Shenzhen Airlines responds to the accident of flight zh9247 at Panzhihua Airport

 Shenzhen Airlines responds to the accident of flight zh9247 at Panzhihua Airport

Shenzhen Airlines responded late on October 16. /Shenzhen Airlines

On October 17, an upstream reporter confirmed from Panzhihua airport that runway 02 of Panzhihua airport is prohibited from landing due to runway light damage, but runway 20 can still be used for takeoff and landing. On October 16, flight b-8667, which was carrying flight zh9247, is still in Panzhihua airport. The scene pictures show that the aircraft belly has obvious damage.

Late in the night of October 16, Shenzhen Airlines responded to the situation of the companys airliner at Panzhihua airport through the official microblog. It only said that after landing, the zh9247 flight was found to have a tire bruise, which did not meet the release standard, and the subsequent flight zh9248 from Panzhihua to Xian was cancelled. Shenzhen Airlines did not respond to such core issues as whether the aircraft landed in violation of flight standards, why the aircraft tire was punctured, and whether there was physical damage to the aircraft belly.

Panzhihua security camp airport at the top of the mountain. /Google Maps

Mr. Chen, a flight professional, said in an interview with an upstream news reporter that Panzhihua airport has the title of aircraft carrier airport in the civil aviation industry, not only because Panzhihua airport is built on the top of the mountain, the runway and the surrounding height difference is large, but also because of the high altitude and uncertain wind direction, it brings great difficulties to the pilots operation and has high flight technical requirements. Mr. Chen said that some of the airlines flying Panzhihua airport have adopted dual captain configuration. Shenzhen Airlines flight zh9247 on October 16 encountered a dangerous situation, it is likely that the landing process encountered low visibility weather.

Panzhihua airport is also characterized by low clouds. If the runway is not visible at the critical decision height, it is necessary to make a decisive go around. According to the current situation, flight zh9247 may have hesitation in landing decision, leading to the occurrence of unsafe incidents. If the control is not good, it is easy to destroy the aircraft and kill people. Mr. Chen stressed that further investigation needs to be conducted by the regulatory authorities on whether the dangerous situation of Shenzhen Airlines flight zh9247 at Panzhihua airport constitutes a flight accident or a serious accident symptom, and whether the crew operates in violation of regulations. (source: upstream News)

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