Storm eye of tuberculosis in Jiangsu Normal University

 Storm eye of tuberculosis in Jiangsu Normal University

According to her, several of her roommates were admitted to the hospital because of tuberculosis, leaving empty desks and beds.

In addition, according to a report from Jiangsu Normal University on October 14, 22 students in the Institute of science and technology suffered from tuberculosis, and 43 students were still isolated for medical observation.

According to the statistics of class cadres of software class 1 in 2018, the total number of Freshmen in this class was 79, and at present, only more than 30 people remain in the school to continue their classes.

From the early cases of tuberculosis, to the recent large-scale students have been diagnosed or chest CT shadow, which lasted for more than a year. Facing the external problems such as whether the school has the ability to prevent and control the epidemic situation due to the concealment of the report, feichun of Jiangsu Normal University of science and technology also expresses the helplessness of the school. He said that although the school has a clear knowledge of the number of tuberculosis cases and the patient status, the school has no right to issue a circular according to the current school regulations.

Lu Wei, deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention, also told Xinhua that how to report the epidemic situation was an old problem, and whether, when and under what circumstances could grass-roots and epidemic units make public, sometimes there is no basis.

Some students with abnormal CT began to take anti tuberculosis drugs during the observation period in the hospital. The pictures were provided by the students interviewed

Doubts about patient zero

According to the official information disclosed by Jiangsu Model University, the outbreak of tuberculosis was in the pananhu campus of the Independent College of Jiangsu University of science and technology. The infection of tuberculosis among students began on August 21, 2019.

In addition, on October 15, Jiangsu Normal University disclosed to the voice of China about the suspected No. 0 patient. According to the voice of China, on August 21, 2019, a student of the Institute of science and technology was diagnosed with tuberculosis in Huaian. On September 3, Jiangsu Normal University received a telephone call from the center for Disease Control and prevention in Jiawang District of Xuzhou City, informing the student that he had been diagnosed with tuberculosis. The school promptly informed his parents to handle the suspension procedures for the student and take him home for treatment, and explained the treatment related to tuberculosis.

The so-called No. 0 patient is the first patient to get an infectious disease and start to spread the virus. In epidemiological investigation, it can also be called initial case or marked case. Finding No. 0 patient is helpful to confirm the important information such as the source and transmission route of infectious diseases more quickly and accurately, so as to quickly take effective prevention and control measures, so as to achieve the purpose of curbing the development of the epidemic situation.

During the military training in September 2018, a female student in our class was weak and coughing. The school arranged for her to participate in half training. Jiang Yi of class 1 of 2018 software recalls that the female student followed the military training team, but did not participate in the training.

According to Huang Ying, who is undergoing isolation treatment, the above half training student is the first case of tuberculosis in class 1 of software class 2018. At that time, several students talked to this female student, and these students are either positive in PPD skin test or abnormal in CT image. In retrospect, they may have been infected by the first confirmed student. Huangying speculates.

Unexpectedly, a few weeks later, another boy diagnosed with tuberculosis, also suspended school back home for treatment.

A number of students from 2018 software class 1 said that since autumn and winter of 2018, when someone diagnosed with tuberculosis, the school of science and technology will organize students to do PPD and chest X-ray examination, but the school did not inform each student of the final test results.

They said that after the school was infected with tuberculosis, the school did not inform the whole school of tuberculosis, nor did it remind people to wear masks or take disinfection measures.

The above main plot has been confirmed in relevant reports of Xinhua news agency.

Wu Yunxia, deputy director of the center for Disease Control and prevention in Jiawang District, where Jiangsu Normal University is located, told Xinhua that during the summer vacation of 2019, he, a student of the Institute of science and technology, was diagnosed with tuberculosis in his hometown Huaian first peoples hospital. The District CDC informed the school after the news, and organized the first round of screening for 91 close contacts in two classes of hes software college, but no new cases were screened out.

About 10 people in a class are infected with tuberculosis

Pananhu campus of science and technology college is located in the northeast of Xuzhou City. After its opening in 2019, students of grade 2018 and grade 2019 will move to the campus, while students of grade 2017 will still stay in Quanshan campus.

In the autumn of 2019, we moved to Panan Lake campus to start our sophomore study and life. However, in a new environment, the shadow of tuberculosis has always followed us. Huang Ying, from class 1 of 2018 software, said that shortly after the start of school in 2019, she suddenly heard that her roommate had a fever and cough and was diagnosed with tuberculosis in the hospital one night after she asked for leave to go back to her hometown. Later, our class and a classmate has been coughing, he went to the hospital to check is also tuberculosis, and then suspended school in hospital. Said Huang Ying.

Huang Ying told surging journalists that in the first half of 2020, they did not go back to school because of the new epidemic, so they took online classes at home. During this period, some students discussed on wechat group, and the number of students in class 1 of 2018 software increased by about 5, almost all of which were pulmonary problems, some were pulmonary tuberculosis, some were pneumonia or pulmonary hydrops, and some were pleurisy.

More than one student in class 1 of software class 2018 was positive in PPD skin test.

A student who claimed to be a 2018 software class 1 posted on the QQ confession wall that he was infected with tuberculosis in November 2019. Since then, 10 people have left school to go home because of tuberculosis. Among them, 2 people were diagnosed during the National Day holiday this year.

Ive been in good health from childhood to adulthood, and I seldom take injections and medicines. After college, the school organizes PPD skin test and chest X-ray examination every year. Deng Yang of class 1 of 2018 software said that to her disbelief, she had done a total of five skin tests, and the tumor was bigger and bigger each time. In September this year, the diameter reached 15mm, which was a strong positive. Im not at ease. I went to the hospital and found that I was hit.

Many students, including Deng Yang, said that the accuracy of the screening organized by the school (only including PPD skin test and chest X-ray examination) was not high. Many students who were suspended from school due to pulmonary tuberculosis had normal chest X-ray, but they had problems doing CT examination by themselves. Some of the students with positive skin test or strong positive still went to class as usual. The school did not organize them to continue to do CT, blood test and other screening.

Students with positive skin tests said they were required to sign a informed consent form for preventive medication and then start taking anti tuberculosis drugs.

Most of the students with abnormal CT have taken anti tuberculosis drugs

The reasons for the rapid spread of tuberculosis in the school were attributed to the schools insufficient attention and ineffective prevention and control measures. They believe that improper screening methods and incomplete screening of infected students lead to cross infection of patients.

Zhou Ruguang, President of Jiangsu Normal University, said that in this incident, the school of science and technology of Jiangsu Normal University has attached great importance to the incident from the very beginning, and has been serious and scientifically dealt with under the guidance of the disease control department. This autumn new semester) students back to school after special physical examination, found a new situation. Zhou Ruguang said.

In fact, on October 12, 2018 software class 1 and software class 2 students were pulled to Xuzhou infectious disease hospital by the school bus. After seeing CT, the doctor asked nearly 20 students of software class 1 to stay in hospital for observation. About 40 people participated in the screening in this class. That is to say, half of the students in a class have problems with CT.

According to a number of students with abnormal CT, two days later, on October 14, these students with abnormal CT were sent to Xuzhou infectious disease hospital from the dormitory building. At present, they have basically no fever, cough, expectoration, night sweats and other symptoms, but the doctor said that from the clinical point of view, it can be confirmed that it is tuberculosis, so the doctor has given them anti tuberculosis drugs.

The students said that they hang up a bottle of rifampicin every day and take four kinds of drugs, including isoniazid tablets, pyrazinamide tablets and ethambutol hydrochloride tablets.

These drugs have a lot of side effects. After hanging water, even urine and tears are red. Some students also have allergies and rashes. They also have joint pain, nausea and other discomfort. Huang Ying said to the surging news, we came to university as a good person, and as a result, we were infected with tuberculosis. Take these drugs may become drug-resistant tuberculosis, even if cured and discharged from hospital may also relapse

There are only 32 students left in a 79 student class

A non software major students told the surging news that the school because of the tuberculosis disease on the hot search, the class held an emergency class meeting. At the meeting, the counselor asked each student to wear a mask, not to gather, and informed the dormitory building, teaching building corridor disinfection work, elevator entrance also has toilet paper to avoid contact.

After October 14, the pananhu campus of Jiangsu Normal Universitys School of science and technology has been closed. There are several security guards at the gate of the school. Students can only go out of the school with leave slip. When they enter the school, they need to check their certificates and find the slip to cancel their leave.

Because of the new crown epidemic, the requirements for leaving school become strict after the beginning of school. In this case, we have to take more strict control. The above-mentioned students told reporters that they need to find the head teacher to fill in the application form for going out of the school, seal it at the college, and then sign by the school level leaders, the guard only recognizes the seal and the word..

Jiang lianze told surging news that her 2018 software class has become a key class for tuberculosis, and the school strictly controls the departure of her classmates. We all want to go out and go back to our home hospital for self-examination and treatment. But the school is not allowed to go out. On the afternoon of October 15, the parents of some students drove to the school gate, and the school security guards stopped them

Jiang Lian disclosed to the surging news that there were 79 students in class 1 of 2018 software class when they were a freshman. Later, some people were diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis and suspended from school. In October this year, more than 20 people were isolated for observation in CT screening, and some students were taken back by their parents for examination and treatment. Class cadres told me that there are only 33 students left in the classroom..

Jiang Lian and her roommate said that the students in their class had the following two demands: one was to let them go home for online classes. The second is that all the students who have been diagnosed with tuberculosis and skin test positive are paying for the treatment on their own, hoping that the school will make reimbursement.

A number of students interviewed also told Xinhua that although virus killing and popular science propaganda are more frequent than before, they will inevitably worry about being infected.

How to report the epidemic situation is an old problem

According to a survey conducted by Xinhua news agency, since entering school this autumn, some students from the school of science and technology of Jiangsu Normal University have posted anonymously on the campus forum, questioning that the schools screening is not thorough, the detection is not accurate, and the epidemic situation is not reported.

Fei Chun, President of the Institute of science and technology, told Xinhua that although the school has received case notification letters from local disease control departments to grasp the exact number of cases and patients, according to relevant regulations, the school has no right to issue notification. When students ask why they should be screened for tuberculin test and chest X-ray examination, they will only be told that there are tuberculosis cases in the school.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is not required for most infectious diseases, Wu Yunxia, deputy director of CDC of Jiawang District, Xuzhou. The management of class A or class B infectious diseases is released by government departments, such as new crown pneumonia. Other infectious diseases such as hepatitis B, chickenpox, measles, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases are not required to be published, but it is required to report and register in time and carry out prevention and control.

How to report the epidemic situation is an old problem, Lu Wei, deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention, told Xinhua News Agency reporters that whether, when and under what circumstances can the grassroots and epidemic units make public, sometimes there is no basis.

According to the law on the prevention and control of infectious diseases and other legal provisions, health departments in all provinces publish the number of cases of various infectious diseases on a regular basis every month, including the number of cases of tuberculosis, Lu Wei said.

Behind the difficulty of epidemic notification procedure is the fact that many factors, such as personal privacy, collective panic and the right to know, are difficult to take into account.

Most patients have a strong sense of shame and do not want others to know that they have infectious diseases. Lu Zuxun, chairman of the social medicine branch of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association and professor of the school of public health of Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of science and technology, said that patients with infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and their families would worry about being discriminated against and socially isolated.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }Due to the long treatment time of tuberculosis, for the students in school, the illness means that they have to leave school for a semester or two. After returning to school, their daily life and social interaction will also face pressure Lu Zuxun said. Lu Wei believes that although tuberculosis is a common disease that can be prevented and treated, it is an infectious disease after all. When publishing cases, we will consider whether it is legal and compliance, whether it will cause psychological panic, and even more worry about rumors. If the school, for the sake of epidemic prevention and control, tells students all the specific case information, and does not rule out that other students will have psychological burden, and even spread rumors, how to control it is really a dilemma. He said. As the first person responsible for the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in the Institute of science and technology, Fei Chun said frankly: as the president, I am afraid of causing panic, so I cant release the case information casually, but the students have the right to know, so its very difficult for us. Source: surging news editor: Qin bailing_ NB17208

Due to the long treatment time for tuberculosis, for school students, the illness means that they have to leave school for a semester or two. After returning to school, their daily life and social interaction will also face pressure. Lu Zuxun said.