuum cleaners and washing machines decades ago, is saving time for household chores.

Usually busy at work, no time to sweep the floor? The robot can do it for you. Although its technology has some limitations, such as difficult to clean the corner, but at least in a large area of open space, it can save you a lot of cleaning time.

Every day I go home, the floor is like a new one, and you can enjoy the time of walking barefoot on the ground at any time. Not only did the quarrel environment disappear, but happiness also increased.

Sweeping robots can help you clean most of your home while youre at work

Moreover, what smart home can achieve is not only to replace people to do housework, but also to do housework better.

For example, intelligent rice cookers, after adding remote control function, add rice and water in the morning, and you can eat hot rice when you come home from work.

With a camera installed at home, the excrement removal officer can see clearly what the cat owner is doing in the company. If combined with the use of intelligent feeders, not at home can rest assured that the cat owners in the house to play.

With smart home, you can also realize cloud cat when you go to work

And this is just part of the smart home. More importantly, it can connect all kinds of home appliances together and work together according to different home scenes.

Smart home can be called smart because it can take care of your life like an invisible housekeeper according to your needs.

When you go home to unlock with fingerprint, the lock will link the smart home into home mode, turn on the lights, and turn on the fresh air or air conditioner.

When you wake up at night, the sensor will automatically turn on the night light when you get out of bed. You dont have to look for switches in the dark any more.

Whole house intelligence, in fact, is what country garden wants to achieve in cloud products.

Netease News, professional design institutions and authoritative organizations, together with Biguiyuan group and Guangdong Boyi Architectural Design Institute, jointly launched living in China - model room design competition, trying to find a perfect proposal for intelligent life and science and technology housing enthusiasts.

The cloud products of country garden take Yunxiang home, Yunxiang community, Yunxiang service and Yunxiang construction as the core highlights, integrate the resources such as Anxin jiayunlian and Bixian, link the smart ecological chain, focus on the creation of Smart Life Services (home, community, service, construction), and provide users with intelligent solutions with full axis, full space and full experience through the whole house interconnection and customization.

Through the five in one of shape, smell, sound, touch and taste, country garden will create a 360 u00b0 full sense intelligent space scheme to bring users the ultimate intelligent experience.

Country garden cloud landing project in Tianjin

The intelligent large screen extension, which is highly integrated in the house, can realize the functions of cloud intercom, indoor elevator call and intelligent gateway.

By controlling the intelligent panel, the owner will be able to adjust air conditioning, fresh air and light, and also realize voice, scene or panoramic control.

In addition, cloud products will also be equipped with intelligent water purification and intelligent fresh air system, which will link the community meteorological information with the whole house water purification system to protect the health of the whole family.

Not only smart home, country garden is also committed to building a smart community, so that the entire community to achieve intelligent.

For example, intelligent equipment such as environmental monitor, mosquito lamp, outdoor Wi Fi, plant classroom and other intelligent equipment are configured in the community to monitor the environmental quality of the community in real time.

Whether it is at home or in the community, the intelligent solutions provided by country garden will make you less worried about the trivial matters of life and more valuable company.


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