After marriage, two women serve a husband together, Bao Xiaosan, forcing the original marriage to become a monk. This singer is really romantic!

 After marriage, two women serve a husband together, Bao Xiaosan, forcing the original marriage to become a monk. This singer is really romantic!

In a few words, it seems that you are in Hong Kongs music world in the 1980s.

Superstars sing on the same stage, and fans are cheering.

It was one of the most memorable times.

Brother Zhang Guorong was on the stage and was brilliant.

Mei Gu and Anita Mui are also at the top of her career.

And Tan Yonglin is the top singer in the world, and he has been staying for a long time.

From 1984 to 1987, he swept the music awards.

The most popular male singer, the top ten Chinese Golden Melody Awards, the top ten Jinqu Awards

Standing high, he is the king of heaven in the eyes of the public.

Just, time flies, ups and downs.

In the past 40 years, the golden years have been far away from us.

Time, mercilessly took away Zhang Guorong.

Suffering from illness, she took Anita Mui away cruelly.

Only Tan Yonglin alone, looking back on the past in silence.

This year, he is 70.

Singing loud and clear, but also full of sadness and desolation

The name of TAM Yung Lin is a phenomenal phenomenon in the music world of Hong Kong.

He started his career at the age of 18.

At the age of 23, she was the lead singer of the wena band, which swept the whole Southeast Asia.

At the age of 28, Tam chose to fly solo.

His unique Tan style singing made him known as walking CD.

A mellow voice.

An invincible typhoon.

Plus the appearance of Junlang Xiaosheng.

Tan Yonglins charm can not be underestimated.

Since 1984, he has held ten concerts a month.

The venue was full and full.

In 1985, a love trap hit the music world in Hong Kong.

From 1984 to 1990, the sales volume of the album was always at the top of the list.

He won 12 Golden Songs in the five Golden Songs Award Ceremony.

In 1986, he said to the fans who came to see the concert:

The whole red mansion is like a school of ten thousand peoples Congress. You come to night school every day, and I will be with you every night.

I think I am like the principal of this school

Since then, the title of President Tan is famous all over the world.

At that time, whatever Tan Yonglin sang, he was on fire.

His every move touches the heart of Hong Kong music.

Amazingly, he chose to quit all music competitions in the entertainment industry when he became popular.

No prize. Do not participate in all competition selection programs.

Hearing the news, the fans broke into tears.

At the award ceremony in 1988, Tan Yonglin was sweating and slowly told the truth:

A lot of awards, a lot of trouble..

These awards, perhaps for others, are more important to some new people.

He didnt tell anyone about the decision.

As soon as the news came out, there was an uproar.

38 years old, 20 years old, the honor is not worth mentioning in his eyes.

However, it was the so-called rumor of Tan Zhang contending for hegemony that made him finally choose to quit.

Tan is Tan Yonglin, Zhang is Zhang Guorong.

Compared with TAM wing Lin, Cheung Kwok wing wing is a rising star in Hong Kong music.

When Zhang Guorong made his debut in 1977, Tan Yonglin has already become a big brother in the singing world.

The wind continues to blow is Zhang Guorongs famous work.

Monica took Zhang Guorong to the peak of his career.

Ten concerts have been held in succession, and songs have been selected for the Golden Melody Award every year.

The album summer romance87 also beat Tams sales champion status in one fell swoop.

In addition, the appearance is similar to tan Yonglin.

Photo source: Internet

The two shining stars are often compared by the media and fans.

Invisibly, the two groups of fans have produced great malice to each other.

At the award ceremony, fans of the two groups cheered each other.

Whats more, the two idols were deeply embarrassed and embarrassed by the continuous swearing.

Talented scholars and beautiful women frequently appear:

Chen Huixian, Lin Yilian, ye Qianwen, Mei Yanfang, Chen Baiqiang

For a moment, a hundred schools of thought contend and flowers compete.

In order to calm down the fury of competition, let the music world on the right track.

Tan Yonglin chose to sacrifice himself and bring in more new people.

President Tan one, so once again famous all over the world.

Zhang Guorong also chose to be silent in the singing world two years later and turned to film shooting.

Tan Yonglin is a prince of love songs and a soul singer.

It is worth mentioning that in 1981, he also won the Golden Horse Film emperor.

When others asked him, how do you think you won not only the music award, but also the film award?

He giggled: I really didnt expect that I would ask the people next to me to go up and receive the prize.

He has a successful career and a bright future.

There seems to be no reason why such a successful Tan Yonglin should not be liked.

However, love songs can not escape the name of slag man.

Tan Jielins life has become a stain.

Yang Jiewei, who has been popular for many years, has become a popular singer.

As the saying goes, no matter how dirty a marriage is, it may start with a quiet and good love.

The same is true of TAM wing Lin and Yang Jiewei.

In 1974, Yang Jiewei was a famous beauty consultant.

She has unique vision and aesthetic avant-garde.

She likes to call herself art planner, and its not difficult for her to package stars.

Moved by Tans singing, Yang Jiewei takes the initiative to chat up.

The first time they met, they had a good time.

Yang Jieweis elegant and classical temperament is just like Tan Yonglin.

After looking at each other, they quickly fell in love.

At that time, Tan Yonglin was just a singer who was not popular yet.

She grew up in a superior family and never worried about money.

Tan Yonglin was in financial crisis, so she took the initiative to help.

In order to make the image of Tan Yonglin better, she learned how to arrange the dance and how to package artists at her own expense.

For the rest of the time, Yang even quit her job.

Devoted to tan Yonglins career.

Of course, because of Tan Yonglins status as an idol, this love affair can only be quietly launched underground.

In those years, Yang Jiewei was the assistant who accompanied Tan Yonglin.

When asked whether Tan Yonglin will fall in love and get married, he will respond: focusing on career.

Until 1993, the media revealed that Yang Jieweis father had died.

In the obituary, it was written son-in-law Tan Yonglin.

For a moment, public opinion was surging.

The news of Tan Yonglins 12-year marriage was announced to the public.

It turns out that as early as 1981, the two had been married in Las Vegas.

All low-key first, no wedding, no banquet guests.

Yang Jiewei doesnt even dare to wear wedding rings for fear of being found by the media.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Tan Yonglin bid farewell to the green and astringent when he was a monk, and his aura was infinite.

Yang Jiewei accompanied Tan Yonglin along the way, knowing that success is hard won.

She did not take the initiative to ask for Tan Yonglin, but also tacitly agreed with Tan Yonglin DINK.

It is said that with repeated abortions, Yang Jiewei cant give birth again.

Tan Yonglin also dare not mention the child in front of his wife.

In order to make up for Yang Jiewei, Tan Yonglin gives the property right to Yang Jiewei.

This feeling of when you have nothing, I am willing to fight with you; when you are rich in money, you are willing to share with me. If you can do so, it will be considered as a complete feeling.

Unfortunately, after the story, is to hear people lament, experience sad.

In 1991, Tan Yonglin held a dreamy and tender concert.

On the stage, he sang the love of my life, tender as water.

That year, Tan Yonglin was 41 years old.

The girl under the stage is Zhu Yongting, 19.

At the fans meeting, the girl ran to tan Yonglin and adored him.

Zhu Yongting is elegant and dignified, and her face is full of youth.

This encounter makes Tan Yonglin embrace love again.

Without the pressure of facing Yang Jiewei, Zhu Yongting makes him feel relaxed.

The 19-year-old girl has become a haven for Tam.

Warm and peaceful.

Like a confidant, like a lover.

In 1995, Zhu Yongting also gave birth to a son for him.

At the age of 45, he first tasted his fathers taste and enjoyed everything.

However, Yang Jiewei, his wife, is still in the dark.

It was not until Tan Yonglin a family of three went out to bask in the sun that Yang Jiewei learned from reporters.

The news was a devastating bomb for her.

Blow up all her fantasies about Tan Yonglin.

For 21 years, her sacrifice and effort have become a joke overnight.

Life collapses to the ground in an instant, smashing her to wake up.

But whats the point?

At the end of the story, although there is no third to force the palace.

However, the story of two women serving one husband does happen.

Although Zhu Yongting gave birth to a child, she did not ask Tan Yonglin to give her any credit.

She takes good care of the children.

To tan Yonglin meticulous care and company.

At that time, Tan Yonglin was faced with the dual pressure of the outside world and his family.

Zhu Yongtings obedience won him over again.

In 2006, his father died.

In the obituary, he added the names of Zhu Yongting and his son.

This move, let Yang Jiewei heartbroken.

In the face of doubts from the outside world, Tan Yonglin said: this is to fulfill my fathers will.

No matter what the original intention is, it is only a matter of time before Zhu Yongting strengthens the body.

In 2007, Tan took Zhu Yongting and his son home to spend the winter solstice with his mother.

Yang Jiewei has always been an outsider.

As the child grew older, Tan also decided to leave him 500 million property.

From the beginning to the end, Zhu Yongting did not make any request.

But just like this, Tan Yonglin is more guilty.

Yang Jiewei quarreled with Tan Yonglin again for this matter, but was finally taken back the property management right.

Yang Jiewei is disillusioned.

In despair, she left Tan Yonglin.

In 2008, someone photographed Yang Jiewei stepping into an empty door and cutting her hair into a nun.

She said goodbye to the man she had loved for 21 years.

Give up all should belong to her name and benefit.

With heartbreak, with unwillingness, with every effort to love, but hurt by a heart.

Away from the noise, away from the complicated world, concentrate on cultivating Buddhism.

And Tan Yonglin is still a big brother in the music world.

When he appeared on the program, he often mentioned the golden years of the 1980s.

Between the eyebrows and eyes is full of nostalgia.

Recalling his feelings, he also confessed that he had done something wrong.

Two wives are not good at all, which makes them suffer too much.

But is it really useful to apologize?

For Yang Jiewei, looking back, Im afraid its still a traumatic feeling, and the impermanence and heartbreak between the heart.

Todays Tan Yonglin, has entered the rare years.

Many people say that the teenager who shocked the music world is gone forever.


Forty years have passed in a hurry.

Whether it is a mistake or an achievement, it seems that with the passage of time, it will be precipitated in the memory.

We dont mention it any more and forget it gradually.

The only difference is Tan Yonglin.

He is still in the middle of the music world, full of legends and rumors. But he was always himself.