Abe disclosed the inside story of Tokyo Olympic Games extension: obtaining Trumps consent in advance

 Abe disclosed the inside story of Tokyo Olympic Games extension: obtaining Trumps consent in advance

Tokyo Olympic Stadium in the night (Asahi News)

Before making a formal decision, Abe called Mr. trump on March 13. Abe said he reported to trump on the phone about the one-year extension plan, which was agreed and praised by the other party. And novel coronavirus pneumonia is also a symbol of Andoubles wish to win the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Trump and Abe (Associated Press)

In October this year, Abe became the top Honorary Adviser of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee. He is also the chairman of the Japanese Archery Federation. On August 28 this year, Abe resigned as prime minister because of a relapse of an old disease. (overseas net king Xiluo)

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On October 19, he paid a public visit to the Yasukuni Shrine, the second month in a row that he paid homage to this place advocating militarism.

Earlier, on September 19, he, who had just resigned as Prime Minister of Japan, announced on his twitter account that he had visited the Yasukuni shrine on the same day because he reported his resignation to the so-called Yingling.

Such intensive visits to Yasukuni Shrine are also rare among Japanese politicians. After all, although he is no longer prime minister, Abe is still a member of Parliament and still plays an important role in Japanese politics.

Not to mention, before that, South Korea expressed strong dissatisfaction with Japans new prime minister, Kan Yiwei, offering sacrifices to the Yasukuni Shrine, urging Japan to face up to history and sincerely reflect. Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry, also urged Japan to earnestly abide by its statement and commitment to face up to the history of introspection and aggression, and to win trust from Asian neighboring countries and the international community with practical actions.

As soon as the words fell, Abe went to the Yasukuni Shrine again.

Such a view of history is indeed problematic.

In addition, in an interview with the media not long ago, Abe revealed a secret that he encouraged trump to deal with China from the beginning.

He recalled that when he met trump in New York for the first time and talked about China, trump asked Abe: when did China begin and at what speed is China increasing its defense spending?

Abe began to play, he told Trump: China has spent nearly 30 years increasing defense spending by about 40 times. No country in the world has such a speed except China.

And heres a little close-up. According to Abe, trump was surprised to hear such an answer.

Abe has not forgotten to exaggerate. He takes the number of Chinese submarines as an example, saying that Chinas goal is to set up the seventh fleet of the US military in the Western Pacific Ocean. This is not only a Japanese problem, but also an American problem, hoping that the United States can maintain a sense of regional presence..

Anyway, it is advocating that the United States should deal with China militarily. Therefore, the so-called India Pacific strategy of the United States and Japan came into being.

In Abes view, the U.S. diplomacy with China now has worked out as it was..

What is deeply rooted in Abes insidious behavior is that some people in Japan have big problems in their view of history and are suspicious of Chinas peaceful rise. Of course, Abes attitude is not without any change. At least in the past few years, Sino Japanese relations have come out of a low ebb; all kinds of friction between the United States and Japan are also indisputable facts.

However, as soon as he stepped down from power, he showed his true colors, visited Yasukuni Shrine repeatedly, and did not hesitate to stimulate neighboring countries, which also showed the forbearance and dual character of Japanese politicians.

Which was the last to be damaged? Certainly not only China, but also their own interests.

In this world, there is no harm and no defense. Keep a sober mind when you are friendly, and be rational when you are hostile.

For such Japanese politicians, we must be more vigilant, obedient and behaving.

Of course, China and Japan are neighbors unable to move. This years extraordinary situation proves once again that East Asia is East Asia, and its cultural background, coping level and ability are different. China and Japan should be friends, and its better to be friends, both China and South Korea. This is a difficult task, but the superb diplomacy of great powers is to turn a strong enemy into a friend!

Abe, indeed, is a cruel character. Face to face, back to face. However, no matter how hard the role is, the stage is lost. Now we can only do some stimulating activities to comfort ourselves.


After creating a series of historical records in power, Abe ushered in the darkest moment of his life. On August 28, he announced that he had resigned from the post of Japanese prime minister because of his illness.

Abe could have done a lot. He is already the first Prime Minister of Japan, where he has been in power for more than anyone in history. Although he is ill, he is not yet bedridden.

But he chose to quit.

The condition is not optimistic, and it is better to take the initiative to give up.

Why is that?

We dont know exactly why. However, Abes poor health recently has something to do with his diligence and tension.

According to the statistics of Japanese media, Abe worked for 147 days from mid January to June 20, without interruption.

Looking around the world, can johnson do it? Can Marcon do it? Can Merkel do it? Can Putin do it?

Not really, but Abe can do it!

Not to mention trump. You know, even if the United States is like that, trump should still relax and be very relaxed. In recent weekends, he has to play golf.

Eastern culture is not the same as western culture.

On the 16th, former Japanese finance and economy minister Gan Liming lamented: Abes sense of responsibility is too strong, so that if you take a little rest, you will feel guilty.

Abe resigned because of his illness.

Japanese politics has the characteristics of Japanese politics. We must be vigilant about Abes practice of some historical views. After so many years in power, he has also experienced many disturbances and even scandals. But to be honest, Abe is really unusual.

Among the leaders of the worlds major powers, few should be as low-profile as Abe.

In those years, after trump was elected president, Abe flew to New York without saying a word and went to the glittering trump building. Without any diplomatic courtesy, he just wanted to meet trump in a hurry. Moreover, in the following years, he seized every opportunity to close his ties with trump, played golf together, and even took the initiative to write a letter requesting that the Nobel Prize should be awarded to trump.

Even when trump showed his handshake skill and deliberately made fun of Abe, Abe did not seem to have much opinion except to smile.

Many people may still remember the photo of their meeting. The first daughter, Ivanka, is facing each other with folded legs. Abe is sitting on the sofa with his face on his side. How humble and humble he must be.

I remember that when I went to New York to see trump, many media ridiculed him. In order to be the first foreign leader to meet with the new president of the United States, Abe surrendered himself and was willing to meet.

For this, Abe later explained that he only followed the gentleman leopard change.

Speaking of it, gentleman leopard change comes from our ancient book the book of changes, the original saying is: big man tiger change, small man leather face, gentleman leopard change.

In the period of great change, a gentleman will act like a leopard and obey the reform; a villain (in ancient times, it refers to the common people) should also adapt to the reform and make changes.

A man has a face and a tree has a skin. Which leader does not want to travel in beautiful scenery? Especially, it also involves his own governing ability and dignity. But dignity may be secondary to national interests.

And late. He met with Putin. Most of the time, it was Putin who was late. For the longest time the year before last, Abe waited for more than two hours, but never heard Abe complain.

Abes turn to be late?

One year, during the UN General Assembly in New York, it was time to meet Putin. When he was late, Abe ran to Putin. This picture also became a joke for some Chinese friends.

In the full view of the public, it is indeed a bit funny to run around and lose the identity of Japanese Prime Minister. But this is Abe.

We can laugh at Abes impatience and thick skinned, but his strict punctuality, his disregard for national interests and even his face are respected.

The stock market is the wind vane of the economy, and the bull market can not help but make people look at Abes ruling ability.

His eyes are not only focused on the United States, showing a low profile to make trump feel very good; he is also trying to improve relations with Russia and create various opportunities for meeting Putin; he has not forgotten to attract India, and he is also close to modi.

The relationship between China and Japan is turning round and the pattern of East Asia is undergoing significant changes.

After setting his own record for the longest time in power last year, Abe publicly said that it was also because he had profoundly reflected on the lesson of the first short-lived cabinet and worked hard every day. In the next two years, he felt that he had a great responsibility. He would encourage himself with the heart of walking on thin ice. He would not forget the original intention when he started, and concentrate on dealing with policy issues.

Whats the meaning of this?

So, there have been more than half a year ago. In this very period, Abe has been almost workaholic. He and his wife have no children under their knees, and work may be a kind of trust.

It can be said that Abe has changed Japan, but the disease has also destroyed Abe.

He is ill before he leaves the army. The hero is full of tears!

Abe is not easy, but an era is over.

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