Look! The latest notice of heating in 7 cities of Hebei

 Look! The latest notice of heating in 7 cities of Hebei

The heating period of Shijiazhuang city is coming. In order to facilitate the residents to consult and reflect the heating problems, the heating service hot lines from 2020 to 2021 have been opened. From now on, the problems reflected by residents will be accepted within working days. From November 1, special personnel will be on duty for 24 hours to answer calls from citizens at any time.

If users encounter heating problems, they should first report to their heating units. If the heating units can not solve the problems, they can make complaints according to the published hotline of each district.

In addition, the public can learn about the heating information of Shijiazhuang this summer by paying attention to the official account of Shijiazhuang heating, inquiring about the telephone number of enterprises, and also registering the problems through official account self-service. The staff will promptly transfer relevant enterprises according to the issue of mass registration.

Heating service hotline in heating season 2020-2021 and supervision telephone number of district heating management departments


Datang Baoding heating Co., Ltd. issued the latest payment notice

Dear hot users

Business description

uff081uff09 Payment time: July 20 - November 14 of each year

uff082uff09 Payment standard: according to the document [2011] No. 47 issued by Baoding Price Bureau, the multi-storey residential building is 20.00 yuan / square meter, the residential high-rise building is 19.00 yuan / square meter, the office is 26.40 yuan / square meter, and the commercial price is 28.20 yuan / square meter. In case of price change, it shall be implemented according to the document of the Municipal Price Bureau.

uff084uff09 Application for extension of suspension of heat use: for those heat users (excluding series users) who have successfully applied for suspension of heat use business in the heating season of 2019-2020, if they fail to pay the fee before November 15, our company will automatically extend the suspension of heat use business for you.

uff085uff09 Application for recovery of heat use: the user shall go to the business hall of the heating company or the service station of the heating house of the community before October 15, and then go through the procedures for heat recovery.

uff086uff09 Payment method:

1. Log in to WeChat, and pay attention to the WeChat official account (cdt-bdgr) of Datang Baoding heating supply Co., Ltd., as shown in the chart: business management online payment function. The first payment is first required to bind the hot user card and register your personal information. After binding, the house can carry out inquiries, payment, reporting, and repair.

2. Payment by online banking and mobile banking: payment shall be made by official online banking and mobile banking of China Construction Bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Hebei, postal savings bank;

3, heating home service station payment: to our company heating home service station payment, only accept non cash business, support POS machine swipe card, WeChat or Alipay scan code payment.

4. Business hall payment: go to the business hall of our company and pay at the window or self-service payment machine.

uff088uff09 Business hall address:

1. Zhongcheng business hall: No.859 Xiangyang South Street (northeast of the intersection of Tianwei road and Xiangyang South Street) Zhongcheng business center.

2. Shenghe business hall: No. 115, Longchang Road, the first floor of Shenghe Jiayuan.

3. Guangming Road business hall: Qiyi road and Lekai street, 600 meters west, Guangming Road, south of the east gate of Datang Baoding (thermal power plant) Huayuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

4. Shicheng Baili business hall: Northeast of the intersection of Yuhua Road and Yulan street, the bottom business of west gate of Baicheng Baili community.

5. Lingxiu Amethyst city business hall: the intersection of May Fourth Middle Road and Great Wall Street, 200m Road South, the bottom floor of the north gate of Lingxiu Amethyst city.

1. Meiju u00b7 wanhecheng service station: 10 meters to the west of Beimen, Meiju West District, Xiulan city (18330296673)

2. National residence service station: 20 meters westbound, north gate of Guozhai Huayuan, Yangguang Street (15097402789)

South of the gate of Qiyi West Road thermal power plant (15097402787)

5. Jianhua Street Service Station: the first floor of Zhuguang District 2, Nongda University at the intersection of Jianhua street and Sanfeng Road (13932241378)

6. Train power service station: 20 meters north of the east gate of the West Railway and Power Research Institute (13932241293)

7. Zhongcheng service station (only for repair service): room 803, Zhongcheng Business Center (13932241367)

8. Fujiang Street Service Station: Xiangxi Mingyuan (18330296732)

9. Chengyuan road service station: the bottom business on the north side of Chengyuan Road Cultural Community (18733291103)

10. Ronglian Tianxia City Service Station: the ground floor, west side of North Gate of Ronglian Tianxia City, Jinzhuan Road (18330296759)

11. Xiulan Shangcheng service station: floor 16-8, west side of Xiulan Shangcheng north gate, Ruian Road (15097402859)

12. Shenghe service station (only for repair business): the first floor business on the east side of the South Gate of Shenghe Jiayuan, Longchang Road (18231213067)

13. Yingbin service station: base business of Yingbin community, 415 Qiyi East Road (15097402813)

14. Red Star Service Station: No. 501, Liusong street, Shanghu county (18330296835)

15. Fuhe District Service Station (currently under renovation): No. 10, bottom business, District D, Fuhe (15097402838)

16. Future flower County Service Station: no.666-18, East Third Ring Road

17. Central Fengjing service station (currently under decoration): No.1, building 3, central Fengjing B District, Sunshine Street (13932241362)

18. Huaijun office service station: No.35 stadium Street

19. Qiyi middle road service station: No.8, Jingyuan community (15097402582)

20. Wusi middle road service station: xueliuying bottom business, east side of water supply company (15128996970)


uff081uff09 After the user has paid the full amount of heat charge, it is no longer necessary to suspend the heat use business. Please confirm and then handle the business when paying the heat charge.

uff083uff09 Since November 1, the user can issue the official invoice of the current years heat charge. If the user needs to issue an invoice after using the electronic channel for payment, please go to the business hall of our company for processing. If you have any questions, please call 967300 or 400-6718809 customer service hotline for you.

According to Xingtai network news, Xingtai City heating enterprises this winter heating preparation? In recent days, the reporter contacted three enterprises in charge of urban heating and learned that by the end of October, the three enterprises will have the conditions for heating.

At the end of this month, all three enterprises are qualified for heating

On August 20, Xingtai heating company courtyard pipe network began to test water. At present, the water test work has been basically completed. In late October, the companys heating construction will also be completed. At that time, the company will provide heat to users at any time according to the requirements of the government.

Since September this year, Xingtai Xuyang aneng Thermal Power Co., Ltd. has started the pressure test of the secondary pipe network, which is expected to end on October 15. The preparations for heating this winter are proceeding in an orderly manner. On October 15, all preparations for heating this winter will be ready.

The equipment of heat source station and secondary station of Xingtai Jinhao thermal development Co., Ltd. has been overhauled, and the valves of primary and secondary pipe network, well chamber and courtyard pipe network in the district have been comprehensively inspected. At present, the heating equipment of the company is in normal operation and can be heated at any time according to the requirements of the government.

Two heating enterprises have begun to collect heating fees

The reporter learned from the three heating enterprises that the domestic heat price of residents this year is still implemented according to the document [2008] No. 49 of Xingtai Price Bureau, that is, the heating price of residents is 18 yuan per square meter of building. If there is any price change, it shall be implemented according to the new document, and the excess price difference shall be refunded and the deficiency shall be compensated.

At present, the customer service hall, bank collection outlets and online channels of Xingtai Thermotics Inc have begun to charge for heating costs. Users can choose more than 160 channels, including ICBC, ABC, CCB, Bank of China, postal savings, Hebei bank, Xingtai bank, Xingtai rural commercial bank, Zhangjiakou bank, 9 banks, and WeChat official account, Alipay, self service payment machine and so on. Road for quick payment.

At present, Xingtai sunyang Nen thermal energy Limited has started the heating charge work this year. Users in the area can pay attention to the companys official account by searching the Xingtai sun energy and heat, bind the heating service card number, pay for WeChat, and hold the heating service card to pay the fees to Hebei bank, agricultural bank, Bank of China, Zhangjiakou bank or Xingtai bank, or hold the heating service card. Pay in the business hall of the company.

On October 15, Xingtai Jinhao Thermal Power Development Co., Ltd. will begin to collect heating fee this winter. Users can pay by bank payment, customer service center hall payment, mobile phone wechat self-service payment and other convenient payment methods.

In case of heating problems, call the hotline at any time

With the heating period approaching, the customer service hotlines of the three heating enterprises are open 24 hours. In case of heating problems, citizens can call the customer service number of their heating enterprises at any time.

Xingtai heating company service hotline: 5995119;

Heating area of No.1 working area: East of Binjiang Road, north of Tuanjie street, south of Quanbei street, and some areas to the north of Quanbei street in Xindu District.

Hotline: 2295050;

Heating area of No.2 industrial district: East of Binjiang Road, north of Zhongxing Street, south of Tuanjie street. Hotline: 5995112; heating area of No.3 working area: East of Binjiang Road and south of Zhongxing Street.

Hotline: 5995113.

Xingtai Xuyang aneng Thermal Power Co., Ltd. customer service hotline: 3217111, 3212996.

Xingtai Jinhao thermal development Co., Ltd. customer service hotline: 2632345.

According to the official platform of Tangshan Thermal Power, with the gradual cooling of the weather, the formal heating of this winter is approaching. In order to ensure the smooth operation of heating this winter and achieve good operation before the formal heating, Tangshan Thermal Power General Company has started various preparations before the winter heating operation in 2020-2021. At present, most of the heating pipe network and indoor water injection pressure test have been carried out, and the water injection pressure test of the rest of the residential areas is being carried out according to the plan.

In order to ensure your property safety and normal heating in winter, Tangshan heating general company reminds you to pay attention to the following items:

01. Pay attention to the corridor entrance, community bulletin board, mobile phone message, wechat friend circle, mobile propaganda vehicle, etc. to inform you of the water injection pressure test time of the heating pipe network in your district. Please leave someone in your home to observe the heating facilities in your home, and pay attention to whether there is water leakage due to aging and looseness at the radiator, heating pipe interface and heating pipe valve, such as leakage and leakage The times revised.

02. Do not dismantle or change the heating facilities at will. Users who have been demolished and modified should be restored immediately to prevent flooding. Our company will not be responsible for the flooding loss caused by users private demolition and modification of heating facilities.

03. It is strictly forbidden to connect and discharge hot water in heating pipes without permission, so as to ensure the normal operation of heating system and prevent the heating effect from being affected by water loss in pipelines. The drain outlet installed by the users indoor heating pipe must be removed by himself. Once our company finds out that it is treated as stealing heat, if the circumstances are serious, the heating system will be shut down and the corresponding losses will be compensated.

Friendly reminder: heating circulating water is softened water treated by industrial salt, and can never be used as domestic water!

04, do not litter in your home heating radiator and heating. Users of floor heating do not cover carpet, foam pad, floor bed, cabinet and so on on the floor, so as not to affect the heating quality.

05. Our company will increase the inspection of heating in winter, carry out the net cleaning action, and set up a reward report to stop the stealing of heat.

06. Residential users need to go through the relevant procedures when they report to stop or resume heat use this winter, especially those who are ready to report for shutdown from now on to October 25. Residents heat users should go through the relevant procedures at the heating unit or online, and will not be handled if the time limit is exceeded.


According to Hengshui daily news, Hengshui Hengtong Thermal Power Co., Ltd. issued a notice, Hengshui heating fee collection work officially started in 2020-2021.

The circular said that the official account of the heating fee collection in 2020-2021 was officially started. Users can pay their fees or banks, or pay through mobile phone Alipay and WeChat public numbers.

The opening of charging banks includes Hengshui bank, rural commercial bank, Xingtai bank, postal savings bank, Bank of China, Bank of Hebei, Minsheng Bank, Cangzhou bank, agricultural bank, China Construction Bank, Zhangjiakou bank, Bank of communications, etc. Please pay in advance to avoid the peak period of payment. (2019-2020 annual user of heat metering fee should pay the heat charge to the toll office or WeChat official account and Alipay.

Attachment: address and contact number of each toll office

Address of the first toll office: Yuyuan community, west of Aite, Heping Middle Road

Address of the second toll office: Toll Hall of Hengtong thermal power east gate, 850 Yongxing West Road

Tel: 6859389

Tel: 2188806

Address of the fourth toll office: 199 Songjiang Road, Kangtai Street

Tel: 2189959

Address of the fifth toll office: Hutong, east side of Hedong Park, Renmin East Road

Tel: 6859320

Tel: 6859327


The heating preparation work of 2020-2021 heating season is in full swing. The heating users can pay the heating fee in one time before November 5 and enjoy 5% discount. In order to enable the majority of hot users to enjoy timely and convenient service, the city heating Co., Ltd. sincerely invites you to pay attention to the companys wechat service platform qrl801 or scan the QR code below to bind the user number, so as to enjoy the convenient service easily. At the same time, the exclusive customer service representative can also provide you with one-to-one service to avoid queuing trouble and enjoy the discount!

Payment steps of hot user service platform:

Wechat life payment steps:

Alipay life payment steps:

Bank third party collection agency mode:

Business address and bus route of Chunhui two level customer service center:


Langfang Guangda heating Co., Ltd. has started the heating charging work in 2020. It is understood that there are three ways to pay for the users who need heating this year.

First, users can pay attention to the WeChat official account of Langfang quanta heating limited company by using online service online payment function.

Second, you can use Alipay life payment - heating fee function operation;

Third, users can take the user card number to Langfang bank, Bank of Hebei, Bank of Zhangjiakou, Langfang Guangda heating Co., Ltd. and pay fees through the online banks of these three banks.

WeChat, Alipay, bank payment does not issue invoices. If invoices are required, please go directly to Langfang Guangda heat supply Co., Ltd. or pay the bank receipt or transaction number to the first floor of Yongfeng road heating customer service center.

For users who do not need heating, they should go to Langfang Guangda heating Co., Ltd. toll station for demolition or suspension of heating before October 20, 2020. If the lock valve is in the room, it will be regarded as normal heating if it fails to handle it within the time limit, and the full heating fee will be charged.

If the user is involved in the purchase and sale of the house, please consult the toll station in advance whether there is any arrears. Both the buyer and the Seller shall go to the toll station to handle the transfer procedures. If there is any arrears, it shall be supplemented. If the transfer owner and area information are not verified, the user can take the house to Langfang Guangda heating Co., Ltd. for verification, so as to avoid the wrong name of the user in the invoice.

In addition, users whose locking valves are heated outdoors or last year are deemed to be still heating normally this year, and the locking valves will not be closed any more. Users should pay heating fees as soon as possible. If they have not paid by November 15, the company will close the valves for users and open the valves within three working days after paying the fees.

The users who enjoy the urban minimum living allowance should bring the original and copy of the low guarantee, room copy and ID card to the charging outlets. After the three certificates are verified to be correct, they will pay the fees according to the regulations.

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